October 23rd, 2018
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Katie and David

Hello! We are Katie & David from Simi Valley in Southern California!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us. We cannot convey how much respect we have for you and the courage it takes to go through this journey. We have been married for over 7 years and for as long as we can remember, we have always wanted a big family. After years of trying and multiple pregnancies, we finally had our little miracle, Solly Jack who is now four years old. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always play out the way we would like. After several complications from the pregnancy, we lost the ability to have any more children. Our hearts know that we were meant to have more. We have SO MUCH LOVE to give and can’t wait to share it with another child. We recognize that this is a difficult decision to make, but let us assure you that if chosen, our family is the most loving, arms wide open family you could possibly imagine.

About Us: Our family’s will never let us forget the way we met…they introduced us! Katie’s mom teaches “mommy and me” and David’s sister happened to be in one of her classes. They decided that we needed to meet each other and that was it! We dated for only 6 months and just knew that it was meant to be. David proposed at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas. When he got down on one knee David had an empty box! Needless to say, Katie was extremely confused. During the commotion, a waiter placed a plate on the table with a beautiful ring set on top of a bed of rose petals. Katie eventually realized what was going on and couldn’t have been happier. We were married 6 months later.  Katie comes from a large, loud, and fun family. She has three younger brothers. Music is a major part of their lives. Singing at the piano, or just jamming with a guitar are not uncommon things in our family. David comes from a smaller family, but still very loving and affectionate family. He has one sister that is married with two children.



Meet Katie


About Katie, by Katie: I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom. I am able to spend a few hours a week doing some part time work bookkeeping for my father’s medical practice. I love that I am able to spend this quality time with Solly and look forward to being home with a second child!  I was born and raised in Calabasas, CA. Growing up I was always very involved in music and theater. I performed in many plays and musicals over the years. Singing broadway is still one of my favorite things to do! Since I won’t be performing on Broadway anytime soon, our Temple Choir will have to do! I also enjoy taking piano lessons.   Baking and cooking are passions of mine. I have a crazy collection of cook books that I like to read as if they were novels. I love to bake and modify recipes as I go along. I even made a giant chocolate cake in the shape of a hotdog for my mom’s birthday once. It is still the talk of the town.


More About Katie, by David: Katie is the most loving and passionate person I know. Throughout the years that I was dating before I met Katie I learned what traits I was looking for in a life partner, and when I met Katie I found someone with every one of those traits, wrapped up in a beautiful, fun, and outgoing person. She is extremely loyal, even willing to argue with her parents to take my side. Katie is that wife that I can’t wait to see after my work day, spend my weekends with, and spend the rest of my life with. Her positivity is contagious, often very effective at turning my mood around if I am upset. I am so looking forward to seeing her become a mother again!



Meet David


About David, by David: I spend every spare moment with my loving family. I love to play legos with Solly or sometimes just roll around the living room floor wrestling with him.  I was born in Pasadena, CA and raised in Diamond Bar, CA. Growing up I was very involved in baseball and athletics in general. I played catcher, second base, and outfield and was well known for how many people I threw out stealing second base. In high school I started my own business as a DJ where I did gigs including high school dances and anniversary parties. As I finished high school I transitioned my love of music into car audio.

Throughout college, while studying engineering, I worked at several car audio shops. After graduating at the top of my class as an electrical engineer I put my car audio hobby aside to focus on advancing my career as a medical field service engineer and starting a family. In the last few years, I have been given the opportunity to continue my career as an engineer but also return to my hobby of car audio. Now, rather than just enjoying listening and installing car stereo equipment I enjoy restoring and repairing it.


More About David, by Katie: David is one of the most loving and loyal people I know. Through years of trying to conceive to almost dying several times from complications as a result of pregnancies, David has been there holding my hand and never leaving my side. He is my rock. Without him and his continuous love and support I don’t know if I would have made it to today. I love watching him play with Solly. David is the dad that is always on the floor giving the kids horsey rides, even when his back is killing him. He wouldn’t have it any other way. I can not wait to watch David holding and playing with our new baby.



Our Family & Friends


Meet Solly: Solly is a fun loving four year old little boy. He loves to swim, rock climb, and spend time in nature. He is a very outgoing and social kid, with many “best friends” at school. When he’s not running, climbing, or singing at the top of his lungs, he can be found building castles and houses for all of his Batman and Star Wars toys. He tells us all the time how he can’t wait to play with a new baby brother or sister!


Our Family & Friends: Family is very important to us and we are so fortunate to have both of our families living close by. We are constantly getting together for dinners, holidays, hangouts, and celebrations. It gives us great opportunity to eat great food and spend time with the people that are most important to us.  For Fourth of July, Katie’s parents throw a huge party. All the family friends come over to swim, eat, and enjoy the fireworks. We are able to see them right from the front lawn! We all sit outside and Katie’s mom tosses ice cream sandwiches and ice pops at us as patriotic music blasts from the boom box. We have been fortunate enough to have made many close friends that live in our community. We see them almost every weekend, whether it’s a last minute dinner, playdate, or birthday. When someone is in need, we all jump to help out.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts


Our Home & Community: We love our three-bedroom home in sunny, Southern California. Our community has wonderful schools, close friends, and many great parks. We are also only 30 minutes from the beach, where you will find us often!  Being centrally located in Southern California allows us to explore other areas as well. In the last year we have driven up to San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe to name a few.


Meet Our Dogs Elvis and Bamba: We have two amazing dogs that we adore. Elvis is a 10.5 year old 13 pound fluffy dog with no teeth. He may not like to play fetch or other conventional doggy games, but he is amazing with kids and people. All he wants to do is cuddle up next to you. Bamba is our puppy. She is a one year old mutt that we adopted when she was 12 weeks old. She is a 50 pound goofy puppy who wants nothing more than to play and cuddle with her boy Solly. Bamba loves babies and children and would love another addition to our family!


Thank You: We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Thank you for getting to know us. Thank you for being so courageous and going through this process.