June 18th, 2019
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Kristin and Raul


We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us and our family.

While we can’t know exactly what you’re going through, we admire the tremendous love you have shown for your child in considering adoption.

We are a kind, loving couple from Southern California who would love nothing more than to welcome another child into our lives.

It is our hope that the following pages will give you a sense of who we are as a family, and the kind of life and opportunities we will provide for your child.

Please know that you are in our thoughts – and if you feel there’s a connection, we’d love to meet you!



After living in the same neighborhood (blocks from each other) for years without ever meeting, our paths crossed a few years back – thanks to Kristin’s dog, Sophie – and we’ve been together ever since. We were married in 2015 and are so happy that life finally brought us together!

We have a great relationship built upon mutual respect, many shared interests (books, theater, cooking, travel) and lots of laughs. Also, Raul was a single father when we met and we are so blessed to have nine year-old, Nico, as part of our family. We cherish our little family unit and welcoming another child into it would be a dream come true for all of us.


We live in a charming bungalow that’s a few blocks from the ocean, and next to a beautiful park. We love our beach community because it has a small town feel yet offers a ton to do! We rarely even use our cars on the weekend since so much is within walking distance, like a farmers market with live music, multiple playgrounds, the public library, a dog park, cafes and the Santa Monica Pier. We also have a top-rated elementary school one block away.

Our neighbors (many of whom have kids) are the best and we do a lot with them: BBQs, Pumpkin-Carving Parties, Easter Egg Hunts, and other fun things like the annual 4th of July Parade down the street. Cooking, movies and board games are some of the other activities that keep us entertained at our house.

Our home is always teeming with kids – we love having them here!



Kristin is sweet, intelligent, and has a very beautiful smile. It was easy to fall in love with her. The first time we met, we talked for hours (although she seems to think I was the one doing most of the talking. Not true!) and it’s been that way ever since. She is my best friend and we grow closer every day.

One of my favorite things about Kristin is that she pours her heart into everything she does. From planning vacations and learning Spanish with her new language app, to making homemade bread or deep dish pizza, she gives it her all.

She’s created a warm, loving home for our family and makes the holidays extra special with her decorating and special touches like fondue night or making Christmas cookies with the kids.


I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Kristin – and not just for myself, but for Nico as well. He and Kristin have a very special bond and it’s been wonderful to watch their relationship develop over these past few years.

She is very much in tune with Nico’s needs and is always looking for activities that he might enjoy, such as coding camp. She reads with him, helps him with his homework, and recently took him to a musical at the local high school.

Kristin was born to be a mom and not being able to have children of her own has not been easy for her. She is an amazing stepmom and I know firsthand that any child would be so lucky to be in her care.


Kristin works in Business Development for a production company that creates entertainment marketing materials for films and t.v. series like New Girl, The Lego Movie and Shrek. She also worked for Harry Potter publisher, Scholastic, for many years. Her career’s given her the opportunity to travel to many exciting places like Sundance, Cannes and Monaco, although she’s happy to stay local these days. She works from home part of the time and her job allows a lot of flexibility, as does Raul’s.



Raul is smart, talented and one of the kindest, most laid back people I’ve ever met.

One of the things that I love most about him is his enthusiasm for life. With his great accent, he loves to tell stories about growing up in Barcelona, traveling around the world as a sports writer for a surf magazine and spending summers in the Spanish countryside with his grandparents. He’s also just as eager to share the news of the day, and is kind of like my own personal Wikipedia.

We share a very similar sense of humor and are always cracking up over the silliest things. Another major bonus: his family was in the restaurant business and he’s an amazing cook.

He’s the person I’ve dreamt of being with my whole life and I feel so blessed to have him by my side.


I’ve always believed that you can tell the kind of person someone is by the way kids and dogs respond to them – and Raul proves this belief true. All of the kids (& dogs) in our neighborhood adore him. As for Nico, adoration would be putting it mildly.

Raul is a totally devoted father. Not only is he a ‘cool’ dad, but he’s a great role model, too. When other parents are dropping their kids off at school, Raul’s the dad that waits in the school yard until Nico’s friends arrive. He’s also the one coaching sports and spending as much quality time with his son as he can.

The more I see Raul with Nico, the greater my desire to raise another child with him becomes.


Although Raul’s degree is in Economics, he left the corporate world years ago to pursue more artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors. For the past 11 years, he’s been working as a full-time artist and is represented at a number of galleries throughout the United States. Prior to that, he owned a small surf and skate business that manufactured clothing and surfboards. He loves what he does and his work can be found in many hotels, corporate offices and private homes.



Nico is thoughtful, funny, and will be a great big brother. He’s already like one to the little kids in our neighborhood, making sure they’re always included and teaching them new things. Our dog, Sophie, follows him everywhere, too.

Nico always has a smile on his face and loves to walk around the house singing Broadway tunes. (He’s got a great voice!) He’s also a big reader, which we love. Overall, he’s just an amazing little guy and we love him like crazy!

Sophie is our lovable ball of fur and the sweetest dog ever. She acts like she’s one of the kids and is so patient when Nico and his friends are around – even when they’re dressing her up in Lakers jerseys or reindeer antlers for Christmas!



At the end of the day, family is what matters to us most. From our family and friends in Southern California to Raul’s parents and sister in Spain, our greatest joy comes from the people in our lives.

Both sets of our parents have been married for over 50 years and a sense of family was instilled in us at an early age. We are a tight-knit group and stay connected with frequent visits, holiday gatherings, family reunions – and, of course, through Facebook. Kristin’s parents live an hour away and are very excited to have another grandchild to spoil. They are both retired and like to travel a lot. Kristin’s sister also lives nearby, and works in the education industry.

Because we grew up oceans apart, we have family and friends scattered all over the world, including Chicago, Hawaii, Spain, Australia, Ireland and Sweden. In other words,  a lot of great vacation options when summer rolls around! Although we’d love to see our relatives more often, we enjoy a lot of quality time together during our visits.  And we’re always happy to play tour guide when they come to see us in Southern California.


love your child unconditionally (through all of life’s ups and downs) and provide a safe, nurturing home.

offer loving support and guidance, always leading by example.

encourage creativity and imagination, and ensure that he or she receives the best education possible.

share your child’s birth story, and ALWAYS SPEAK OF YOU WITH THE GREATEST RESPECT.



Thank you again for taking the time to get to know our family and for considering us as potential adoptive parents. We think you’re an incredible woman for demonstrating such love and wish you peace and much strength as you make this important decision. We know that you will find the perfect family for your child and, if that happens to be us, we will be forever grateful.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about adopting your child, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999.

Wishing You All The Best,

Kristin and Raul