October 22nd, 2018
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Kevin and Lisa

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    L: Going to the beach

    K: Surfing

  • Favorite Movie

    L: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

    K: Shawshank Redemption

  • Favorite Actor

    L: Will Ferrell

    K: Denzel Washington

  • Favorite Food

    L: Pizza

    K: Mexican

  • Favorite Animal

    L: Dogs

    K: Sea Turtle

  • Favorite Show

    L: Cooking Shows

    K: Seinfeld

  • Favorite Holiday

    L: Christmas

    K: 4th of July

  • Favorite Vacation

    L: Bali, Indonesia

    K: Tavarua, Fiji

  • Favorite Singer

    L: Bruno Mars

    K: Rebelution (Reggae)

Hello and Thank You,

We are beyond grateful for you and your willingness to consider us for your special child.  Your gift is giving us a chance to expand our family.  We are Lisa, Kevin and Isaac and we love BIG.  Your baby will be loved and adored before we even meet.  It is God’s plan for us to adopt and we feel so fortunate to go through this journey with you.  We have no doubt you are feeling anxiety and stress and we hope you find peace. Your bravery will be a story we will share and it will be the foundation for which we teach our family how we became a family.  We are emotional thinking about this opportunity and our hearts are full, knowing we might become a party of four!


Our Story

We met 12 years ago when Lisa was on vacation.  It was the 4th of July and the fireworks started immediately.  We flew from coast to coast for almost 2 years before Lisa moved to California! We had a passion for one another from the beginning that was undeniable. We were engaged while hiking in Kauai, Hawaii and we were married 7 years ago in an intimate oceanfront setting in the town we live in today.

Our son Isaac is a sweetheart who is sensitive, considerate, and joyful.  After a long struggle with infertility we welcomed him into the world 3.5 years ago. You can find Isaac OUTSIDE jumping from his skateboard, scooter, and back to his bike.  His favorite thing to do is swimming at our community pool he never wants to leave!

We have a love for the sunshine and beautiful scenery that surrounds us in southern California. We love the outdoors and you can always find us at our neighborhood beach with friends and ending the day with a sunset.  We live our daily life to the fullest, especially after having conquered breast cancer last year, which is the reason we’ve embarked on this journey to grow our family via adoption.  Adoption has been on our hearts for years and we are thrilled to welcome your baby into our loving home.

A Little About Kevin

Kevin is our house comedian and always has this house cracking up with his funny jokes.   “With the laughter comes a man who is so proud of his family and prioritizes being around our home as much as possible.  He is the Vice President, Major Accounts for Verizon and he insists on working out of the house, which allows him to enjoy snack time in the kitchen with us.  He makes life special with the little things like the “love notes” next to the coffee machine in the morning. He’s an energetic dad, always riding skateboards with Isaac and adores alone time with Isaac.   He can’t wait to teach him about the ocean (and to surf), which will be the same with your child.  As a father he’s involved and he will stop work in the middle of the day to go watch Isaac at swim lessons.  My friends always ask, “How is Kevin always around?” And the answer is because it matters to him.  Kevin is a true waterman, the ocean is his second home and he stays physically active by doing what he loves, surfing.  Kevin is the total package and I feel so lucky that I found him. Your child couldn’t ask for a more loving father and role model.


A Little About Lisa

Lisa’s upbringing says a lot about who she’s become as a woman and mother:   humble, loving, attentive, family focused, and selfless.   These were the traits that led me to marriage and it’s awesome seeing these traits carried into motherhood.   I lovingly refer to some of these traits as the “Lisa affect”.    Lisa’s parents instilled these traits in her.  Isaac and I are blessed, and your child stands to inherit the ultimate pot of gold:  selfless love.    It’s what Lisa stands for, always has, always will.

But I also love her adventurous spirit and it’s what has taken us to places like New Zealand, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Mexico, etc.   Lisa longs for these kinds of “adventures” and now as a mother she shares those adventures with Isaac.  Because she is a stay at home mom Isaac has seen the rewards of having an adventurous spirit, as they like to travel especially to see her family.  I’m always envious of their fun days together they’re thick as thieves!  Your child will be blessed by this love for adventure with not only travel, but the zest for life that Lisa possesses that will shape your child’s view on the world, on career, on relationships, and overall view on life.

