July 23rd, 2019
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Things That Make Me Happy!

  • 1. Snuggling with Hanna
  • 2. Coffee
  • 3. Campfires
  • 4. Sunsets on the ocean
  • 5. Traveling

Hello! We are Kerrie and Hanna from San Diego, California

Dear Birth Mother: Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our family. I admire your courage and strength to consider adoption. I know we have not met, but I respect and honor you and my thoughts are with you. Motherhood has been the most wonderful gift to me and adoption has made it all possible. Growing up, I was surrounded by a “chosen family”, or friends that loved me like they were my relatives. My wonderful and loving chosen family inspired me to seek out adoption as a way to fulfill my dream of becoming a mother, and I am ready to grow my family through the gift of adoption again!

Meet Kerrie

I am a true California Girl, Born and Raised: I grew up in San Jose, California in a loving home with my parents and older brother. I briefly lived on the East Coast and then returned to California. I joined the Navy to pay for school to become a doctor and because I felt compelled to serve my country. I moved to San Diego to work for the Navy and stayed there after finishing my military commitment because I love the sunshine and the beach. In fact, I love to exercise and to be active outdoors. I like to run and swim and I especially love to snowboard. I am an OB/GYN doctor, which means I get to deliver babies as my job! I became a doctor for women because I am very passionate about helping women to live their best lives. I believe in helping others by volunteering and I am lucky to have had the chance to volunteer all over the world. As a mother, I hope to teach my children to be sensitive to the people around them who may need an extra hand and to appreciate how other people around the world live their lives. I have worked in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Jordan, and Mexico, and I hope to share my love of humanitarian work with my children. I have always enjoyed traveling and exploring the world. I love to visit new places and learn about new cultures. While working as a doctor and traveling in Ethiopia, I realized there were many children who needed a home. I wanted to be a mother and I felt I had a lot of love to share with children, so I decided to pursue adoption from Ethiopia. Enter Hanna! Hanna is a loving, energetic, smart, and funny girl who will make a wonderful big sister. My goal as a mother is to raise happy children who appreciate the diversity in the world and value generosity and helping others.

I Love To Travel!

I have been to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and Pacific Islands. My favorite places in the world so far are Ethiopia and Nicaragua. Hanna also loves to travel and together we have been to Fiji and several states in the US, including Hawaii.  I can’t wait to continue traveling with Hanna and her future sibling and show them all the world has to offer!

My Top 10 Vacations (S0 Far):

  • Leon, Nicaragua
  • Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Qalito Island, Fiji
  • Whistler, British Columbia
  • Seychelle Islands
  • Kruger National Park, South Africa
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Telluride, Colorado
  • Arenal, Costa Rica
  • Kauai, Hawaii

My Adventures: My dad took our family on regular camping trips growing up, so I learned to cherish time in the outdoors. I love going to National Parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone. I especially love to sit by a campfire and roast marshmallows! I learned to snowboard when I was a teenager, and I used to work in Tahoe as a ski patroller. I was one of the first women to perform mountain rescues on a snowboard! Hanna and I go on a yearly ski trip where we meet up with several friends from the Navy and their families. The kids have a blast playing in the snow!

My Loving Family

Introducing Big Sister, Hanna: Hanna is super excited to be a big sister! She loves to go to the beach and to play at our local playground. She is very social and outgoing and makes friends wherever she goes. She is basically a celebrity in our town! Everywhere we go people wave hello and recognize her. She says hello back and even remembers everyone’s name!

About My Family and Friends, Our Village: Although my parents and brother are no longer with us, Hanna and I have a large network of chosen family to love and support us. My stepmother Cindy is a short flight away and is thrilled to be a grandma. She visits frequently, loves to take Hanna to the beach, and just overall spoils her! My close friend, Shea, is like a sister to me and Hanna calls her “grandma Shea”. She lives in San Diego and we spend all of our holidays with Shea and her four children Quinn, Morgan, Aidan, and Nolan.

Favorite holiday traditions: The holidays are a fun time in our little beach neighborhood. People in our community are really into Halloween! Everyone decorates and some host mini haunted houses for the kids. There is a dog costume contest, and hundreds of kids out trick or treating. It is super fun! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I love taking time to be grateful and I love Thanksgiving food. We typically go to Shea’s house to celebrate. Christmas is also especially fun in Ocean Beach. There is a Christmas parade every year with lots of fun floats. We love walking around to see all of the decorations and lights. Hanna and I also celebrate Ethiopian Christmas one week after American Christmas by lighting candles for her birth family and eating Ethiopian food.

Our Furry Friend, Cooper the Dog: Cooper is a friendly and loving Goldendoodle. He loves running on the beach and sitting at the playground while Hanna plays. He is super loving and patient and all the neighborhood kids enjoy cuddling with him. He is eleven years old and has been with me since he was a tiny puppy! He makes a wonderful big dog brother! Your child will adore him!

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

My Home and Community: We live in San Diego, California in a small town called Ocean Beach. We are lucky to have great weather in San Diego where we can spend most of our days playing outdoors. We love walking around our little town and seeing friends and neighbors everywhere we go, whether we are at the local coffee shop, beach, or our neighborhood playground. We live in a condominium just two blocks from the beach. Our home is humble and cozy. We spend most of our time outside and love living so close to the beach. I often run with Hanna in the jogger stroller along the beautiful beach cliffs next to our house. We love to watch the sunset together during the summer, and we also enjoy going to the San Diego Zoo and Children’s Museum, which are both a short drive away.

My Thoughts On Parenting: I am a big believer in respectful parenting. I encourage each child to be unique, listen closely to them, and follow their lead in terms of what they are interested in and what they need. I believe in using real words when talking with children, talking about real things, and asking them questions even when they are infants.  I encourage children to express emotions and I do my best to help them put words to their feelings when they can’t themselves. I believe in setting clear and firm boundaries and expectations, but I do not shame, distract, or punish.

My Promise To Your Child:

  • I promise to love and cherish your child and provide a supportive and respectful environment.
  • I will be a strong and loving leader.
  • I will provide a home full of kindness and support to allow your child to grow and thrive.
  • I promise to honor your role in the child’s life and share with them your love and courage in seeking adoption.

Thank you for reading our profile and considering our family for your child. I am sending you love and peace and I hope you will find comfort in knowing that your child will be adored and treasured.