August 23rd, 2019
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Lisa & Tim


  • Hobby

    Lisa: Reading Tim: Golfing

  • Movie

    Lisa: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Tim: Star Wars

  • Actor

    Lisa: Ryan Reynolds Tim: Jason Bateman

  • Food

    Lisa: Chocolate Tim: Italian Grinder

  • Animal

    Lisa: Cat Tim: Cat

  • TV Show

    Lisa: Game of Thrones Tim: Game of Thrones

  • Holiday

    Lisa: Thanksgiving Tim: Christmas

  • Vacation Spot

    Lisa: Maine Tim: Jamaica

  • Musician

    Lisa: Aerosmith Tim: Depeche Mode

Dear Birth Mother

Thank you for choosing to read our profile! We are grateful for the opportunity to share our story with you. We thank you for having the courage and foresight to make the ultimate sacrifice for the best interest of your child. We want nothing more than to give your child a loving, affectionate, and safe home. We have dreamed of becoming parents our whole lives and this opportunity will grant us that wish.

About Us

We were introduced through a blind date, which just so happened to be trivia night. The stars aligned when we realized we both excelled at the Star Trek trivia questions – we are both sci-fi geeks at heart! After our second date we both knew we would be together forever. A year later, Tim proposed and nine months later we married in front of 25 of our closest friends and family at a historic hotel in Rhode Island.

Aside from our love of Star Trek, we are different in a lot of ways. Tim is very outgoing and boisterous, and Lisa is quieter and more reserved. Our sense of humor and values are right in line with each other’s and that is one of the reasons we are so drawn to each other. We are so excited to welcome a child into our home to share in all the laughter and fun we have together.

About Tim

Tim’s Favorites

  • Season: Fall
  • Holiday: Christmas
  • Color: Blue
  • Food: Large Italian Grinder & Potato Chips (Followed by 19 minutes on a treadmill @ 7.0 mph L)
  • Indoor Activity: Movie & Cooking
  • Outdoor Activity: Golf
  • Fun Fact: I love comics and sci-fi

My parents instilled some of the greatest core values and traits that have made me the man I am today. When I was 6 years old, my parents sat me down in the kids’ section of our favorite book store and handed me a book that sits on my book shelf today. “Why Was I Adopted?” By: Carole Livingston. That’s why I will be a great adoptive Dad, because I was lucky enough to be adopted, too.  There are so many things I can’t wait to do with our future child. It’s completely overwhelming to think about everything all at once. Plain and simple, I just want to be a Dad.

I enjoyed school growing up, and balanced my passion for athletics, academics, art and theater. I pursued a degree in Business, and for the past 14 years, I have been the Vice President and partner of my own company. I am blessed with having a lot of flexible time to start and end my days as I see fit.

More About Tim, by Lisa

Tim is the real deal. He is outgoing, smart, loyal, giving, and would do anything to make you laugh. Tim is great at making funny faces and sound effects and every child we know is naturally drawn to him. He is also full of useful (and useless!) knowledge on so many topics. He is teaching me new things every day and I know he will be a great teacher to our future child.

Tim’s interactions with his God Daughters and with our cat Maverick have proven to me his abilities to be a good father. He has endless energy to keep up with the rowdiest of children (and cats). He is comforting and loving and would do anything to make his loved ones happy.

About Lisa

Lisa’s Favorites

  • Season: Fall
  • Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Color: Red
  • Food: Chocolate (does that count!?)
  • Indoor Activity: Reading
  • Outdoor Activity: Paddle Boarding
  • Fun Facts: I have a talent for organizing

I grew up in a military family and moved often when I was younger. I was born in Germany and have lived around the country. I am one of 10 siblings and grew up in a very active…and loud…home! Ironically, I am actually very quiet and enjoy peaceful activities. My favorite hobbies include reading, baking during the holidays, and being outside hiking or paddle boarding. Having a comfortable and cozy home makes me happy and I like to share that with our friends and family.

