July 16th, 2019
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Katie and Eric

Hello! We are Katie & Eric from Hollywood, California!

Dear Birth Mother,

We are so excited to know that you are interested in learning more about us! We are an adventurous, creative and loving couple who have always very much wanted to share our lives with a child. From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot tell you how appreciative we are that you are considering our family to raise and parent your child. We want this more than anything we’ve ever wanted in life. We can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you and deeply admire your selflessness and courage. We hope that you find comfort in knowing we will always be loving and supportive parents and we have boundless love to give. We have spent the last five years trying to have a child and have been told by doctors that it’s not possible for us to conceive a child on our own. As painful as this process has been we are grateful because it made us so certain of how much we want to be parents, in a way that most couples never experience. We have recently been inspired to consider adoption and it has really opened our eyes.  We truly believe this is the path for us and it’s not a decision we take lightly. We are excited to begin this new journey with you. We can’t wait to give your child an incredible home filled with fun, family, music, and laughter.

Our Story:

We met 14 years ago when Katie was visiting San Francisco from New York City. When Eric saw Katie he instantly knew she was the one. Katie thought Eric was super handsome, funny, genuine and smart. It was an instant connection! Over the next few months we made six long distance trips to see each other. On one of these trips Katie made a plan to have her best friends meet Eric to see if he passed the test and all of her friends thought they were a perfect match. Soon after Eric moved to New York City and we moved in together! We’ve now been together for 14 years and married for 10 years… so I guess you could say it was love at first sight! Since that time, we have lived together in both New York City and most recently Los Angeles, where we moved 10 years ago because Eric got a great job promotion. It made sense, since Katie grew up in Los Angeles and wanted to be closer to her parents while continuing to pursue her career in documentary film and television. As our careers have both flourished, we now own a home in Los Angeles as well as a beautiful vacation home in Palm Springs that we share with Katie’s parents. We both believe the secret to our marriage has been supporting each other no matter what  in achieving our dreams. We also share the same values: we put family first, cherish close friends and love adventure! We love travelling and feel that you learn more about the world by getting out there and seeing it. In the last few years we have traveled to Japan, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Sweden, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Mexico.


Meet Katie, By Eric:

When I met Katie, I knew I had met my match. She has a sassy and outspoken exterior, but is the sweetest, most cuddly person in the world. She is strong and charismatic. She stole my heart from the minute I met her. There are so many qualities about Katie that impress me. She is the hardest working person I have ever met and takes so much pride in all that she does. The most important thing in Katie’s life are the people she loves. She is incredibly loyal, her friends know that she will always be there for them. She is so smart and loves to learn, she will be a whiz at helping our child with homework. Katie cracks me up all the time and she always laughs at my goofy jokes! We never get tired of hanging out or run out of things to say. We take at least 3 road trips a year. We love to explore together! Katie is tough, her inner strength has shown over the past five years while we have been trying to have a child. She always finds a way to keep looking forward to the future. Katie is my favorite person I’ve ever met in my life and whenever I see her with our friends’ kids I know that she will be the best mom.

Fun Facts

  • Katie loves watching movies. She will go to the movie theater at the drop of a hat! Popcorn, extra butter PLEASE!
  • Katie lived in rural Costa Rica when she was 20 years old, volunteering at a health clinic for rural workers.
  • Katie loves her girlfriends. She loves laughing, dancing and shopping with them!
  • Katie is an only child (in a funny twist, she LOVES to share everything)
  • Katie loves going to the flea market because she collects vintage clothes and books.


Work Life: Katie works in television & film and has produced all kinds of reality TV shows and movies. She now works for a prestigious film company that supports emerging filmmakers, with a focus on female filmmakers and diversity initiatives. Both of us strive for a healthy work/life balance, and take great joy and pride in our work. We aim to give our future child the opportunity and education to pursue a career he/she will love and will continually inspire them.


Meet Eric, By Katie:

I feel so fortunate to have found my soul mate! Eric not only loves me, but he makes me a better person. Eric is my support system and I can always depend on him to take care of me — whether it’s coming home to a home-cooked meal or helping me work through a difficult situation at the office. He just knows what to do when you need him. Eric is incredibly outgoing and adventurous. He is friendly and has a smile for whomever he meets. It is fun to travel with him because you never know what adventure awaits. With Eric it’s never about arriving at our destination, it’s the journey of getting there. All you know is that you will smile, laugh, do something you’ve never done before. Isn’t that what life is really all about? Eric loves teaching and is eager to make real change in the world. His students always rave about his guidance in helping get them their first job out of design school and many have kept in touch throughout the years, always letting him know what a positive influence he has been in their lives. I wholeheartedly agree! Successful in both business and mentorship, Eric will be a wonderful and responsible father. He also loves to have fun!

