October 22nd, 2018
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Lilian and Armin

To a very special Person


We are Lilian and Armin and we couldn’t be happier starting our adoption journey with you. We realize what a challenging decision you are facing and commend you on being so courageous and selfless. We will always be thankful to you for helping us complete our family. Hopefully as you get to know us you will see that we are the perfect match for your child. We are so excited to be parents and can’t wait to start a new chapter in our life.

Our story

We met through our family17 years ago and our long distance friendship deepened and grew into the loving and caring relationship it is today. We’ve been happily married for 8 years. Our weeding had an amazing view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by family and friends. We always had a deep desire to raise a child and have a family. At this point, our journey to parenthood lead us to adoption and we pray that God will bring us the child we were meant to parent. Through our strong relationship we know how to the deal with the ups and downs of life.

 Things to know about us:

We are grateful for the opportunity to adopt a child.

We realize parenting is a life-long commitment!

We are kind and loving people.

We enjoy lots of laughter in our home!

We can’t wait to bring a child into our family and to experience life through their eyes.

Holidays and birthdays are a big deal in our families, celebrating in our Swiss and/or American tradition.

r-Armins Birthday 2012 (2)

How we like to spend time together:


We love to explore new places and different cultures. We have been to Dubai, Mauritius, Canada, Hawaii, Spain, and Germany and of course Switzerland!


We live very close to a Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Lilian loves the monkeys and Armin likes the big cats. Speaking of a big cats, we are the proud owner of our big 23 pound half main coon cat, Tuxedo. He is very playful and he is quit the character.


We live close enough to the ocean to be able to go for walks, watch people and enjoy the sunsets. The Beaches here in southern California are amazing and we look forward to build sandcastles and playing in the surf.

r-La jolla


We enjoy cooking delicious and fine meals together and talking about the day’s activities. We love to entertain and socialize with family and friends and have them over for dinner or a barbecue!

 Meet Armin through Lilian’s eyes

When I first met Armin, while visiting California with my parents, something special about him caught my eyes. We connected immediately and liked each other a lot.

My husband was born and raised in California. He grew up in a family of six. He has lots of happy childhood memories!

After graduation from University with a business degree, he joined the Navy and devoted 16years of service. He was very passionate about his career and worked very hard to accomplish his goals! He is currently taking accounting courses because he never wants to stop learning.

What I cherish about my husband is that he is knowledgeable in a lot of things. Armin is very caring and loving towards me and others. We love each other’s company and have lots of fun together. He is my best friend. Every Sunday he spoils me and prepares his fabulous “blueberry pancakes” or a tasty omelet. He is very open minded and always wants to explore new things in life. His values are traditional but he loves to joke around. He likes to be silly but he will take our child’s hopes, fears and dreams seriously. He is eager to teach your child many different things and instill traditional values. And at the same time encourage and support your child in their own interests.

He will be a fun loving dad and great mentor.


Color: green   Comfort Food: Cheese Fondue         Movie: Raiders of the lost arc/Action films

Place to take a child: Disney Land                 Hobbies: Gardening, barbecuing, model railroading

What makes Armin Happy?

Eating Ice cream or a good cheese cake!

Travel the world and explore new places!

Nature hikes!

His visit to the yearly Airshow!

Watching football and baseball games and being a fan of the Padres and Chargers.


Meet Lilian through Armin’s eyes

When I first met Lilian, I knew deep down in my heart that there was something special about her I needed to explore.

Lilian, a native of Switzerland, a land of rolling green hills, perennial snowcapped mountains, and charming villages and cities. She grew up in a very close knit family in Zurich, with family always a central and paramount in her life she exhibited a deep love in the lives of her nephew and nice.

My wife completed business school in Zurich followed an apprenticeship in retail sales specialized in children’s clothing! She can’t wait to dress up our child!

She is very passionate working par-time in a French boutique, specializing in beauty products, perfumes and gifts.

