April 22nd, 2018
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Kristine and Tim

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Laughing
  • 2. Giant bear hugs
  • 3. Being with family and friends
  • 4. Traveling to new places
  • 5. Sunsets by the ocean
  • 1. Hearing Kristine laugh
  • 2. Time with family and friends
  • 3. Playing with our dogs
  • 4. Playing sports
  • 5. Watching football

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Hi, we are Kristine and Tim!

Thank you for your strength and selflessness in considering adoption for your child.  While our journey to get here was a difficult one, we cannot imagine what you are experiencing right now.  We want you to know that we have a deep respect and admiration for the decision you are about to make.  Our paths have crossed for a very special and unique reason, the life and future of a beautiful child.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us when choosing a family for your child.


We promise to provide unconditional love to your child in a stable, safe and loving home surrounded by family and friends who are supportive, nurturing and kind.  We promise as parents to be your child’s biggest advocate and #1 fans, while always encouraging them to reach for the stars and chase after their dreams.  We promise to be the type of parents who will ensure they consistently have someone to laugh with, hold hands, play with, comfort when they are sick, wipe tears when they cry, try new things and instill the joy of old traditions as they carve pumpkins, decorate the perfect Christmas tree and go on family vacations.  We promise to teach your child that through passion and hard work, they will be able to conquer all obstacles.  We promise to inspire individuality while respecting other people’s differences.

Your child will always and forever know the amazing love that you have for him/her and will grow up knowing that they were a very special gift from the heart.

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We were introduced by mutual friends. Crazy enough, we realized that we had both been in the same wedding 15 years earlier. When we watch the wedding video you can see us walk right past each other which makes us all giggle a bit now.  It is true what they say, “timing is everything” and while it must not have been right at the time of the wedding it sure is now and we are incredibly grateful to have found and fallen in love with each other.

It was not long before we realized we were meant to be together especially as we discovered we share very similar backgrounds, interests and values.  Family is extremely important to us and although we are unable to have children on our own, we are overjoyed with excitement to adopt.  We both share an incredible love of children and have always wanted to pass our family values to the children who will one day complete our family.

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I grew up in Southern California in a loving family with a younger sister and brother where traditions and laughter were our foundation. We lived on a cul-de-sac full of children. We had a pool and even a roller coaster in the backyard.

We grew up caring for all types of adorable animals: chickens, rabbits, birds, hamsters, fish, mice, ducks and turtles named Mama and Papa.  We have a family ranch a few hours away that we would drive to every weekend.  We hiked, made mud pies, climbed trees, rode horses and ATV’s.  The ranch is still in the family today.


  • Laughing I love to laugh!
  • Traveling I have traveled around the world: Europe, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Africa.
  • Spending time with My Family.
  • My Friends I have large groups of friends and many of them go back to grade school.



Kristine is beautiful, funny, smart, hard working and independent.  She has a great sense of adventure and silly personality.  Kristine is a very special person in my life!  She is the most loyal person I know and she would do anything for her family and friends.  She is a talented cook and makes delicious appetizers.

I have never met anyone who is meant to be a mom more than Kristine.  Because of her fun-loving personality, kids gravitate to her.  She has lots of energy.  I cannot wait to see the special mother/child relationship that will undoubtedly develop as a result of our adoption journey.


  • I love to sing, however, my friends say, I have a voice only a mother could love. If I don’t know the words I make them up and keep on singing!!
  • In college I was voted most likely to have a minivan full of kids.
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are my favorite.
  • I am an accountant.
  • My favorite book is The Giving Tree.
  • Every year my sister and I go shopping the day after Christmas (our special tradition).
  • I love Halloween. I like to dress up in costumes and eat candy.

Picture 4


I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of children.  We all spent a lot of time together playing sports, games, riding bikes and swimming in the neighbor’s pool. Throughout my childhood, I played organized sports including soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, swimming and basketball.

I moved to San Diego for College and stayed there to work after finishing school.  I established a career in sales and operations management.  I love meeting and working with all different types of people.  After almost 10 years of living in San Diego, I moved back to the Los Angeles area to be closer to my family.


  • Time with Friends and Family.
  • Sports I love to play and watch almost any sport.
  • Animals from playing with the dogs to seeing a dolphin or seal pop up while surfing.
  • I love to make people laugh, especially Kristine.



I was drawn to the sparkle in his green eyes and his endearing ability to get along with everyone.

