April 23rd, 2019
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Mansi and Archit

Hello! We are Mansi, Archit and Kailash from Northern California!

Hello and our utmost gratitude. We can’t wait to grow our family through adoption. We realize you are reading many letters and profiles to find the best family for your child, so we thank you for taking time to get to know us. While we cannot understand what you are going through, we have the utmost respect and admiration for you. We struggled to get pregnant for many years, and were successful once, only to learn that we could never have another baby naturally. We always imagined our lives with a bigger family, and have so much more love to give.  Becoming parents to our son Kailash was an incredible feeling, and he has enriched our lives in more ways than we thought possible. We can’t wait to meet and love another child, and look forward to the day when Kailash has a sibling to share in life’s adventures. As you plan for your child’s future, know that he or she will be raised in an environment filled with unconditional love, support, and opportunity.

How We Met:

Archit: I remember it perfectly, Mansi had beauty and brains – she was studying computer science in college.  We met for the first time in 2002. We met again in 2005, when Mansi was in law school and Archit was considering going – we talked for hours, but neither was interested in a long distance relationship (she lived in Washington, DC, and he in Boston).  In 2007, Mansi had graduated from law school and was working in California when she received the following message from Archit, who was still in Boston: I want to ask you out on a date. I know we only spent a few hours hanging out, but you were kind, funny, intelligent, principled, and beautiful.

Mansi: I wasn’t sure about long distance, but I couldn’t say no.  Our first date was a baseball game, our team won, on the way home we saw a shooting star (we still can’t believe it either).  We’ve been inseparable ever since: engaged in 2008, married in 2009, and blessed with our son in 2014.

A Few Of Our Favorites

  • Family time – there is nothing we enjoy more than spending time together.
  • Traveling – We traveled together to India, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, and to more than 20 states throughout the U.S.
  • Music and dance – We constantly have jam sessions and dance parties in the house.
  • Learning new languages – We speak English, Spanish, and Gujarati (a language from India) at home, We love that our family has ties to many cultures.
  • Reading – Our bookshelves are full with fiction, non-fiction, photo and comic books, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



Meet Mansi

Mansi, by Archit: What first drew me to Mansi is that she radiates energy in everything she does. With each passing year, I am more and more in awe of her. Her energetic approach to life extends to everything from her work to our home and to her hobbies. In a typical day, Mansi might be building castles with Kailash, hosting brunch for our friends and neighbors, and organizing charity efforts.  Mansi doesn’t just pour energy into what she does, she also pours her heart. Mansi’s passion can be carefree like when she has a chance to be a kid again and go down slides with Kailash. With Kailash, Mansi isn’t just nurturing and caring, she is having fun and treasuring the special moments. I see the twinkle in her eye when she is with Kailash and the tenderness with which she rocks him back to sleep when he has a bad dream.  I can’t wait for Mansi to be able to share the love she has with our future son or daughter, because she has unlimited amounts to give. Mansi has always wanted to be a mother to two.

Mansi’s Career: Mansi works as a lawyer for a small firm where her colleagues are like family and where she has flexibility to schedule her work day around our family – her number one priority. She often joins Kailash at Mommy-and-me classes. Mansi was fortunate to take an extended leave when Kailash was born and she looks forward to doing the same when a new little one joins the family.With Mansi as their mother, our future child will know nothing but love, support and care. I’m looking forward to holding on for the ride as Mansi leads our family onwards and upwards.

