August 20th, 2019
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Kim and Matt


  • Favorite Hobby

    Kim: Singing

    Matt: Biking

  • Favorite Food

    Kim: Pizza

    Matt: BBQ

  • Favorite Holiday

    Kim: Christmas

    Matt: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Kim: 27 Dresses

    Matt: Christmas Vacation

  • Favorite Animal

    Kim: Dog

    Matt: Our poodle

  • Favorite Vacation

    Kim: Disney

    Matt: Cruise/Beach

  • Favorite Actor

    Kim: Julia Roberts

    Matt: Will Ferrell

  • Favorite TV Show

    Kim: Friends

    Matt: How I Met Your Mother

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    Kim: Michael Buble

    Matt: Dave Matthews Band

Hello! We are Matt and Kim

We are both so excited to share our story with you. You are a true example of selfless love. You’ve been in our prayers for a long time now even though we’ve never met. We want this child to always know how much they are loved by us and by you. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We have been happily married for over 12 years. We have a precious daughter, Gabrielle, and a life filled with family and lifelong friends. We are both so excited to welcome a new baby into our home. We have so much love in our hearts to welcome this special child. Kim had a very high risk pregnancy with Gabrielle and doctors have told us that we will not be able to conceive again. After years of infertility, we feel that it is our calling to adopt. We both love our siblings very much and we have always wanted to have more than one child. We will allow our future child to make choices, have a voice, and encourage them to find their interests and passions as they grow. It is so important to us to focus on the positives instead of negatives. We are highly motivated and energetic people who love life. We both promise to love your child unconditionally.

Our Love Story: Matt was actually the first guy Kim ever asked out! While in college, Kim was persuaded to be in a Valentine’s Day date auction to raise money for charity. Kim was auctioned off to go on a date. She was very anxious about going because she knew nothing about the guy. Kim asked her friend to go along. Her friend did not want to be a third wheel, but agreed to go if Kim could find someone else to join her. Kim went outside and found Matt who was washing his car. Kim shouted at him, “Hey, do you have plans tonight?” Matt looked up in shock and shyly replied, “No.” Kim replied, “Well you do now; you need to be up here by six o’clock because we are going to dinner.” His reply back was a shaky, “Okay,” Matt showed up to Kim’s apartment as promised. Fifteen minutes later the guy from the auction called and said he had to cancel their date.  So Matt and Kim decided to go out to dinner that night and they have been together ever since.

A Special Note About Adoption: Kim has cousins that have adopted four children and we have witnessed the beauty and love of the adoption process. An OPEN ADOPTION is something we both have always wanted to do.

More About Us:

  • Graduated college from the same college the same year
  • Matt proposed on Valentine’s Day
  • We like spending time outdoors together as a family
  • Both college athletes
  • We enjoy picnics
  • Every Wednesday night is game night in our home
  • We love family movie nights
  • We are active in our community
  • We love to travel… in the future we will make a family trip to Europe and Hawaii!



Meet Kim

Growing up I was active in both concert and show choir. You can still find me singing every day around the house and in the car! My childhood dream was to grow up and become a teacher, and I’m proud I attained a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. During college, I had the opportunity to live and work at Walt Disney World for two summers-I am also a huge Disney fan and being able to work at the Magic Kingdom was a dream come true!  I have been teaching for fifteen years, and taught over 300 kids. I am so lucky that I teach at the same school as Gabrielle and that our future child will attend. While teaching is a huge passion of mine, being a mom is what makes me a whole person. I love playdates, family outings, birthdays, and holidays. It is important to me to teach my children to give back to the community. I think it is my job to bring out my children’s talents and to teach them that they are capable of doing anything they put their mind to. I believe that my purpose in life is to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and teacher that I can possibly be.

More About Kim, by Matt: Kim is nurturing and sensitive to others needs. The thing I love most about her is the love and energy she has for Gabrielle. KIM IS A NATURAL MOTHER WHO HAS SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE. She’s active in Gabrielle’s school and she never misses a chance to be a parent volunteer. Not only is she a wonderful mother, she is also a fantastic teacher. Kim has even won a Missouri Outstanding Teaching award. Kim is able to connect instantly with people and the bond that she has with family and friends is admirable.



