August 20th, 2019
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Kimmy and Toby

Dear Birth Mother,

We are Kimmy and Toby from Southern California.

Thank you for considering us as potential adoptive parents to your child. We hope you find comfort and a true connection when choosing a family. We both grew up in our local mountains and share a love for the outdoors. Kimmy is artistic and loves crafting, while Toby is into sports and likes “fix-it” projects. We have one biological son, Wesley, who is outgoing and imaginative, and a dog, Annie, who has so much love to give. We are so excited just thinking about the possibility of adding to our family, and we know our hearts  are open and ready for a second child through adoption. We always knew that we were open to adoption. Growing up, we both had childhood friends that were adopted and somehow, we always knew that we wanted to adopt.

Sincerely, Kimmy and Toby

Our Story

We both grew up in a small community where everyone is connected somehow, in some way! Many years after moving away from our hometown, we kept ending up at the same events and both had our eyes on each other. Through the help of family and friends, we had our first date in 2006 and the rest was history. We have been married for 8 years, and with each day and each year, our marriage and friendship only get stronger. Through the birth of our son, Wesley, we have gained a tremendous amount of strength as people and as partners.

We are a little bit “granola” as they say. We do what we can to take care of our planet, by making eco-friendly choices and eating organic, healthy foods. Sunday in our house is family day. We make a big breakfast and spend the entire day with each other. Some Sundays, it’s pajamas all day with movies and board games, other times it’s going to watch one of Toby’s hockey games, or just folding laundry together with the inevitable kitchen dance party. Whatever it is, we do it together.

Our Favorite Things

We often is visit our local mountains where we grew up. There, we like to fish, kayak, go on nature walks, collect twigs and pinecones for crafting, cuddle up by the fireplace and read adventure books. We also go on a yearly camping trip to Yosemite National park with extended family. We live just a short drive to many beaches and Disneyland.

Why Adoption

We always knew we wanted a larger family, however, after the traumatic birth of our miracle baby, we discovered we would not be able to have another biological child. Committed to growing our family, we decided that adoption was our path.

About Toby

I play ice hockey weekly and love handy-man projects. I graduated with honors from Cal State Long Beach and have a bachelors degree in Information Systems. I am the Manager of our family business, which allows me to have a very flexible work schedule so that i am able to attend school events, family vacations, or to stay at home.

Toby’s Favorites

  • playing street hockey with our son
  • watching basketball
  • playing video games

Meet Toby (by Kimmy)

Toby is my soul mate. He is a goofy guy, believes in Bigfoot, and is great at making up silly songs on the fly. Whenever he hears music, he can’t resist the urge to dance. Especially at the grocery store. I just pretend he’s not with me… but then again, I’m kinda proud of it! He gets in these laughing fits where he JUST CAN’T STOP, and it gets all of us going! He was always a straight A student, even while traveling for his hockey games throughout his life. He is the favorite, fun Uncle to his nieces and nephew, and is always the only adult to jump onto a trampoline to bounce the kids extra high, or to cannon ball into the pool. If we can’t find him, he is always most likely on the floor with the kids playing video games. He is an amazing father and I look forward to raising our second child together.

About Kimmy

I am a stay at home Mom, which means I will have plenty of time to spend with a new baby. I volunteer in our son’s class once a week and am involved in school activities. I have my Cosmetology license, but my true passion is arts and crafts. I make and sell handmade goods online, at craft fairs, and at farmers markets.

Kimmy’s Favorites

  • making homemade natural body and cleaning products
  • creating activity centers
  • exploring the outdoors

Meet Kimmy (by Toby)

Kimmy is my other half. She is full of whimsy and wonder. She is patient and kind, always thinking of others, and finds the beauty in all things. She’ll pick up a fallen tree branch and turn it into 50 Christmas ornaments, or a coat rack. She loves gathering all the family kids and taking them on a nature hunt, catching tadpoles, and picking wildflowers. She is great at making up silly little bedtime stories. I love watching her with our son, she was born to be a Mom.

Meet Wesley

When our son Wesley was born, he was two and a half months early due to pregnancy complications. He stayed in the NICU at the hospital for 52 days until he could come home. He is a fighter, and caught up quickly! Wesley can’t wait for his little brother or sister to come home. He asks us every once in a while, when God is going to give us a baby. We often catch him making faces at babies in the grocery store to get them to smile and laugh. He also tells us to whisper when he notices a sleeping baby in a stroller. He has completed swim lessons, played T-ball on his first sports team, and has asked to join chess club. It is our dream to give another child the opportunities that Wesley has had.

Wesley’s Favorites

  • baking with Mom
  • reading to Mom and Dad
  • building crazy Hot Wheels tracks
  • playing tag with Dad
  • outdoor activities
  • creating messy science experiments

Meet Annie Girl

We rescued our dog, Annie Girl, from a shelter when she was 1 year old. She was afraid of everything. She is now 4 years old, and has opened up tremendously through patience and trust. She is the sweetest, goofiest, uncoordinated bundle of love. She joins in when we play hide and seek, and shows her belly for rubs to every human that says hello. Her favorite activity is wrestling with Toby in the living room and trying to lick his face in the process.

Our Home

We love our home. We live on a quiet street lined with magnolia trees, and a cul-de-sac on one end. There is just the right amount of kids that live on our block, and our neighborhood is very family oriented. Walking distance from our house is a huge park that has large grassy areas, plenty of shade from trees, playground equipment, walking trails, a duck pond, a dog park, and baseball fields. We bought it as a fixer upper and have slowly made it into exactly what we like. We did most of the work ourselves with the guidance of Toby’s Dad (who is a retired contractor) which we are very proud of. We have a spare room awaiting the arrival of our future child.

Family & Friends

Most of our family and friends are nearby, some in the next city, and some are in other states around the country. We have good relationships with all of them, and your child will have plenty of cousins! We enjoy taking a trip at least once a year to go see family in the North West. There, we can expect to have big family dinners, see buffalo and bald eagles, explore rivers and hay fields, and have some good old family bonding time. We have a Christmas tradition that dates back at least 4 decades. It even involves a family cookie recipe that takes all day to make, and a whole lot of sticky hands!

Our Promise To You

  • We promise that your child will grow up knowing that they were adopted out of love. That you searched the entire country to find their parents.
  • We promise to openly share your story of bravery and selflessness to your child.
  • We promise to provide a safe, stable, loving environment, with endless opportunities to shine and become the person they were meant to be.

Thank you

Thank you so much for considering us to be your child’s adoptive parents. We believe adoption is an act of love and we wish you peace of mind as you make the choice that is best for you and your child.