August 23rd, 2019
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Lisa and Evan

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Reading a good book
  • 2. Coffee with friends
  • 3. Hiking in the forests
  • 4. Early morning yoga
  • 5. Eating anything sweet
  • 1. Running through a park
  • 2. Dinner with friends
  • 3. Going to a sports game
  • 4. Hiking in the mountains
  • 5. Eating deep dish pizza

A Little Bit About Us

We’re honored – Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We’re excited and humbled to begin this journey with you. Two things you should know about us is that we laugh, a lot, and we work hard to make the most out of life. We’ve dreamed of being parents since we married 5 years ago. We’re ready to start our family with the same unconditional love and affection that keeps us together. We know you have many hopes and dreams for your child. As you get to know us, we hope you realize we share many of the same values, and you feel confident in us raising your child. We will provide a loving and safe home where they will learn to care for and respect others. Our love and values will develop your child’s confidence and ability to achieve their dreams.

Our wedding: We had a magical outdoor wedding on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. Instead of walking down the aisle Lisa arrived by boat!

Fun Facts:

  • Evan studied abroad in Spain and speaks Spanish.
  • Lisa worked for the Seattle Seahawks football team.
  • Evan was a mentor with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
  • Lisa created a community program for young adults with disabilities.


Our pledge to you! We will provide your child with all our love and support so they feel safe and secure. We will teach them kindness and self-respect. We will follow your child’s curiosities and learn from them as much as we teach. We will embrace and honor your child’s birth culture and provide opportunities for them to spend time with and learn from people of similar backgrounds. Your child will be surrounded by friends and family who love them unconditionally. We think your choice to help us start our family is selfless, brave, and totally amazing.

Things we love to do:

  • Impromptu dance parties
  • Eating Lisa’s mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies
  • Playing Evan’s favorite card game, Euchre
  • Walking along our neighborhood beach even in the rain
  • Making forts in the living room with our nephews

Meet Evan

I grew up in Michigan with my big family. After college I spent two years as a park ranger at Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park. I now have a new home in Washington State where I can explore the ocean and mountains. I like to stay active by climbing, skiing, running, and doing home improvement projects. I also enjoy singing and playing the guitar.

About Evan’s Work: I’m a professional firefighter. It’s an exciting job where I get to make a difference in other people’s lives. I share a unique bond with the people I work with and their families. We always look out for each other at work and at home. My kid-friendly schedule, with many weekdays and weekends off, will allow me to go on school trips or stay home reading and getting outside to hike with our future child.

What Lisa Loves about Evan: Evan’s superpower is bringing people together and making everyone laugh. He is caring, hilarious, and the life of the party. He will be such a natural dad.Meet Lisa

My childhood was split between the city and country. My parents lived in Seattle, but on weekends we stayed with my grandparents who lived on a farm. As soon as we arrived, I was out of the car getting dirty, exploring, riding horses, and fishing with my dad. Those memories formed my sense of adventure, curiosity, love of animals and the outdoors.

About Lisa’s Work: I’ve always felt a strong need to make a difference. I started working for non-profits out of college because I want to make sure our future kids have a clean and healthy world to grow up in. I’ve advocated for people with developmental disabilities and now I foster my love of nature and wildlife at an environmental nonprofit.

What Evan loves about Lisa: Lisa’s superpower is achieving whatever she sets her mind to, even if it’s scary. She is intelligent, caring, and playful. She will be a very loving mom.We can’t wait for your child to:

  • Bake chocolate chip cookies with grandma
  • Go fishing on the river with grandpa
  • State on Michigan’s frozen ponds
  • Swin at Coleman Park’s Neighborhood pool
  • Watch Toy Story and Finding Nemo
  • Ride in the fire truck with Evan
  • Snuggle and read “Good Night, Sleep Tight”

Friends and Family

Our friends and family are amazing. They are incredible pillars of support and they can’t wait to start the journey of raising a child with us! Lisa comes from a small family that all still live in Seattle. Evan comes from a large family scattered across the county, including his sister who lives in Denver. Our close friends range in age from 25 to 50, and most of them either have families with young children or like us, are just about to start their family. Your child will grow up with the support of many intelligent, caring, adventurous, loving, and fun families.

Kind Words from Family and Friends:

“Aunt Lisa and Uncle Evan are my favorite. I get to visit Evan at the fire station and Lisa always plays the balloon game with me. I wish they could come live with us so I could see them every day.” ~ Ben (age 7)

“Evan with his playful spirit and Lisa with her unconditional love for all living things, they make a perfect duo. I can’t imagine two better parents.” ~ Meredith (sister)

“I’m so grateful for the time, attention, and energy Evan and Lisa show my son Calvin. They are amazing with him and he loves them SO MUCH. They are seriously his favorite Aunt and Uncle.” ~ Sally (friend)More About Us

We live in Seattle, Washington across the water from downtown. Our neighborhood is safe and quiet with a lot of families. We have two parks steps away from our house where we often hear neighborhood kids playing. The beach is just a mile away.  We also have a small old-fashioned movie theatre, great schools, and an ice cream shop within a short walk. We’re only a few minutes from downtown museums and science center, so there is always plenty to do. We live with a very large fur-ball named Baggio. He can be a scaredy cat but is quick to snuggle when the moment is right. The softness of his fur is the best. Most of the time he can be found being a lazy bum cuddling in bed or on the couch.

Traditions we love:

  • Canoeing to Blake Island over Labor Day weekend to camp with 50 friends and kids. Happy campers pictured above!
  • Enchilada Friday – The day after Thanksgiving when all of Evan’s cousins make enchiladas with the leftover turkey.
  • Exploring the ocean’s tide pools every summer looking for colorful starfish and sea grasses.
  • Every year we have a Halloween party with friends. This year we went as Mrs. Pacman!
  • Lisa is known for having fun birthday parties. We’re excited to keep the tradition going for your child’s birthday.


We Want to Thank You

We truly feel you are an incredible person. Thank you so much for considering us as you make the choice that is best for you and your baby. We are so excited to begin this journey and to start our family. We hope this profile has given you a glimpse into who we are, what we value, and the life we are ready to provide to a child. We hope you see your child fitting into our world as much as we do. They will be loved unconditionally and always know the loving sacrifice you made for them. We hope to talk to you soon!