An amazing accomplishment of my wife is how well she acclimated to her new surroundings and culture from another continent. Wanting to give up everything to be at my side and start our life together.

Lilian is a very caring, patient and a compassionate person. One of her best qualities is her emotional awareness. She is incredibly empathetic person, and always keeps in mind how others feel. In her eyes it’s very important to teach children about their feelings and how not only cope with them, but also verbalize them. My wife is an excellent cook and bakes a fabulous apple pie (Swiss style of course) and her Swiss chocolate cakes are to die for. She has a special knack for making our house cozy. She is truly an amazing woman and I have been fortunate and blessed beyond all my expectations to have found her. They say the best things in life come to those who are patient.  Seeing this unique quality in my wife forged a lifelong foundation of love and trust between us.

She always dreamt of being a mom and without hesitation, I know Lillian will make an incredible mother and stay-at-at home mom!



Color: Turquoise                                 Comfort Food: Raclette (Swiss cheese dish)

Movie: Top Gun / Comedies               Place to take a Child: The zoo

Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, traveling, decorating and watching a good movie!


What makes Lilian Happy!

A walk on the beach!

Winter wonderland in Switzerland!

Playing cards!

Watching a good movie or reading a good book!

Eating all kinds of berries (Armin calls her blueberry monster)!


Our family and friends

Our families are very important to us! We grew up in loving and caring surroundings and we have lots of happy memories about our childhood!

Lilian’s parents have been married for 52 years and Armin’s for 53 years! The two of us are close to all of our siblings and we are very proud of all our 5 nieces and 5 nephews! We all are scattered all over the world but we love to get together!

Armin is the oldest and has three sisters which are all married with children. His mom is from El Salvador and his father is from Switzerland.

Lilian is the youngest and has a brother and sister whom are both married and have two kids each.

Every other Christmas we celebrate the holidays in Switzerland where Lilian has a very large family. There is always a feast of fine food and good times. Fortunately, Armin has a sister who lives there and is married with children. We enjoy those trips and spending quality time together, having fun, sightseeing and just exploring new places.

Our friends and families cherish the time when we see each other. We have wonderful friends, whom we consider our extended families..

Everyone is very excited about the addition of a new baby in the family.

Our home

We enjoy living in our beautiful, spacious two story home in a very quiet, safe and kid- friendly neighborhood with a pool nearby. Our home is located in small city in the country which has one of the best public school systems in the state. We are close to mayor parks/zoo, beaches, LEGOLAND and SeaWorld. San Diego is such a great city that has so much to offer.

We are also the proud owner of our 23 pound cat named Tuxedo. He is quiet a character!

r-Lili and Armin 08182014

Our promise to you

Love is our first promise to your child. This we show by providing a peaceful and safe environment of love and affection, tucking in our child at night and reading bedtime stories, education, hugs and kisses, laughter , songs and rhymes to learn, many books to read and stories to tell, playing games, travels, having fun days at the beach and spending many  nights at home being together. We will always be there for your child!

Our love is also expressed in providing the discipline needed to develop good moral values, manners, strength, kindness and generosity in difficulties, and service to others. Our own parents provided us with these expressions of love and we want to share this with our children.

Love will always be the cornerstone of your child’s discovery of the world. We believe that devotion and unconditional love coupled with education, discipline, and guidance will develop a child into an adult equipped with character, integrity, faith, and optimism to deal with life’s challenges.

Our dreams and wishes for your child

A good sense of humor

Talented and creative in the Arts.

Imaginative, inquisitive always striving for the best

Always being open minded and curious about new things while dreaming big.

Always feeling cared for and protected.


In closing

We appreciate you taking time to learn more about us. With unconditional love, support and encouragement we cannot wait to open our home to your child. We hope that you choose us to create a wonderful life for your child.

Our love is unlimited.

Best wishes

Lilian and Armin

If you have any questions for us, or would like to talk to us about adopting your child, please contact an Adopt Help advisor by calling 1-800-637-7999