April 22nd, 2018
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Kit and Mark

Hello and welcome! We are Kit and Mark and our son, Gene!  And dog Dave, too!  We admire so much your decision to place your child for adoption. 

We know it’s not an easy choice and one you haven’t taken lightly. We hope that reading about us will give you some comfort. Comfort in knowing that there are thoughtful, compassionate, loving people in the world who will give everything they’ve got to your child. We’ve learned first hand that adoption builds strong families – with unbreakable bonds of love – and we hope that in seeing our family, you’ll think so too.



A Little About Us:

We love movies! We each moved to Los Angeles – Mark from Chicago, and Kit from Houston – to pursue careers in the TV/film business. Midwesterners and Texans have friendliness in common, and that definitely drew us to each other when we met on a studio lot over 15 years ago. We started out as friends, placing a high value on honesty, compassion and the freedom to be ourselves, and sure enough, it paid off. We have been happily married for 12 years and proud Los Angelenos for over 20! We’ve been through hard times together, too. The discovery that we were unable to have children was difficult, but it renewed our faith that we can not only HANDLE anything that comes our way, but thrive. It lead us to adopt Gene! He is the LOVE and LIGHT of our lives. And our relationship with his birth family has broadened us beyond what we thought possible. It is such an amazing process, and one that we look forward to experiencing again. 🙂

About Kit (by Mark)

The first time I saw Kit was when I looked out my office window and saw her playing hacky-sack with some of her co-workers. She was so full of life and energy (and so cute) that I knew she was the kind of girl I would want to spend my life with. Somehow I got lucky enough for that to happen and I’m happy to say that my first impression was dead on. SHE’S AN AMAZING PERSON. She always has my back and has never not been there when I or anyone in our family has needed her. And she’s an incredible mom full of life, love and laughter.

About Mark (by Kit)

Mark is the man. He is on time. He is dependable. He is funny. He is levelheaded. He is humble. He does laundry! He is a clean freak. He will never leave a high five hanging. He will play with any kid, no matter what age, healthy or sick, he is unafraid of any little person, no matter how they act or feel. He speaks “kid”. He first got my attention, I’ll be honest, because he is so handsome. :0 Then his warmth, generosity and kindness for the underdog snagged my heart, and I haven’t gotten it back. That was 15 years ago, and I’ve watched him grow and shine in his role as a Dad with a capital D. His love for us is ferocious and unyielding. GENE AND I ARE THE LUCKIEST DUCKS TO HAVE HIM ON OUR TEAM.



A note about being a Mom, written by Kit

I feel so lucky to be a mom. I always wanted to have kids. It is such an honor, and – as dorky as I am – I take it very seriously. When Gene came, I happily left behind my career in the entertainment industry to focus on being the best mom I could be, (and on getting my masters in psychology.) My number one priority is to keep my family healthy. That means I spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping meals that keep us energized and happy. I hope to build a strong foundation around good food and exercise so our kids will benefit from a long, happy life based on healthy habits. If I can pull that off, I’ll be doin’ good. 😉

A note about being a Dad, written by Mark

Being a Dad is my favorite job. I am a writer and director of TV comedies. I love that my “job” is basically going to a place where my coworkers and I tell stories and try to make each other laugh. Gene loves to visit my office because of it’s unlimited supply of gum and candy!

Meet Gene!

Our life with Gene started with a bang! When we started the adoption process, we were told to be patient because these things can take some time. Then about five weeks later we got the call that Gene was going to be born in two days and his birthmother had selected us! It was fast, but after one long phone call with his lovely birthmother, we knew that this was our time. Needless to say, we took the leap of faith and even though we didn’t have a crib or bottles or DIAPERS, we hopped on a plane to meet him. Gene’s kept us on our toes ever since and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

GENE IS PLAYFUL AND KIND. When one of his 3 year-old friends heard Gene was coming to his house, he smiled and said, “Oh good! That Gene’s a funny guy.” HE’S AN ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT who starts most mornings with the same question, “Where are we going today?” HE HAS BIG PLANS FOR ” H I S ” B A BY which include the baby “sleeping in my bed with me”, and naming him/her “Bobo”. 🙂 He said, “It will be so little and soft. I will have to protect it.” HE WAS A QUICK TALKER . His first word, “Dave”, was at 9 months old. Despite being an only child (so far) HE’S A SURPRISINGLY GOOD SHARER.


Meet our loved ones. 

Coming from an Irish and Italian background, we both have lots of Aunts and Uncles, and therefore lots of extended family! Mark is the 2nd of 23 first-cousins in Chicago, so we usually make at least one trip to visit them every year. Kit’s Mom and brother live nearby, in Irvine and Beverly Hills, as well as having relatives scattered around SoCal and Albuquerque that we visit often.  Mark’s sister just came from Chicago with her family and together we introduced Gene to Harry Potter (which Kit is obsessed with. Gene didn’t really get it, but he liked the chocolate frogs!) Gene is so lucky to have 3 Grandmas! Mark’s mom who came to Hawaii with us last year; Kit’s mom who lives an hour away; and Yia Yia, Kit’s step-mom in Houston.

The Place We Call Home

WE FEEL PRETTY BLESSED TO HAVE A HOME WHERE WE DO. We live in Los Angeles near Griffith Park which is one of the biggest city parks in the country. It has miles of hiking, a zoo, golf courses, three playgrounds (one with a zipline!) a carousel and a pool. We’re also walking distance to our local library, movie theater and Gene’s preschool. It really feels like a small town even though we live in a big city. We’ve always liked having people at our house and since Gene has moved in that means a lot more little people! Our yard has seen it’s fair share of kiddie-pool parties.

DAVE IS OUR ONE-OF-AKIND DOG. He came into our lives when a friend was walking her dog and Dave followed her home. Luckily for us, she couldn’t keep him and we took him in. At 12, he’s a little slower than he used to be, but he still has the soul of a puppy and loves to play with Gene as much as he loves just laying on the floor with him.



Our Thoughts On Parenting

WE LOVE LISTENING TO GENE’S THOUGHTS AND DREAMS, AND FEEL THAT OUR JOB IS TO RAISE A PERSON WHO BELIEVES IN HIMSELF. We don’t think we can make a child into the kind of person we want them to be. Our job is to pay attention to the special person that’s inside them, and to make a safe, supportive home that encourages them to find it in themselves. That said, we believe in teaching by example. Kids won’t “do as I say, not as I do”, so if we strive to be good people, we trust they will follow in our footsteps. We have seen that children thrive when there are clear boundaries, so we try to stick to our guns!

WE LIKE TO PAY ATTENTION TO “THE LITTLE THINGS”, in hopes that Gene will always stay curious about the vast and incredible world we live in. Every night before dinner we take a moment to say what we are grateful for that day. It’s a small way to help us stay focused on the positive and remember how lucky we are.



Thank You So Much

We want you to know that we have the utmost respect for you and the decision you make. Whatever it is. Our family is really lucky. It is all a circle of love that we surround ourselves with… birth family, adoptive family, extended family, friends, etc. IT TAKES A VILLAGE. AND YOU ARE A PART OF IT, TOO.