August 23rd, 2019
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Katie and John

Hello! We are Katie, John, Will & Dori from Houston, Texas.

Thank you so much  for considering us  as a potential family for your child! We have always hoped to adopt, even if we were able to have biological children as well. We actually talked about this on one of our first dates. We have found being parents our absolute favorite part of life, the joy and happiness that children bring is unlike any other and we can’t wait to add even more with another child. Will and Dori are so excited and Dori tells everyone “we are having a baby!”. Every day they ask when “our baby” is coming and it makes our hearts so happy and excited.

Our Story, So Far: At first look, we seem like complete opposites. John seems a little bit quiet and strong and in charge, but with a hilarious, dry sense of humor and a heart of gold. He is secretly more sensitive than Katie and tears up at every wedding and most movies! Katie immediately loves everyone and wants to be their friend. John thinks that she is the most outgoing person that he has ever met. When you get to know us though, we are actually super similar in a lot of ways, and our outward differences truly balance each other and bring out the best in one another. Our morals and values line up perfectly, we share the same parenting philosophies and vision of what we want for our life and family and we honestly both just love to have fun, celebrate life, and share time with family and friends. We are a happy family of four and soon hope to be an even happier family of five! John is the kids’ safe place and also their big human jungle gym. He is an oil and gas broker which allows him to get home every day at 3:30. When he gets home from work, the kids go running and jump all over him! His early hours have been so amazing for our family because they have allowed him to have so much time with the kids. John always says that Katie is the best mom. Even when she is forgetful because of her fun loving personality or accidentally bumps her car into a pole turning in the garage! John is the calm, steady in our kids’ lives who is always there for them to fall back on or for a cuddle; Katie is the outward burst of love and energy that makes sure that they know how loved and special they are every day.

We Will Teach Your Child:

  • How loved they are
  • How grateful we are to their mother that she allowed them to join our family
  • How much their mother loves them and how amazingly unselfish and brave she was

Meet Katie

Meet Katie, by John: Katie is the kindest person I know. She sees the best in everyone, and makes sure they feel special and loved. Most people have one or two best friends. Every friend Katie has says “My best friend Katie” when talking about her. She makes everyone feel special about themselves, and forms a special connection with everyone she meets. She works out every day and makes sure our family stays healthy by cooking delicious fresh meals for us. Katie loves being active and is always planning fun activities for us to do such as walks, hikes, skiing, fun trips, and many other things. We are so lucky to have her!

What Makes Katie Happy:

  1. Anytime my kids are laughing and happy
  2. When John really laughs and has fun
  3. Dinner with my girlfriends
  4. When my whole family is together (especially up north at our cottage)
  5. Seeing random people that I don’t know happy when I’m out during the day

Meet John

Meet John, by Katie: John has a true gift of making people feel safe and secure. He is a protector and intensely loyal. I think that the most important lesson our kids will learn from him is how to have integrity and do the right thing even when nobody is looking. They will learn these qualities just by watching him and the way he lives his life and treats others. He is definitely one to teach by example rather than preaching. He is honest, loving, and hilarious.  He is soft spoken, but all of his friends and family think that he is the funniest person they know. He makes me cry laughing and I feel lucky every single day to be married to him.

What Makes John Happy:

  1. Being with Katie and the kids
  2. Watching old movies
  3. Teaching the kids new activities
  4. Hanging out at the lake cottage with family
  5. Lou Manaties Chicago style pizza

Our Loving Family

Meet Our Kids: Will is a fun, energetic, enthusiastic first grader. He loves running, playing with his friends, reading books, dancing, and chatting with everyone he sees! Will is an awesome big brother to Dori and we can’t wait to see him be a big brother to this baby as well. There was never any jealousy when Dori was born and there hasn’t been any since. He is so good and patient with her. He is so excited to read to the new baby and teach them the trillions of fun facts about space, dinosaurs, the earth, and geography that he has somehow memorized. Dori is a sweet, sometimes shy, hilarious almost 4 year old. She loves to joke, paint, play with her princesses, and cook with Katie. Dori can’t wait to take care of our future baby and talks about the baby daily. She always wants to buy things for the baby or put aside books to read to them. She is so excited to be a big sister! Love is the most important part of life. It is the main goal. We will teach our kids to feel loved, love themselves, and give love to the people around them every day. Our family is so loving and supportive! They can’t wait to welcome a new little one into the family!Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in Houston and spend our summers in Michigan. In Houston we are surrounded with amazing friends that are like family and in Michigan we our surrounded by our actual family. Our days in Michigan are filled by playing with cousins and our nights are spent at family dinners with grandparents and aunts and uncles. We would describe ourselves as a very active family. We love being outside, going to parks, meeting up with friends, and traveling. We love taking the kids to try new things and travel to new places. We have just as much fun on an average weekend day, walking the kids to the park down the street, stopping at our favorite place for croissants and coffee, and stopping to get fresh food to cook for the week. We just enjoy being together.

Our Promise To You: We will love and cherish your child every single day, just as we do Will and Dori. We will tell them how wanted and special they are, and make sure that they know how thankful we are that God brought them to us.

  • We will give them every ounce of love and support that we have so that they can grow to be a confident, happy individual who knows that they can be whatever they want and do whatever they want.
  • We will instill in them that they are perfect and good enough just as they are.
  • We will make sure that they are aware how important it is to appreciate what they have and to help others.
  • We will continue to create a loving, happy home and center our life around our children so that they can feel secure, loved, and free to be happy kids.
  • We will help them to do their best, and give them every opportunity that we can in life.
  • We will make sure they know  you were the first one to love them and showed that love by going through this whole process and making this decision for them.