February 20th, 2019
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Kevin and Julie

Hi Birth Mom!

We are so excited and grateful that you’re checking us out, and that you might actually choose us to be the parents to raise the precious baby that you are carrying.

We won’t promise the moon…but…we will promise a happy home to grow up in.

If you’d like for your child to:

  • love his/her life
  • be in a home full of joy and love,
  • have a mom and dad who are totally committed to loving each other and having a great life together as a family,
  • go on cool family trips to places like DisneyLand,
  • Learn how to make homemade ice cream and paper airplanes,
  • Be treated like a prince/princess,
  • see and experience all the beautiful things in the world,
  • have tons of love and attention with just the right mix of values and direction,
  • never be yelled at or treated harshly,
  • Be constantly reminded that he/she can accomplish anything,
  • enjoy lots of nice things and to appreciate all of them,
  • experience lots of fun adventures…rather than sitting in front of a TV every day.
  • have two devoted, full-time parents,
  • learn strong values of self-worth, family, love, faith, honesty, personal responsibility, and generosity
  • be confident in his/her own identity,
  • be respected and allowed to be himself/herself
  • be encouraged to pursue his/her dreams…

…Then we’re a perfect fit.

You have been in our thoughts and prayers even though we have never met.  What we know about you already is that you are amazing…just by the fact that you have chosen to bring this child into the world and to find the best parents for her/him.  If you do choose us, we are committed to helping your child understand where they came from, the beauty of adoption, and how special they are.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Kevin and Julie


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We met through work, and from the day we decided we wanted to be together, we have been virtually inseparable for the last 6 years. We spend our days sharing, working, playing, laughing, planning, traveling, and living. Togetherness is the theme of our relationship and home, and how we will raise our child.

For the last 6 years, we’ve been working hard building our business and creating the kind of home and lifestyle that would allow us to have a family. We will both be able to actively raise your child. We feel so blessed to have the type of career that allows us both to work from home and have lots of time flexibility.






Kevin is the most loving, sweet, fun,and caring person that I’ve know. He always has a happy and positive attitude. Kevin has a huge heart that everyone loves. He loves to learn and grow. He loves to read lots of books. When he sees a little baby , he looks at me and says “I’m ready for that!” with a huge smile. When we meet friends with their baby, he volunteers to baby sit until they fall asleep in his arms. He said he can’t wait to have our own.


  • So shy as a kid he wouldn’t talk to other kids, now he is a public speaker!
  • Loves nature, camping, fishing, and sailing.
  • Grew up on a small farm out in the country.
  • Actually loves shopping with Julie.
  • Always opens the door for Julie.
  • Enjoys cooking and grilling.
  • Has a voice coach and is trying to learn to sing.
  • Loves coaching kids sports since 10th Grade, and his team always win.
  • Used to direct youth camps.
  • For the last 2 years Kevin has kept a journal of “LIFE LESSONS FROM DAD” writing down the important life lessons he wants our child to learn.






Julie is playful, strong, honest courageous, loyal and committed to family. I know Julie will be an amazing mom. I have watched Julie be a “mom” to our pets for 5 years. Lots of attention. Lots of play. Sings songs to them, and every single night she gets down on the floor and gives hugs and snuggles good night.


  • Grew up in the big city Seoul, South Korea.
  • Loves music and was a concert pianist all the way through college.
  • Learned how to speak English on you own.
  • Loves tent camping and hiking with family and our dog, Homie.
  • Enjoys finding new recipes on Pinterest and cooking at home.
  • Loves playtime with Homie and Elvis
  • Loves taking Homie on walks to the beach.
  • Enjoys staying at home and having family time.





  • We work from home and have full control of our schedule.
  • We laugh a lot because our home is full of joy.
  • We have lots of amazing friends that live in beautiful places
  • We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world
  • At out home in Hermosa Beach, we can walk to the beach whenever we want
  • At out home in Las Vegas, we can be in the mountains or at our favorite restaurant all in less than 10 minutes
  • Lots of love and affection…we say it and show it every day


Homie is our Beagle.  He still has that puppy cuteness even though he’s over 10 years old.  He is truly a “home boy” and he loves children.

Last year we rescued Elvis from the animal shelter.  He was the cutest kitten ever and still is even though he’s full grown.  He is gentle and loves to be held and purrs non-stop when we hold him.





  • Read and sing to our child every night at bedtime
  • Love our child unconditionally and tell them every day
  • Belly laughs
  • Build sand castles at the beach
  • Family movie nights
  • Watch them learn all their firsts
  • Coaching and attending their games and performances and cheering them on
  • Encourage and teach them they can accomplish anything they want
  • Christmas tree shopping