Meet Matt

I was fortunate to play on the golf team in college while attaining my degree. TODAY, I STILL ENJOY PLAYING GOLF WHEN I GET A CHANCE, BUT BEING A DAD IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME. I love watching Gabrielle participate in her extracurricular activities. I also enjoy playing ball in the backyard, going on bike rides with her, playing golf with her and teaching her new things. I can’t wait to become a father again, and do these same things with your child. My family relocated several times during my childhood because of my dad’s career. Many times my sister was my only friend when we moved to another state or country so we shared a very special bond.  Moving so much as a young child made me realize how important family is. LIVING IN SO MANY PLACES HELPED ME BECOME AN OPEN MINDED PERSON. I HAVE EXPERIENCED MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE, CULTURES, AND TRADITIONS.

More About Matt, by Kim: Matt is the love of my life and my best friend. He is a thoughtful, outgoing and extremely caring person. He is fun and lively and makes me laugh like no other. My favorite thing about him is how much he loves his family. He lives to not only make Gabrielle and I happy, but he focuses on our whole extended family too. Matt is patient and playful with Gabrielle. He always encourages her to do her best. Matt loves to learn new things. Matt has a green thumb and enjoys gardening with Gabrielle. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MATT BECOME A FATHER AGAIN! HE IS SUCH A GREAT DAD!



Our Family & Friends

Meet Gabrielle: Gabrielle is a happy, cheerful little girl and she is honestly so excited to become a big sister. She is outgoing and full of fun and curiosity. Gabrielle has always had a tremendous love for animals. She takes English riding lessons and compete in horse shows twice a year. Her teachers would tell you that Gabrielle makes friends very easily and always invites everyone to play. She does not like to see others excluded. She is very good with her cousins and small children and watches out after them. Gabrielle is so excited to finally become a big sister. She has been asking for years when it would be her turn to get a brother or a sister. This year on her birthday we surprised her with the news that we were going to adopt. She immediately began jumping up and down with excitement. She kept saying, “This is the best birthday gift ever!” She can’t wait to have a sibling to share her daily adventures with.

Our Family:

  • We are lucky to LIVE BY OUR ENTIRE FAMILY.
  • We have FAMILY GATHERINGS at least once a week.
  • We have 3 AMAZING NIECES who we love dearly.
  • Our sisters (who we consider our best friends) are INCREDIBLE AUNTS AND THEIR SPOUSES ARE OUTSTANDING UNCLES.
  • Our parents cannot wait to become GRANDPARENTS again!
  • Both sets of our PARENTS ARE RETIRED and have been married for over 40 years.
  • MATT’S PARENTS MOVED CLOSE TO US. Our subdivision trail connects to their subdivision.
  • We have AMAZING LIFE LONG FRIENDS who all now have children who we spend a lot of time with.


Meet Jingle: Jingle is our toy poodle who has a big role in our family. She is extremely soft and cuddly. The best part is she does not shed and is hypoallergenic. We call her Jingle because she was actually a Christmas present. We rescued her on Christmas Eve when she was just a year old. Jingle is absolutely the most loving dog we have ever met. She loves to go to the dog park, play fetch, go on long walks, but most of the time you can find her curled up in someone’s lap. Jingle loves kids and will be so excited to have a new baby to look out after.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home & Community:

  • Our town was VOTED SAFEST CITY IN MISSOURI for three years in row! It has a small old town feel with everything modern that you could want.
  • Our BASEMENT IS ALSO FINISHED WITH A LARGE PLAYROOM and Matt’s home office space.
  • Our NEIGHBORHOOD IS FILLED WITH FAMILIES where you can find children playing outdoors together.
  • We are so lucky to be able to WALK TO SCHOOL. Kim teaches 1st grade here.


Thank you for considering us to receive this amazing gift. We will always cultivate a culture in our home of love and support. Adoption will always be celebrated, talked about, and where our child’s story is important. We will always celebrate their accomplishments, big or small and give them the tools they need to follow their dreams. We will never stop telling them how much they are loved with our words and actions. We also want them to know that they are so loved by God, by us, and by you.