Meet Archit

Archit, by Mansi: When we met years ago, Archit was justifiably nerdy. But his way with words and his hazel-colored eyes caught me off guard. Through our years together, he has been someone our friends and family call on for support. And I’ve always counted on his sense of responsibility and deep loyalty. I love watching Archit with our son.  Becoming a father has only strengthened Archit’s patient and soft side. Not only does he nurture Kailash (and change his diapers), he also encourages Kailash to be independent.  Archit is the most thoughtful and intelligent man I know. He cares deeply about education and teaching our children to reach their potential, so he is always introducing Kailash to new concepts in fun ways. Archit teaches Kailash by talking about plants and animals on a nature hike or doing puzzles on a rainy afternoon. Archit’s dream is to open a school that puts children’s natural curiosity first and doesn’t bury things in textbooks.  Archit always talks about wanting more kids. I can’t wait to see him become a father again and further grow in love him with our next child. Archit serves as such a wonderful example and was born to be a family man.

Archit’s Career: After working as a software engineer, Archit went to Harvard Law School. He is in-house counsel for a technology start-up company less than a mile from our home. Archit is lucky to have a lot of flexibility with his job and spends most mornings at home with Kailash. He is also able to take an extended leave when a new baby joins our family. Like me, his career choices were guided by making his family his first priority.  Archit’s dream is to open a school that puts children’s natural curiosity first and doesn’t bury things in textbooks.


Our Loved Ones

Kailash, Future Big Brother: In January 2014, we were blessed with our sweet son, Kailash. From the day he was born, we have been learning how to parent. He taught us how to calm a crying newborn by rocking him and how to enjoy children’s books by finding every car in every illustration. Kailash is a kind-hearted little boy, who loves to give hugs. But his defining characteristic is that he is very gentle with and protective of animals and younger children. We are confident he is going to be a caring and nurturing big brother.

Meet Our Family and Friends: We both come from large extended families who live throughout the United States and India with whom we enjoy close knit relationships.

Mansi’s Family: Mansi is the oldest of three sisters. One of her sisters lives a short distance away with her husband (who also happens to be Archit’s cousin – they met at our wedding). Mansi’s other sister is a doctor who visits us often with her husband. Her parents are the quintessential grandparents and can’t wait for another grandchild.

Archit’s Family: Archit comes from a family of doctors. His father is an emergency room doctor and his brother is a pediatrician. His brother and his wife have two little boys close in age to Kailash. Even though Archit’s family is in Illinois, we see them often. Archit’s mom bakes the best desserts and fattens us up during every visit.

Friends: We are blessed to have several friends who have become family. Together we have our own little village that keeps our days filled with birthday parties, picnics, and cultural events. Our friends and community can’t wait to welcome the newest member of our family.


Our Home and Closing Thoughts

The Place We Call Home: We live in Northern California, in a three bedroom house with a backyard full of large, old trees. Our home is located across the street from a private Christian school, and only a hop, skip, and jump away from City Hall and the local library, gym, skateboard park, swimming pool, and soccer fields. We love being so close to the parks and library.  Our neighborhood has a downtown area full of restaurants, cafes and stores. The downtown hosts special events for holidays like July 4th, Halloween, and Christmas. Our neighborhood is also home to some of the top-rated public schools that offer Spanish language immersion – we are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to expose our children to more languages.

Our Thoughts on Adoption: We have love in our hearts and know that our family will not be complete without another child to love. Sibling bonds to be shared and memories to be made.Through our family and friends, we have witnessed successful adoptions firsthand. One of Archit’s uncles was adopted and another uncle became a parent through adoption to a wonderful little boy. More recently, Mansi’s best friend adopted a newborn baby. After witnessing adoption in our families and friends, and listening to our hearts, we turned to adoption because we know that family is about providing endless opportunities for our children, raising strong and independent children with universal values and loving one another unconditionally.

Our Promise:

  • We promise to provide a home bursting with love and support in which our children can build a sense of self, independence, and strength.
  • We will provide a steady hand to hold and take their first step, be within an arm’s reach as they venture into the pool, and give them a push when they take off on their bike to explore the world.
  • We promise to expose your child to new ideas, provide exciting opportunities, and instill an open mind and sense of wonder and curiosity.
  • Most importantly, we promise to always be there. No matter what.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family.  We wish only the best for you and your baby as you plan for the future.