July 16th, 2019
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Konrad and Natalia

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Spending time with family
  • 2. Reading a good book
  • 3. Christmas and Halloween
  • 4. Event Design
  • 5. Photography and videography
  • 1. Spending time with family
  • 2. Soccer
  • 3. Halloween
  • 4. Grilling in the summer
  • 5. Swimming in our pool


We are KONRAD, NATALIA, and SEBASTIAN from Southern California! We are incredibly humbled that you are taking the time to learn about us. We want you to know how much love we have in our hearts for you, whether you choose the journey of adoption or whether you choose the journey of parenting. If you choose adoption, please know you would be giving us the most special GIFT anyone can possibly give us and you would be a special piece of our family puzzle. We want you to know that we will always honor you in our home and that your child will grow up knowing that they have the gift of love from multiple parents. Sebastian is also praying for the gift of a sibling. We promise to raise our future child to understand the values of FAMILY, COMPASSION, HONESTY, and TRUST. 

Our Love Story

It was DESTINY. Our parents were acquainted for years. Natalia’s mom owned a hair salon and Konrad’s family always had their hair styled there.  We knew of each other but our paths didn’t directly cross until 2008. There was a local Polish Oktoberfest event and Konrad decided to go at the last minute. Konrad saw Natalia through the crowd and had tunnel vision from that moment forward where he saw no one else but Natalia. Konrad knew he had to re-introduce himself. We made plans later in the week to go on a date. We instantly clicked and found out we had a lot in common, and the rest was history!

Meet Natalia

I grew up in San Diego and spent my summers visiting family in Poland. Poland is my home away from home and I enjoy visiting when I can. I am an only child and my dream was always to have a family with 2-3 children. I enjoy the simple things in life like nature WALKS, COOKING family meals, a good BOOK with a strong cup of tea, a cozy fireplace, and time spent TOGETHER as a family. It’s important to me to pray with and read to our son every night before bed. I love playing tourist in our own city and I always make sure that we have an annual membership to the zoo, the children’s museum, or another local attraction.  My hobbies include HULA HOOPING, PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY and creating event CENTERPIECES. I am always doing something ARTISTIC.

Natalia, by Konrad

Natalia is the most elegant women I know. She is someone that is extremely giving and takes amazing care of our family with her warmth, creativity, and fun activities. Natalia’s intelligence is just as strong as her beauty and her beauty will take your breath away. I enjoy our conversations and we both surf on the same wave of humor.  She is a great mother to Sebastian, it brings me tears of joy. It is a great honor and privilege to be with her. I am truly a lucky guy.

Meet Konrad

I am a person that means well and stands by doing what would be the greater good in the end. I am someone that realizes that life can be beautiful and can be whatever you want it to be. I intend to relish in every moment of every season and enjoy life as much as possible with family, friends, and whatever passion that gets me going. I have a strong foundation with God and I know that I am always under his care. I look forward to enjoying the most of this life I was given which is a gift from God and will never take it for granted.  I look forward to doing that with my FAMILY.

Konrad, by Natalia

Konrad’s sense of HUMOR is my favorite and we enjoy being goofballs together. He has an amazing ability to stay CALM and level headed under stress; he is my ROCK and my BEST FRIEND. Konrad has a love for SPORTS, but especially watching and playing soccer.  Konrad is the coordinator of fun in our household. He makes sure that our home is decorated for the seasons, that there is always wood for our fireplace, and that we always have a good movie queued. In the summer, you can find him jumping in the pool next to the kids. Because of his friendly, calm, and fun demeanor, children love to be around him. He will also make sure that we have a playlist for every season and special event so that we have a soundtrack to match the fun.


“When I grow up, I want to be a big brother”.

– Sebastian

Sebastian has been dreaming of having a sibling since he was 3 years old. He is a nurturing and loving boy who enjoys SOCCER and SWIMMING. Sebastian was donor conceived and so we have a beautiful soul out in the world who has given us the GIFT of parenthood for which we’re forever grateful. Sebastian has taught us about fun, compassion, patience, and how to love deeper than we ever thought possible.  Sebastian’s favorite superhero is SPIDERMAN, his favorite sport is soccer, he likes Frozen and Moana and he loves having his friends over for play dates. His favorite board game at the moment is Hi-Ho Cherry-O!


Luna is our rescue pup and has been there for every milestone since we got married: during our second move, Sebastian’s birth, and finally when we bought our home. Luna will also be there to welcome the newest member of our family. She knows how to sit, speak, shake, lay down, beg, play dead (we say bang bang and point our finger), roll over, and high five. She understands boundaries when we say no, down, out, or go to bed. She is a very sweet girl who holds a special place in our hearts.

Our Home

We live in a single level, 3-bedroom 2- bathroom home in a family friendly neighborhood with an elementary school one block away. Our elementary school was named a CALIFORNIA DISTINGUISHED SCHOOL and hosts book fairs, fall festivals, and summer movie events which we love to attend. We spend countless evenings by our FIREPLACE in the winter and we use our POOL every other day in the summer. Some days we jump in the pool straight after work! The big selling point for our home was the open floor plan, we love a sense of togetherness  and it is perfect for having friends and family over. We live a 10 minute walk from a favorite local HIKING spot, which gives 360-degree views of our city and is an amazing place to watch sunsets and 4th of July fireworks. We are a short 20-minute drive from the BEACH and a 2-hour drive from the SNOW!

Our Loving Family

We both grew up in Southern California and are blessed because our parents, aunts, and uncles live within 15 minutes of our home; our cousins visit for all of our major family events and holidays. Since we grew up here, we have a large supportive community of friends who are more like family.  We are both only children and have one child, so our family is ECSTATIC to share their love with another little one.

Thank You 

We are filled with gratitude for the time you dedicated to get to know a little more about us and we hope that we can learn about you as well! We understand that this is a huge and difficult decision to make that is based on your deep love for your child and we are grateful that you considered us, if even for a moment, as potential adoptive parents. We know that no matter what you decide, you will be making the absolute best decision for your child.

We hope to leave a strong legacy of faith, love, joy, and compassion for our children, family, and friends. We want our children to know that we strive to have deep relationships with the people around us. We want to see them laugh, play, learn, and show compassion and we hope that they see the same when they look at us. We desire our children to grow up knowing they are loved by God, by you, and by us and that they grow up to share that same love for others.

With Love,

Natalia, Konrad & Sebastian