April 21st, 2018
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Kimberly and Scott

 Fiesta 2015

Dear Birthmother,

Our names are Kimberly and Scott, and we’re so excited and grateful that you’re taking the time to get to know us. We truly admire the incredible courage, love and selflessness you demonstrate in making this amazing and difficult decision. Through the miracle of your baby’s birth and adoption, you are offering us indescribable joy as we grow our family. Your baby will be cherished not only by us, but by our family and friends who are as excited as we are to be on this adventure. We hope this little glimpse into our lives will show you how much love we have to offer as parents, and how rich your baby’s life will be as part of our family. We would be deeply honored to be chosen to raise your baby.

About Us

We’ve been together for ten years. We met when mutual friends introduced us shortly after Scott moved to San Francisco, and we were instantly attracted to each other. We’re deeply in love and are each other’s best friend.

In 2010, we adopted our beautiful and loving daughter, Lyla. We started our life together as a family in San Francisco, but now live in Chicago, Illinois, right in the heart of the city. We feel incredibly lucky to be living in Chicago now, where our life together is filled with family, close friends, lots of laughter and all the adventures Chicago has to offer. The only thing that could possibly make our wonderful life even better would be another child.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to conceive on our own but this convinced us more than ever that starting a family was our most cherished goal. Adoption was a natural choice for us. Lyla’s arrival was an indescribable blessing. Now we can’t wait to love and nurture, hug and kiss, laugh and sing with, snuggle and dance with, read stories to and explore the world with the baby sister or brother who will complete our family.

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Kimberly, according to Scott

Kimberly is a warm and loving soul. On our first date, she spoke adoringly about her parents, sister and nieces, and I was hooked. She is smart, sweet, loyal, funny and genuine. She has numerous strong friendships she has had since childhood, and she is always there for the people in her life. She adores her mom and dad, and speaks with her sister every day. I am always amazed how children are drawn to her – she is able to establish a quick bond with children by respecting their intelligence and individuality, and speaking with them at their level.

Kimberly loves to travel, especially to see family and friends. She likes to take long walks with Lyla, me, and our dog, exploring the many wonderful places throughout the city. She enjoys dance, yoga, hiking and just being out and about in the outdoors. She also loves art and has volunteered at a local contemporary art museum. She is very creative, and has a flair for drawing, painting, fashion and interior design. She also volunteers year-round with a group of friends, raising money for breast cancer research.

Up until Lyla’s birth, Kimberly’s passion had been teaching high school English. She loves kids and loves reading and writing, and she brought those two passions together every day in her classroom for seventeen years. It was a bittersweet farewell as Kimberly said goodbye to her teaching career, but being a mother had always been Kimberly’s “dream job” and she couldn’t wait to be a stay-at-home mom, caring full-time for our children. It’s a typical scene to find Kimberly and Lyla dancing in the kitchen, drawing or painting out on the patio, or reading stories in our big comfy chair when I walk in the door at the end of the day. I’m amazed at the connection they share, and I love Kimberly even more for being such an incredible mother.


Scott, according to Kimberly

My husband Scott is incredibly smart, loving, loyal, passionate and generous. Everything he does, he does with our family in mind. These are the qualities I fell in love with. He is grounded and level-headed, always able to keep the toughest situations in perspective and manage through difficult times calmly and with solid judgment. He is my rock. He has provided a very fortunate and comfortable life for us.

Scott’s passions include cooking for family and friends – how lucky am I? His rosemary-roasted chicken would make Julia Child ask for seconds, and I can never get enough of his garlic and truffle oil pasta or grilled lamb. Almost as much as cooking, he loves working in our garden growing beautiful flowers and delicious organic fruits, veggies and herbs that he uses in his fabulous recipes. And not far behind either of those things is Scott’s love of baseball. He is definitely a fanatic! A lifelong Mets fan, living in San Francisco brought the Giants onto his roster as well. Scott also loves great writers and great music. He is rarely without a book by his side or music playing in the house, and he loves to go hear live music. Scott loves nothing more than having Lyla next to him as his little sous chef with whom to share the kitchen, his gardening partner to dig in the dirt with, and his buddy to sit side by side with at the ballpark or a concert. These are perfect moments for him, and I love watching his relationship with Lyla – pure bliss.

