August 20th, 2019
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Kimberly and Ken

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Running & hiking outdoors
  • 2. Going to baseball games
  • 3. Taking trips with Kimberly
  • 4. Playing the piano
  • 5. Time with family
  • 1. Disneyland with family
  • 2. Lazy days at the beach
  • 3. Adventures with Ken
  • 4. Reading a good book
  • 5. Hosting holiday parties

Hello From Sunny Southern California!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We hope that this snapshot of our lives helps you see the fun and loving family that we are and the incredible life we would love to offer your child – a life full of unconditional love, joy, happiness, gratitude, and all adventures, both big and small. We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and cannot wait to be parents.

A few fun facts…

  • We enjoy traveling to Hawaii and other parts of the country such as Northern California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, New York, and Boston, Massachusetts.
  • We love taking our nieces and nephews to Disneyland and other outings such as baseball games, horseback riding, museums, parks, plays and musicals, and fun run/walk races.
  • We have a sweet little dog named Tucker, who is very good with children.



Our Story

When we first met in 2010, we were both focused on our careers. A mutual friend introduced us and our first date was running a half marathon together in San Diego.  We hit it off and fell in love! We have been married for about six years, and we live active and full lives.

While conceiving a child naturally has not been a part of God’s plan for us, we are excited to become parents through the wonder of adoption. We will always be grateful if you choose us to be parents for your child and please know that you will always be honored in our home.

Our Careers

Ken enjoys his work teaching government as a college professor.  He spends every day with eager young college students, helping them develop their abilities and make decisions about their futures.  He can walk to work and come home for lunch.  He has a flexible schedule, especially during the summer and during school vacations.  He plans to reduce his work-time and adjust his schedule once there is a baby in the home.

Kim is a marriage and family therapist and works with clients from the community.  She has a flexible schedule, and meets with her clients when it works for the family.  When we welcome our baby home, Kim plans to be available for the baby as much as is needed.



About Ken, By Kimberly

Ken loves our spacious yard and garden and often proudly brings me fruit and flowers from outside.  I love that he finds so much beauty in the outdoors and looks forward to teaching a child the wonders of the world.  We love to go on adventures and he always takes lots of photos.  He also loves baseball and even has an online fantasy baseball team of his own! Sometimes he surprises me by playing piano on a holiday or Sunday afternoon.  Ken loves to spend time with our nieces and nephews and will be a wonderful dad one day!

A Note From Ken:

“I can’t wait to be a dad! I am looking forward to playing games and sports, exploring nature, reading books, going to Disneyland and other fun places.”

About Kimberly, By Ken

I am so thankful for Kim and the joy she has brought into my life! I love Kim’s heart, her sense of style, her ability to relate to many types of people, and her adventurous spirit. She has always loved to travel but recently has delighted in decorating and organizing our home.  She has made it beautiful, warm, and homey!  One of my favorite things is when she bakes a tray of chocolate chip cookies or sweet potato fries!  She has a great sense of humor and can do excellent impersonations, her best being of Mary Poppins, her role model!  She can even say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards!!

Kim is wonderful with our nieces and nephews and also loves teaching kids.  Through her work with children she has learned a lot and I know she will be a loving and patient mom!

A Note From Kimberly:

“I am excited to be a mom! I look forward to taking walks with a little one, buying fun fashionable clothes for him or her, reading bedtime stories, cooking together, and play dates with other kids.”

Our Home and Community

We live in a quiet, tree-lined residential neighborhood near the mountains and less than an hour’s drive from the beach, and half an hour from Disneyland, Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium.  We enjoy hosting parties for neighborhood friends, including their kids.

Our town has a central village with many little shops and restaurants, and a weekly farmer’s market where we get fresh produce and flowers every week.

Our community has excellent public schools and we can hear the high school football game cheers from our house.  Every day we see kids walking and riding their bikes to school in our safe, close-knit neighborhood.

Our Family

We both come from large families! Some of our relatives live nearby and others live across the country.  We all are close to one another and find ways to stay connected. We love spending the holidays together.

Our extended families are so big that we celebrate birthdays in seasons, and we have a “summer birthdays party” and a “fall birthdays party.”  At these parties, we usually catch up with what we’ve all been doing, have cake, and exchange presents. Both of our families would welcome and celebrate this child!

Our Promise To Your Child…

We plan to raise children in much the same way that we were raised. We value family, laughter, hard work, adventure, and a positive attitude. As our parents did with us, we will devote our time, energy, and resources to helping your child thrive. Here are our promises we will make to your child.

We promise we will:

  • Love you unconditionally
  • Provide you a warm, happy, and secure home life
  • Never let too much time pass without hugs
  • Fill your life with loving and supportive friends and family
  • Provide a quality education
  • Support the discovery of your unique talents
  • Build your foundation of faith and spirituality
  • Encourage you to follow your dreams, whatever those may be
  • Share enriching cultural and travel experiences
  • Teach you about God’s love and acceptance
  • Share the story of the special way we became a family


As your child grows we will teach him or her by example the value of hard work, the importance of following dreams… and having faith.



Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and considering us to love and cherish your child. It would be an honor to raise your child. We realize this is a very big decision for you and we appreciate your consideration and wish you peace in whatever choice you make. We wish the very best for you and will keep you in our prayers.


Ken and Kimberly