Fun Facts

  • Eric is a great handyman. Really, he can fix anything!
  • Eric loves cycling and participates in a 100 mile ride in Ohio every year to fight cancer.
  • Eric was a touring musician until 2005
  • Eric is a brilliant chef! He loves making glorious meals for all of our friends. His signature dish is Thai Curry with Basil. You should try his guacamole too!
  • Eric loves classic cars. (He owns three!)
  • Eric has friends all over the world. Where ever we travel we always end up meeting up with his friends


Work Life: Eric works in the fashion industry and is the president of a company that works with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, building their design and marketing teams. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit that awards scholarships to aspiring young designers in the fashion world and he teaches at an art & design college. His office is 10-minutes from his in-laws and he has tons of flexibility in his schedule to pick up a child from school and take him/her to after-school activities.

Our Family & Friends:

Katie’s parents and Eric’s parents are still married and have been married for over 40 years! They are our role models for demonstrating how to be respectful and caring life partners, as well as loving and fair parents. Nothing would make them happier than to be the most loving, involved grandparents. We are so lucky that Katie’s parents live only a few miles away from us and we get to see them all the time. Eric has a sister who is married and has two kids – we love taking them on adventures, to museums, showing them the world – teaching them new things and learning from them too! WE ARE FORTUNATE THAT BOTH OF OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILIES ARE A BIG PART OF OUR LIVES. We have been close with many of our friends for nearly 20 years so they are like our second family and we can call on them anytime for anything. Our families and friends are over-the-moon with excitement to be a part of this child’s life. We have many family traditions that include Fourth of July with Eric’s sister’s family in Atlanta, family reunions with Katie’s family Montana in August, and Christmas ski trips with our best friends. We love to celebrate so every holiday is a chance to have fun with family, plan a trip, or get all our friends together!

Our Home and Community:

We live in a diverse and creative neighborhood in Los Angeles and own our 3-bedroom home. We have a great backyard for playing, a hammock for relaxing, and a big patio for cookouts. Our neighborhood has block parties, tons of kids and families, and we have lots of friends on our street. There is an excellent elementary school one block down the hill and we are surrounded by parks and nature. Not to mention, we are a short drive to the beach! We bought a vacation home in Palm Springs five years ago and it is the best! We host all of our friends and family for vacations and reunions and everyone loves lounging in the back yard and in the pool!

Our Promises to You and Your Child:

  • Unlimited hugs and kisses! We promise to hold your child close and always say, “I love you.” He/she will never doubt about his/her place at the center of our lives.
  • Countless hours of playtime, with a ton of giggles and snuggles and a life filled with tenderness.
  • This child will know and be exposed to his/her cultural and ethnic traditions and values.
  • Your child will be showered with love by TWO sets of grandparents. Both Katie’s and Eric’s parents are still married to this day and nothing would make them happier than to be loving, involved grandparents. Katie’s parents are only five miles away in Los Angeles and can’t wait to take their grandchild to Disneyland!
  • This child will have constant unconditional love in a fantastically warm home in a wonderfully diverse and metropolitan city.
  • A strong connection with a large and loving extended family all over the country whom we will visit in New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, as well as Florida, Arizona, Montana and more!
  • The opportunity to love and nurture a child from birth is a tremendous gift you will be giving us. We can’t wait for when our days are spent helping with homework, music lessons, sports games, etc.!


Thank You! This must be a very difficult time for you and we will be forever mindful of the sacrifice you are considering for us. We wish you strength, courage and peace of mind as you move forward with a decision that’s best for you. If we are fortunate enough to be chosen by you, we support your child knowing who you are in accordance with your wishes and desires. Please know that we care about you and want the best for you. We believe adoption is an act of love for both birth and adoptive parents. We embrace you and your child and want you to feel honored throughout this process. We hope that you see the love, laughter and stability we can give your child. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Whatever your decision may be, please know that you and your family are in our thoughts.