Scott enjoys his job in corporate finance because it challenges him, allows him to work with incredibly intelligent and creative people that he also considers friends and, best of all, provides him plenty of flexibility to spend time with his family.

He has boundless energy and loves to hike, play golf (he’s terrible!), ski and travel. He is always up for an impromptu adventure.

One of the most endearing things about Scott is his generosity. He is always the first to ask, “What can we do?” when someone is in need. He never puts himself first. He is there for friends, family and me – always and without question. Scott is an incredible father.


Adopting Lyla has been the most amazing experience of our lives. The love and admiration we feel for her birthmother can never be expressed in words. From the moment she was born Lyla has filled our hearts with her loving, smile-filled soul. She is all kisses and hugs, and she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. We cannot wait for her to be a big sister. She loves to be the “big girl”, caring for her baby dolls, feeding, diapering, and strolling them around. We know she will be an incredible big sister and friend to her baby brother or sister.

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Family and Friends

Our family is extremely important to us, and we like to spend as much time with them as we can. Kimberly’s mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and two nieces, Alyssa and Isabella, live in California, but we see them often, even more so since Lyla’s birth; they’re all crazy for her. Kimberly and her sister, Dana, are particularly close – they talk at least once every day and are inseparable on family visits. These gatherings are always sure to involve food extravaganzas in the kitchen, a competitive round of Catch Phrase, and at a nightly dance-off where Scott, Lyla and Kimberly’s nieces undoubtedly outshine the others in crazy dance moves that cause everyone to laugh so hard we can’t see straight! Kimberly also has several cousins in Chicago who we see all the time.

Scott has two brothers, Mark and Christopher, who live with their families in Atlanta and Chicago. We see our Atlanta family several times a year, and the Chicagoans all the time. All twelve us of are always together at Christmas. Scott is very close with his nephew, Jack, and his five nieces Emma, Martha, Hannah, Sally and Nell (who happens to be adopted). Family gatherings are raucous affairs.

Everyone is really excited to have a new family member arrive, especially the kids, who are thrilled to have one more cousin to help out-number and over-throw the adults in nightly board games, dance competitions and dinner-table antics.

We also have many close friends whom we consider family and see often. Many of our friends have been in our lives for decades and have young children, too. We love getting together for any reason: BBQs, birthdays, outdoor summer concerts, holidays, ski trips to Lake Tahoe, summer vacations in Oregon, or just hanging out. They love Lyla and can’t wait for us to have a new baby.

Our neighborhood and home

We live in a great neighborhood in Chicago. It’s exciting, diverse, and we can walk everywhere. We rarely have to get in the car to do anything. And even though it’s the big city, we still chat with our neighbors outside the local coffee shops and restaurants, hop on our bikes or scooters to ride to the park, and feel like we’re part of a close-knit community. We are minutes away from several parks, bike trails, the Shedd Aquarium, the Lincoln Park Zoo, museums, theatre and excellent schools. We love that we can walk to a summer season of concerts or movies in the park and to neighborhood tennis courts, swimming pools and playgrounds.


Our home is warm and bright, and family & friends love to visit. We have a huge patio with amazing city and lake views, and there is a garden and an outdoor fire pit ready for roasting marshmallows or making s’mores almost all year long. It’s made for family and friends to gather. We truly love our home.

Our four-legged family member

Sophie, our wonderful soft-coated Wheaton Terrier, is a super happy, funny, gentle girl who loves kids, and Lyla is constantly laying all over her and kissing her. Sophie loves long family walks, chasing squirrels in the park, and snuggling on the couch. She is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet.

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Our hope for you

Once again, words can’t express how much we admire you for making the decision to give life to your child. If your heart leads you to us, please rest assured that we will provide your baby with a safe, loving home and a life filled with family, friends and happy adventures. We wish you continued strength and peace as you work to find the very best home for your baby.


Kimberly, Scott and Lyla

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any further questions for us, please contact your Adoption Advisor at AdoptHelp by calling

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