October 22nd, 2018
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Lisa and Kim

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    Kim: Homebrewing

    Lisa: Making playlists

  • Favorite Movie

    Kim: Blazing Saddles

    Lisa: Muppet Movie

  • Favorite Actor

    Kim: Bill Murray

    Lisa: Viola Davis

  • Favorite Food

    Kim: Sandwiches

    Lisa: Ethiopian

  • Favorite Animal

    Kim: Bird of Paradise

    Lisa: Snow Monkey

  • Favorite TV Show

    Kim: Venture Bros.

    Lisa: Sopranos

  • Favorite Holiday

    Kim: Christmas

    Lisa: Christmas Eve

  • Favorite Vacation

    Kim: Paris

    Lisa: San Francisco

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    Kim: Stereolab

    Lisa: Arcade Fire

Hello and Welcome

We are Lisa, Kim, and Anthony from San Diego, CA! Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We are incredibly grateful and humbled.

One of the greatest gifts or our lives was our son’s birth in 2013. Since then we have learned much about empathy, patience, and listening. We’ve weathered the inevitable sleepless nights and endless questions, and we genuinely love being parents. Our hearts are open, and we want to share this love. We always knew we wanted to bring another child into our family. After many unsuccessful tries at getting pregnant, we agreed that we wanted to grow our family through the gift of adoption.

We will always be truthful and open about your child’s adoption story, and they will know of your great love and generosity. Like you, we want to give them the most loving and secure life possible. We want to raise children who are curious, confident, respectful, and kind, and we believe that begins with us being honest and full of gratitude. We promise to laugh with them, to be there for their tears, to give strength during their struggles, and to always give them the biggest hugs.


How We Became Us

We met online through the personals on the satire news site, the Onion. Lisa was writing an essay for grad school when she received an email from Kim. She was charmed by his profile and spent several agonizing hours writing a few awkward lines before nervously hitting send. We spent the next week exchanging emails about growing tomatoes, home-brewing, scooters, screen printing, and Ted Leo, and then agreed to meet for coffee…then again for Thai food two days later…then for a beer the next night. We’ve been together ever since.

We were married in 2012…twice. Our first (official) wedding was an evening of family, friends, cupcakes, and dancing to Prince by the beach. The second was an intimate ceremony in a Thai Buddhist temple. Our relationship is rooted in trust and respect. We share parenting duties (we can both change diapers in our sleep!), which helps us maintain a balanced relationship.

On summer nights, we walk to the park. We have guitars and drums, and you’ll often hear music coming from our house. At home, we love building rockets, racing Hot Wheels, and of course, snuggling. We’re excited to have another child to join us at home and out on our adventures.



A Few Favorites

Some of Kim’s Favorites

  • TV shows | Venture Bros., Battlestar Galactica, Simpsons, Stranger Things
  • Movies | Delicatessen, Children of Men, 12 Monkeys, Royal Tenenbaums, Blazing Saddles
  • Reading | Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, books about brewing
  • Music | post-punk, afro-funk, psychedelia, Stereolab
  • Food | Bánh Mì, Thai street food, moules frites, meatballs

Some of Lisa’s Favorites

  • Food | Ethiopian, egg bagels, Kim’s pasta sauce
  • Podcasts | Another Round, Reply All, Mystery Show
  • Music | post punk, afro funk, Beyoncé’s Lemonade, A Tribe Called Quest’ s latest, Arcade Fire, Roxy Music, Kim Deal
  • Writers | Lucille Clifton, Brené Brown, Roxane Gay, Saeed Jones, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Sonia Sanchez, Tom Robbins
  • Art | Ezra Jack Keats, Blanca Gomez, Maira Kalman, Basquiat

Meet Anthony

Our son Anthony is curious, enthusiastic, and active. He enjoys swimming, building, playing catch, and reading. He loves every kind of truck and train, especially construction, fire, and trash trucks. He goes to preschool where he plays with water, builds rivers in sand, does yoga, and builds friendships. He and his best friend Landon regularly greet each other with big bear hugs.  Anthony is excited about babies and really wants a baby sister or brother. He often talks about sharing his blankie and singing with them.  All three of us are looking forward to sharing our love and happiness with another little one.

Anthony’s Favorites

  • Movie | Finding Dory
  • TV Shows | Dinosaur Train, Nature Cat, Stinky and Dirty
  • Music | Kraftwerk, Devo, Daft Punk, Raffi, Hamilton soundtrack
  • Books | Rosie Revere Engineer, Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel, A Snowy Day, Extra Yarn
  • Food | pasta, shrimp, strawberries, olives, chocolate chips, ice cream


Meet Lisa (by Kim)

When we met, I was first intrigued by Lisa’s good taste. She is sincere, open minded, and eclectic. Some years later during our wedding ceremony, we made a cup of tea together and shared it…a symbol of how we’d share in life’s challenges and triumphs. Now that we’ve faced some of both, I can’t imagine how it could have been any other way than with Lisa by my side. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? As a mother, Lisa is the “baby bear’s bed” of parenting. Not too hard, not too soft…just right. She knows when Anthony is having a 3-year-old tantrum and when he genuinely needs reassurances and cuddles. She always has an eye open for family adventures, to see Thomas the Train, or the symphony by the bay. Sometimes it’s a simple trip to the beach or nature park, but she makes even these feel special. Lisa has a close relationship with her two siblings and several cousins, and I would love to see her share this experience with Anthony and your child.


