October 23rd, 2018
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Landon and Scott

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Animal:

    Landon: Horses

    Scott: Dogs

  • Favorite Dessert:

    Landon: Banana Split

    Scott: Chocolate Raspberry Tart

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Landon: Easter

    Scott: Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Artist:

    Landon: Adele

    Scott: Beethoven

  • Favorite Season:

    Landon: Spring

    Scott: Fall

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Landon: Paris

    Scott: Italy

Hello from San Francisco!

We are Scott and Landon, and we want to thank you for considering us as a possible adoptive family for your child. We know it takes a lot of courage to choose adoption, and we are incredibly grateful! We have built a beautiful life together over more than 9 years, surrounded by close family and friends, who we are excited to share with your child.

Here’s Our Story:

We met in San Francisco and quickly fell in love. Scott loved Landon’s warm, caring attitude, but also his ability to light up a room with his smile! Landon was quickly drawn to Scott’s compassion, humor and his ability to get along with anyone. After several years of dating, we took the big plunge and bought a house together! For us, an important shared value is service to others. Landon is a doctor and goes out of his way to care for his patients. Scott is a college professor and gets great joy from seeing his students succeed. But, we also like to have fun! Whether it’s traveling the world or collecting art, we enjoy sharing our passions with each other. We always wanted to have a family, and we’re finally at the point where the time is right. Our promise to your child is to help them become the best, most special person they can be. We’re fortunate that we both have flexible schedules that allow us to be home to care for a child.A Little About Landon

I was born and raised by a single, artistic mother in California. She gave me a strong foundation in family, love, dedication and hard work. With her support, I was the first in my family
to go to college. Today, I am a physician in the San Francisco Bay Area caring for patients with skin diseases. In my off time, I love to garden and cook! I’m fortunate to have the flexibility to dedicate time to my family, and to the child that Scott and I are hoping will come into our lives.

About Landon, by Scott

Landon is always smiling because he loves spending time with people, learning about their dreams and goals. He’s very successful in his career, but it’s not the only thing that’s important to him. He is also the most caring person I know, always putting others first before his own wants and needs. I know Landon is going to be an amazing dad because he cares so much about others, listens closely to their needs and wants, and is supportive and very protective. Landon wants to share the joy and love we have in our home with a new child.
Greetings from Scott!

I was born in the heart of the Midwest to a father from Minnesota and a mother from Germany. I have one younger sister and an older brother who still live there! My parents instilled in me a love for learning and the importance of working hard. With their encouragement, I went to graduate school and became a professor at a local university. I spend most of my time working from home, so I have lots of time to engage with a child. I look forward to spending time with them by reading together, taking them to bookstores and museums, and baking cakes.

About Scott, by Landon

When I think about Scott, I smile. Scott cares deeply for other people and has so much love to give. For example, every day Scott sends me a “lunchtime love you” text! Scott also has a wonderful sense of adventure, and an openness to try new things. His constant desire to learn more is a wonderful quality that I’m fortunate to get to share with him. Scott will be an amazing father. He is patient, kind and loves unconditionally. He has a unique ability to listen and can always make people feel comfortable. I look forward to watching him do this with our future child.About Our Home

Several years ago, we bought a run-down home in a wonderful neighborhood. We had to demolish the place, down to the studs, and build it back from scratch. Today, we are grateful for the opportunity to bring this house back to life and looking forward to adding a child to our home! We are centrally located in San Francisco, on a very safe, tree-lined street, surrounded by neighbors with small children. We are 3 blocks to the nearest park, complete with a children’s playground. More importantly, we’re only 6 blocks from the closest ice cream parlor!

The People We Love

We are fortunate to have Landon’s family nearby. Not only do Landon’s brother and sister-in-law also live in San Francisco, but Landon’s mom is close as well. Scott’s family lives in the Midwest, and we’re fortunate to be able to go there often for family visits and reunions (unless it’s winter, of course!) There is no doubt that we’ll have a big, loving family to share in the spoiling of our family’s first grandchild! Sometimes, families are those people we choose to be in our lives. We have incredibly close friends who we consider “family” both near and far. Not only do we have uncles and aunts-to-be waiting to welcome a new child into our lives here in San Francisco, but even as far as Atlanta, Chicago, Europe and even Singapore!

Meet Miss Wilhelmina

It’s finally time to introduce Miss Wilhelmina of the Golden Gate, a.k.a., Miss Willie! Over her last 4 years living with us, she’s been absolutely begging us to bring a child home. Whenever we see a child on the street she will insist that we stop so that she can say “hi,” and if she has the chance, give them a good lick.Fun Facts!

  • Landon first learned to cook an omelet from the one and only Julia Child.
  • Scott likes to describe himself as an experimental chef.
  • On sunny days Scott and Landon like to take Willie to explore the city on urban hikes.
  • On weekends, we try to get away from the city and enjoy country life at Landon’s mom’s house.


A Special Message to You

We want to thank you for taking the brave step in considering adoption as an option for your child. We are incredibly honored that you’re considering us as a possible adoptive family. We hope we have given you a sense of who we are, the love we are ready to give, and the kind of future your child would have with our support. We promise to be the best possible dads for your child and to fill their life with happiness, love and family!

Our Promise to You!

We are committed to providing your child with a stable home, unconditional love, and a diverse extended family. We are committed to education and expect to provide your child with the best educational opportunities available. We are passionate about supporting your child as they learn about themselves, their passions, and in becoming strong members of our community. We are committed to helping them develop a strong moral compass, instilling in them a sense of service, and helping them develop the desire to make the world a better place.