October 22nd, 2018
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Liz and Cameron

We are Liz and Cameron from Southern California!

We want to wish you a warm hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We respect and admire your courageous decision. We’re honored that you’re taking the time to get to know us and consider us as adoptive parents for your child.  After 10 years in a loving, stable marriage and building successful careers, we are ready and excited to begin a family. We have so much love to share with a child, and we would be forever grateful to have our dream of becoming parents fulfilled. Thank you for considering us to be a part of this beautiful journey

We could never have imagined that bicycling would lead each of us to the love of our life. We met on a dating website for bicycling enthusiasts. Our first few dates involved fun bike rides in the Los Angeles hills. We made an immediate connection of friendship, shared interests and values that led to our deep love for each other. We were married a year and a half later surrounded by friends and family and we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year!  We live a happy, fulfilling life and the only thing remaining is to share our joy with a child. Our families love and support us unconditionally and are so excited to love and welcome a new member to our family.

We love the great outdoors and are able to be outside year round in Los Angeles, doing some of our favorite activities, mountain biking and hiking. Our home is surrounded by natural beauty and parks, and yet we are close to the city and a short drive from the beach. Cameron’s parents, sister and brother-in-law live only a couple of miles away, so we enjoy celebrating holidays, birthdays and regular dinners with family.



Meet Cameron

About Cameron, by Cameron: I grew up in a loving and supportive family and have been blessed with the best of friends. Between my Dad and my grandpa I had two great role models who taught me valuable life lessons. My Mom and my grandma taught me how to cook and be creative in the kitchen.  I’m a creative person at heart and love making all sorts of things. As a child I drew boats, motorcycles and buildings, did a lot of woodworking and even saved up for a nice camera. I started college as an engineer, thinking that I couldn’t make enough money doing what I truly loved.  One day a friend stopped me outdoors in the pouring rain and gave me the courage to change the course of my life. I changed my major and graduated with an art degree. My career has been quite a journey but it has led me to a very special place as a creative director.  I work for eHarmony and oversee a team of talented and skilled designers and writers. It is so rewarding to work on a website that brings love and happiness to people’s lives. I love people in general, making them feel at home, making them laugh and most of all inspiring them.

About Cameron, by Liz: Cameron is the most gentle, kind-hearted man I know. I was immediately drawn to his emotional depth, strength, hilarious sense of humor and zeal for life and we developed a deep friendship quickly. He loves being around kids and they love him too. He supports me, encourages me, and showers me with unconditional love. I can’t wait to see him exhibit these same traits and more as a father.



Meet Liz

About Liz, by Liz: I grew up in Houston, TX, surrounded by culture, art, diversity and warm, southern hospitality. My parents are from India, and I am blessed to know my heritage and have spent vacations and summers there. My dad was an engineer (he’s retired now) and my mom stayed home to raise her three daughters. I am the oldest and my sisters’ and I had a loving, fun childhood.  I received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology in Houston, and I currently work in Human Resources for a major movie studio. My career in HR has taken me to Denver, Chicago and eventually here to Los Angeles. I’ve made lasting and close friendships in the different cities and companies I’ve lived and worked in, but I’m most thankful it brought me to LA where I met my husband Cameron!  During my childhood, my parents took us on family road trips and vacations, which developed and nurtured my love for travel and exploration. I especially love Europe, and even explored Italy and Amsterdam as a solo traveler. I am a music lover and have been to many a concert in my day, some of my favorites being the Beastie Boys and the Pixies. Hiking, mountain biking and volunteering at church are other activities that I am excited to share in with my future child.

About Liz, by Cameron: She’s a smart, genuine person with a warm and welcoming smile. I cannot imagine someone else matching up so perfectly with me. We have fun weekend adventures – sometimes just at home, other times we pack up and take a trip somewhere.  She has a creative streak and is also very responsible. I can talk with her about any subject and have an engaging and insightful conversation. She has a warm and caring heart and I know will be a great mom.



Our Loved Ones

We hold our families and the close relationships in our lives as very dear to us. We are both fortunate to come from close-knit, loving families. Liz’s parents have been married for 45 years and Cameron’s parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! We are thankful for the wonderful examples they have been in our lives and for our marriage.  Cameron’s parents, sister and brother-in-law live very close to us, and we enjoy spending birthdays, holidays and regular meals and outings with them. Liz’s parents, sisters and brother-in-law all live in Houston, and we make sure to get together several times a year, especially around the holidays. We have also taken vacations with Liz’s family, most recently to Italy and Greece.  Each Christmas morning we open gifts in our pajamas and eat sweet pull-apart bread with Liz’s parents and sisters. Our Thanksgivings are spent dining on an impressive spread and celebrating Cameron’s mom’s birthday with his parents, sister and brother-in-law.  Our parents & siblings are so excited to welcome a grandchild and niece or nephew to the family. Your child will be showered with love and affection.



Our Home and Thoughts on Parenting

Our Home & Community: Our spacious 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is in a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles. Our backyard has lemon, lime and key lime trees, as well as an herb and vegetable garden. We love eating our homegrown fruits and vegetables and Cameron makes a delicious key lime pie.  We live in a great school district and the elementary school is within walking distance of our house. Cameron’s parents live less than a mile away and have a swimming pool, which is fun in the summer. Our next-door neighbors have two adopted children and there are many kids in our community.  We are close to parks, nature trails and scenic beauty. We can even leave right from our house to get to a mountain bike and hiking trail through the Los Angeles hills. It’s fun to say hi to the families, hikers and horseback riders along the way. We love where we live and feel blessed to call Southern California our home.

In Closing: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn about us. We have so much admiration and respect for you. We are beyond excited to become parents, and if you choose us, we will shower your child with love, encouragement and support.