Lisa by Lisa

I am the oldest of three kids and one of many cousins in my extended Italian family. Growing up, I loved football cards, Star Wars, school, drawing…but most of all, I loved music. I listened to the top 40 countdown every Sunday. When I got my first cassette boom box, I started making mix tapes, and I still love making new playlists for our family dance parties.  In high school, I found I enjoyed writing as well as music, and I began writing and working on the school literary magazine. In college, I studied English/Secondary Education and, eventually, graphic design. Now, I’m a graphic designer for a local agency, where I can be creative and help the community. It’s a family-friendly environment, so I can enjoy vacations and family dinners. Over the years, I have volunteered for a number of different education, art, and non-profit organizations. This year, I am the co-president of the preschool board, and it has been fun getting know all of the teachers and parents at the school and having a say in the children’s education.  I love reading poetry, biographies, and Twitter threads about social justice and feminism. I also listen to a ridiculous number of podcasts.


Meet Kim (by Lisa)

Kim enjoys tinkering, experimenting, creating, and cooking. He’s curious about how things work and can figure out how to build or fix almost everything. He can be silly…I often roll my eyes at his puns…but usually, I’m laughing along. He is fair and compassionate and treats everyone with genuine respect. While he isn’t always romantic, his love is deep, and it was he, not
I, who cried at our wedding. I couldn’t ask to spend my life with a gentler, more authentic person. He’s an actively involved Dad. He volunteers at school, reads books in funny voices, and makes Play-Doh mustaches. He shares all parenting duties, from giving baths to singing good night songs. His constant, consistent presence creates a safe and stable home, while keeping us laughing every day. I’m excited to see Kim become a father again because I know how much joy he gives and gets from being a parent.


Kim by Kim

I grew up playing with Legos, erector sets, and Transformers. I took piano lessons and played tennis competitively throughout high school and college. I studied engineering at Harvey Mudd College…where I played lots of pinball. I moved to San Diego after graduating, got a job as an engineer, and spent many nights going to see bands like Enon and Les Savy Fav. I also became interested in homebrewing and joined the local homebrew club.  These days, I am an electrical engineer for a tech start-up. I have a flexible schedule and generous paternity leave. For fun, I homebrew beer and judge entries in local homebrew competitions.


Our Given and Chosen Family

Lisa’s family lives in Baltimore. She’s very close with her mom Judy (Nonna), stepdad Bob (Pop Pop), brother Mike, sister Kristin, and her nieces Maggie and Ceci. We see each other several times a year and often Facetime on weekends. We usually travel there for Christmas, and the cousins have a blast! We meet Santa, build forts, and eat homemade meatballs. They are all excited to share our traditions…especially our love of family and food…and can’t wait for us to add another little one to the family.  Kim’s mom Pavina (YaYa) lives nearby. We pick avocados and lemons and walk her dog Bambi. She enjoys cooking everything from French mussels to Thai curries. Anthony likes spending the night because she makes him pancakes and lets him play her electric piano.  We have a loving group of friends who regularly get together for impromptu pizza nights, outdoor concerts, or splashing in the kiddie pool. Our diverse community has families of all shapes and sizes that have been built in many different ways. Love created each of these different families. This “chosen family” has got our back, encouraging and supporting us, and they are as enthusiastic as our families about welcoming a new child.

A Few Holiday Traditions

  • Going to Oma’s Farm to pick out our tree with our friends
  • Meeting Santa and watching the enormous train garden in Baltimore
  • Pop Pop reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with all of the cousins on Christmas Eve
  • Helping Aunt Kristin make homemade manicotti
  • Eating cookes and desserts with the “cousins” after our Christmas dinner (in the way Italians call all of their very extended family and friends).


Where We Call Home

We live in laid-back, sunny San Diego minutes from Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. We’re in walking distance of a pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, and dog park. Our North Park neighborhood is in heart of the city, but our street is quiet and has several young children. Our local school is a culturally diverse science, arts, and engineering magnet and an International Baccalaureate program with art, robotics, and Lego clubs!


Destinations We Enjoy as a Family

We are a short drive from the beach, mountains, and desert, and we hope to one day watch our kids bury their toes in the Pacific Ocean, star-gaze on Palomar Mountain, and see wildflowers bloom in the desert. These adventures are fun, but will be so much more wonderful when we can share them with another child.


Thank you

We can’t thank you enough for taking time to get to know us. We genuinely admire your compassion and courage. It would be a great privilege to share this journey with you and to build a relationship rooted in our shared love for your child. We would love to get to know you and learn more about your story.