Did you Know?

  • We love exploring the beaches at low tide.
  • Kevin has surfed in 14 different countries and has visited over 40 countries.

-The smell of the fresh air at the mountains during the wintertime is the best.  We love to ski and snowboard!

  • We have A LOT of amusement parks nearby! Currently Legoland is our favorite!
  • Friday movie night is our tradition and we love to snuggle.
  • We love food! Trying out different restaurants is a passion.
  • We love to travel and it’s important for us learn about different cultures and places.
  • We visit Hawaii every year.
  • We love to crank up the music, cook dinner and we all love live music.
  • We all snuggle in the bed every single morning.

Home is where the heart is

We live in a coastal, gate-guarded community in southern California. Our newly remodeled, 4-bedroom, 3,500 square ft. home is on a cul-de-sac street so children can safely play on the streets.  We love taking our golf cart down to the community pool and when it’s sunny you can see the turtles sun bathing on the rocks at the koi pond.  Our private beach has swings, picnic tables, fire pits for s’mores, and more! We have an extra bedroom across the hall from Isaac for your baby and plenty of toys Isaac can’t wait to share.  We can already picture us taking our baby on sunset stroller walks while Isaac rides his bike.  Living here feels like vacation!


Future Big Brother

Isaac is an affectionate, enthusiastic, and sweet little boy.  He loves going to skateboard lessons, hot wheel cars, and anything with wheels.  He is abnormally considerate for a three- year old child, and repeatedly asks us “when is our baby coming home?”   Currently he’s going around the house finding things for your baby!


Our Village

Kevin’s Family- Kevin’s immediate family is a short 15 -minute drive away.  Isaac ADORES his older cousins and we love celebrating special events throughout the year.  We are constantly coming together as family, cooking, bowling, and swimming in GramMe and Papa’s backyard pool.  Kevin’s mom and dad have been married for 48 years!  Isaac is so lucky to be surrounded by family that loves him so much and he especially likes to have sleepovers at Aunt Amy and Uncle Scott’s house with his cousins.  We all look forward to Sundays when we meet at church.

Lisa’s Family-  Lisa is the youngest of a family of 5, and her family means the world to her.  Lisa’s parents have also been married 40+ years and her older sister is her best friend! Even though we live in different states, we have a close relationship and we all visit each other frequently.  Isaac has 3 cousins on Lisa’s side and we spend every Christmas on the east coast.  We love to reconnect in the summer time with a waterski or beach vacation.  Lisa always say how blessed she is that even though we all live apart, our love for one another is strong.

Why our Faith Matters

God is an important part in our lives and we all love going to church!  We know He was looking over us when Lisa went through her battle with cancer and He continues to be with us today.  Our relationship with Him is even more significant now and by living with Him, we are the best versions of ourselves.  Your child will be baptized and grow up in a loving church.


Our promise to you:

– Your child will be LOVED and adored.

-Kisses and hugs are a constant in our home.

-We will support their goals and aspirations and allow them to make their own path in life.

-They will know the importance of education, music, arts, and sports, as we believe are equally important to their growth and development.

-Our marriage will be an example that they can follow.

-They will learn the importance of “Love Thy Neighbor”

-Your story of bravery and selflessness will be shared.

-There will be a lot of “kitchen dance parties”

-Home cooked meals and a healthy lifestyle are important to us.

-They will understand the importance of traveling and learning other cultures.

-We always end the day with bedtime stories, songs and prayers.

-And of course, daily FUN!

A Special Message to You

Thank you for taking the time in getting to know us! We are a loving family that wants to welcome your child into our fun home.  I am humbled and honored that you would consider us and I pray that you find peace in your decision.  We can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate what you are doing for us.  You’re truly making our family dreams come true and in our eyes adoption is a gift.  Please don’t forget, we are a family that wants to LOVE your baby.  We cannot wait to meet you and God Bless!