August 20th, 2019
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Les and Mike

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Actor:

    Les: Meryl Streep

    Mike: Patrick Stewart

  • Favorite Animal:

    Les: Dog

    Mike: Dog

  • Favorite Kid’s Book:

    Les: Chronicles of Narnia

    Mike: Harry Potter

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Les: Thanksgiving

    Mike: Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Ice Cream:

    Les: Chocolate

    Mike: Rocky Road

  • Favorite Subject:

    Les: Spanish

    Mike: Biology

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Les: Hawaii

    Mike: Hawaii

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Les: Seeing friends

    Mike: Swimming

  • Favorite Game:

    Les: Flight Simulator

    Mike: Monopoly

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, we are Les and Mike from California.

We are excited to have this opportunity to share a bit about our life with you. Both of us have always wanted to be fathers and we’re grateful that you’re considering us as an adoptive family for your baby. We know this is a tough decision to make and we admire you for it.

Getting to Know Us

We met one rainy evening in San Francisco in 2009, over Ethiopian food, and quickly discovered that we shared common interests (notably, airplanes, speaking Spanish, dogs and swimming), and have been in love ever since. We moved in together later that year and rescued two dogs early on. We got legally married in front of close friends on the five-year anniversary of our first date in 2014. We’ve laughed a lot together, shared in sickness and health, supported each other through hard times, and come out stronger for it. We have a beautiful house in the vibrant and beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. We have two dogs (Lusi and Toby), both of whom love children, and we enjoy exploring the Bay Area with them and the world with each other. Our friends, some of whom are parents, are really excited for us to grow our family.A Little About Mike

I’m Mike. I was born and raised near Detroit. I’m bilingual from birth, Spanish/English. I’m a pediatrician (and no, I won’t be our child’s pediatrician) and I work primarily with Spanish-speaking families. I’m a serious home cook (our kids will have good food to eat), I’m a competitive swimmer, and sometimes I like to dance with fire. I also love to read.

More About Mike, by Les

Mike is incredibly loving, and intelligent. He has dedicated his life to helping children through his work as a pediatrician, and I deeply admire him for it. He often shows his love through cooking. Mike and I are a mix of serious and playful, introvert and extrovert, and we’ve been told we compliment each other nicely. I feel incredibly lucky to have found him as my husband, and I also know that I can’t wait to be fathers together.

Ten Facts About Mike:

  • He is an amazing swimmer
  • He is secretly a pushover for our dogs, just like me
  • He loves sci-fi books and tv shows
  • He can talk about airplanes for hours
  • He can cook or BBQ pretty much anything, for pretty much anyone!
  • He loves kids
  • He speaks Spanish better than I do
  • He likes to buy too much food, but he makes amazing pineapple chicken
  • He can’t resist playing with puppies
  • His smile always reminds me of how much I love him

A Little About Les

I grew up in both Reno, Nevada and San Diego, California with my two older sisters who were both adopted separately before my parents had me. I also have two half siblings that are 15 years younger than I am. I’ve always loved airplanes and jump at every opportunity to travel to see my family and friends, or to see a new part of the world. My older sisters now have kids of their own, and we get to see each other several times a year. I am bilingual in Spanish, and enjoy learning languages and reading mostly about history, politics and the airline industry. I discovered my passion for affordable housing in all sorts of communities in graduate school, where I studied urban planning – this work brought me to San Francisco in 2007. In my job, I visit affordable housing properties all over California, making sure they are well built and well maintained.

More About Les, by Mike

I want to tell you about my best friend, Les.  Les is like having a big, happy, loving golden retriever…except he’s a man.  He’s kind, he’s loving, he’s honest, and he has this amazing passion for life.  He loves to share his time, his energy, and his passion with others.  His laugh is contagious (and you can hear it down the street!).  I couldn’t have found a better husband and I can’t wait to embark on this incredible journey with him.

Ten Facts About Les:

  • He’s REALLY tall (6’4”).
  • Sometimes he falls over for no good reason.
  • He *loves* chocolate.
  • He *loves* Family Guy and just about any show that involves really awkward humor.
  • He can tell you where any airline flies from most any airport.
  • He loves kids.
  • He loves dogs.
  • He. Loves. To. Eat. He’s planned entire vacations around the food.
  • He’s the most devoted dog owner I have ever seen.
  • He speaks four languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese).

Things We Love to Do

When we’re not at the dog beach or the dog park, we love swimming outdoors and go to the gym. Mike and I also love to take our dogs with us to watch planes at the San Francisco airport. We have some great trees and plants that we love to take care of most evenings. Friends are incredibly important to us, and we love to have dinners at our house. And we both definitely enjoy Mike’s cooking and relaxing at home. Additionally, we love to travel. We love weekend trips to rent a house with the dogs by the ocean, kayaking, going to see family, and taking longer trips on our own to Hawaii and to other parts of the world.

Where We Live

By chance, we found a house we love in Oakland in 2012. The house was built in the 1870’s, and has been extensively renovated. As we have four bedrooms, we love to host family and friends when they come for a visit. Our neighborhood is incredibly diverse and friendly, and we have a good selection a schools in the area. We also have trails on the bay and in the hills, and some great restaurants. We a few blocks from a train station (with a six-minute train ride to San Francisco), and both parks for kids and dogs. We love being able to take advantage of both the urban and natural benefits of living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The People We Love

We are lucky to have an amazing collection of family and friends, both near and far. Mike’s mom lives in Santa Barbara, California, and his brother lives in Aspen, Colorado. Les’s dad lives in Portland, Oregon, and has siblings in Portland, Reno, Nevada, San Diego, California, and Washington, DC. We love to visit them and our nephews: two of them are five years old, and the oldest one is 10. In June we enjoyed having the oldest nephew for a visit! We had an amazing time at the aquarium, the science museum, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, and being uncles. We can’t wait to have a kid of our own. In the Bay Area we have some great friends, as well as some cousins, some of whom have had kids in the past several years. We enjoy getting together most weekends, whether it be a dinner at one of our houses, a trip to a park, or to get donuts and ice cream. We feel fortunate that our friends have made us a part of their kids’ lives.

Meet Lusi & Toby

We are absolutely in love with these two. We rescued Lusi in 2010, and then rescued Toby a few months later. On most weekend mornings we head outdoors so both dogs can chase a ball and be dogs! Lusi loves people, especially kids! She loves when we have our friends and kids over at the house, and spends the whole time having someone throw her a ball. Toby likes to chase a ball and looking for gophers at the park. When we’re at home, he’s an absolute cuddle bug!Our Promise to You

We understand that a child deserves much more than just a place to live. We promise to provide unconditional love. We promise to provide the best healthcare and nutrition. We promise to provide the child with any and all opportunities to engage in hobbies and interests, whether it be sports or learning a new language. We promise to show our child the world through plane trips or road trips in California, or Australia. We promise to provide our child with any educational opportunities that might benefit the child throughout life. We promise to teach our child the value of family and friends.

One Last Thank You

Thank you for looking through our profile! We understand that this is an intense time, but we want you to feel at ease with your decision, whatever that may be. We have both led lives based on inclusion and loving others, regardless of blood relation. As a result, we realize that family can often include friends, and an adopted child. We are thrilled to be on the way to enlarging our family, and would love to be part of your journey.