When I was young, I loved math and knew I would work with numbers. I have worked in investments at the same Financial Services company for the past 13 years, and I am lucky to be able to work from home several days a week.

I am most looking forward to reading to our future child and taking them to the library! There is nothing better than picking out a new book! I can’t wait to teach them how to make the perfect apple pie and I am also excited to share my love of nature with our future child.

More About Lisa, by Tim

Lisa is my rock. She unknowingly drives me to be the best I can be in every facet of life. She is kind, selfless, loving, nurturing and most importantly, she gets my jokes! Her ability to communicate and rationalize life’s speed bumps effortlessly defines her as the strongest woman I know, and I truly respect her for that. Her goal driven nature to her career is very attractive to me, and the fact that she is physically beautiful works, too!  When we attend parties, she always seeks out our friends with babies. Her motherly instincts are truly second nature to her, and her character is the very definition of motherly. She knocked being a wife out of the park and without a doubt she will hit a grand slam at being a mom.

Our Family & Friends

Lisa comes from a large family of five brothers and four sisters. Most of her siblings live in Massachusetts and we visit them several times a year. In total, we have 14 nieces and nephews on Lisa’s side of the family, so our future child will have many cousins!

Tim comes from a smaller family with only one younger sister, Reagan. Reagan is also adopted and her and Tim share a special bond because of that. Tim has many cousins who are like brothers and sisters to him. Every year, we host a large Christmas party at our house, and we invite the whole family. It is a blast and we look forward to it all year. We are lucky that Tim’s parents live right down the street from us.

We are also lucky to have many close friends that we consider family and we spend most of our weekends and holidays with them. Every September we go apple picking together and we spend every Christmas Eve together. All our friends have supported us through our journey to have a child and they could not be happier for us to be expanding our family through adoption.

About Maverick

Meet Maverick, our Siamese-Maine Coon cat-dog! He is almost two years old and we rescued him when he was a kitten. He won us over with his beautiful blue eyes and soft coat, and who could say no to that face?! Maverick’s favorite hobby is playing fetch! He has about a zillion toys but only wants to play fetch with the same ball…over and over again. Every morning, Maverick and Tim have a playtime routine to start their day and every night, Maverick and Lisa have a routine of cuddling before bed. He is so sweet and we expect that he will be just as loving to our future child.

Our Home & Community

We are lucky to live in beautiful Rhode Island. Rhode Island is a small state in New England surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Living in a small state, we are a short drive to everywhere. We live 45 minutes from the beach, 20 minutes from a great Zoo, and 45 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts. We have many beautiful vacation destinations just a couple of hours away as well, like one of our favorite vacation spots, Maine.

We live in a historic neighborhood in our town and many homes were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, so they have a lot of character and history. Our home is on a one-way street and we have a fenced in yard with a large oak tree. We live right down the street from our local park, which has a mini-zoo, carousel and a bike and walking path that leads across the whole state of Rhode Island. We are within walking distance of all the schools and we also live within walking distance of the minor league baseball stadium of the Pawsox! Every weekend in the summer they have fireworks that we can watch from our backyard!

Closing Section/Final Thoughts

We want to thank you again for being interested in learning about us! We hope that you feel the genuine love and care that we can give your child. We have been preparing to become parents since we met and we are ready for the next chapter in our lives, parenthood. We could not be more excited to be going through this adoption experience with you! We hope to meet you soon!

To you and your child we promise:

  • To share your child’s adoption story with them over and over so they know how much they are loved by you
  • To provide a safe, healthy, and loving environment for your child to grow and learn in
  • To love your child unconditionally and create special memories and traditions with them
  • To always listen to your child and be patient with them
  • To laugh and play often
  • To instill the importance of manners and respecting others
  • To read with them every day
  • To always be teaching them
  • To provide opportunities for them to do what they enjoy and are passionate about

“If you would like to speak with us or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999, toll free.”