Tim is the sweetest man I have ever known.  He is always making me and others laugh. I love the fact he is always willing to do anything.  The unconditional love I feel from him makes me feel safe and supported especially when times are tough.  I am completely convinced that he is going to make the best dad and it only makes me love him more.  With our nieces I’ve been able to see what a loving and nurturing dad he will be.  He is patient, he spends time playing games and he enjoys teaching them how to kick a ball or blow the biggest bubbles.  The love I see when he is interacting with kids makes my heart melt.  I can only imagine the love he will have for our baby.


  • I once had a fish named “Shamu,” I trained him to jump for his food.
  • I am easy going yet practical.
  • My friends say I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.
  • I will try almost anything at least once.
  • Golf and surfing are my favorite past times.
  • I dress up as Santa every year for Christmas to entertain my niece and nephew.
  • My favorite movies are Vacation and Caddyshack.
  • I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy.
  • I enjoy a monthly poker night with my dad and his friends … I’m the youngest by a good 25 years.

Picture 5


We live in a comfortable home in a very safe community where kids play throughout the neighborhood.  Our home has plenty of room for a child to spread their wings.  We also have a big backyard perfect for playing, having BBQs or just enjoying the view of the valley below.  We are in an excellent school district and are walking distance to many parks. We are very fortunate to live close to family and many friends.

We love the chaos of kids running and laughing from room to room or around the backyard.  Our friends love our home because they say “it’s open, warm and inviting”.  We share our home with a large fish tank and two dogs, Kona and Kea. They love to play, go for walks, have their ears scratched and get treats.  They are the most gentle and well-behaved dogs that love to be around children.

We love living in Southern California. Since the weather is great year round, we spend most of our time outside.  We enjoy hiking, riding bikes, going to a street fair or a concert in the park.  We are close enough to go to the beach, drive to the mountains or even both on the same day if we want. We often discuss how much fun it will be to include a child on our adventures.


  • Cooking: Our favorite thing to make is breakfast burritos on a Sunday morning.
  • Live music: We love all kinds of music.
  • Walking the dogs: Our daily walks around the neighborhood make our dogs very happy.
  • Camping: The happiest of times are spent traveling with family in our new trailer.
  • Being outdoors: Golfing, hiking, boating, wakeboarding, skiing and horseback riding.
  • Traveling: Visiting places around the world has given us an appreciation of many fascinating cultures.
  • Quiet Time: Curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie.
  • Sushi: Going to our favorite sushi restaurant.
  • Beach: Walking on the sand, enjoying the surf and exploring tide pools.
  • Sunset: A perfect end to any day is taking a moment to watch a beautiful sunset.
  • BBQ: Having friends and family over for good food.

Picture 6


We have known many of our friends since grade school.  We feel blessed to have such amazing friends that we consider family.

Quite a few of our friends have families of their own and we all serve as aunts and uncles to the many children we have witnessed come into this world.  From birthdays to holidays, you can always find us surrounded by our friends, laughing, telling stories, cooking or just plain celebrating the love we share for one another.  We often travel in packs and take numerous vacations together throughout the year: camping, water skiing, backpacking and beach houses.

Many of our friends have adopted children of their own, so there will be several children who will share a similar story as our child will one day tell.

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Our families live close by, it has been very special to have our families get together and share special occasions with us.  We have our families’ love and support especially as we embark on this incredible journey.  They cannot wait to welcome the newest member to our family!!

KRISTINE:  My dad could build anything and my mom, as a teacher, was the planner with the creative ideas.  My parents had so many hobbies and interests they shared with my siblings and I.  Growing up we would have “Family Day” where we would pick something different to do.  Sometimes we would end up at a museum, the zoo, floating down a river in intertubes or hiking to the Hollywood sign.  They taught me the value of family, respect, hard work and having fun.  We want to carry on the tradition of “Family Day” in our family.  My parents passed on their adventurous spirit to me.  I can’t wait to create exciting childhood memories with a little one.

I am exceptionally close to my sister who is married and has two beautiful daughters.  I am truly blessed to have such amazing nieces who I love and adore.  I have always been actively involved in their lives even going over to their house to put them to bed one night a week just because I could.  My nieces say I am fun and goofy but they feel safe with me and cannot wait to have a baby cousin.

TIM:  I have an amazing close-knit family.  Growing up, my dad coached all my sports teams while my mom was in the stands at every game.  We had regular family vacations every year including camping trips with other families, renting a beach house and taking short trips where we could.  My parents believed the more the merrier so there was always a house full of friends.

My sister is married and has blessed me with a niece and nephew.  I attend as many of their activities as possible.  Every year I dress up as Santa Claus and climb on the roof of my sister’s house before coming in to deliver presents to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

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We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us, our family and friends. We wish you nothing but the very best as you continue to plan for your baby’s future.

If you have any questions for us or are interested in us adopting your child, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999 toll free.

Kristine & Tim