September 20th, 2018
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Marina and John

Hello! We are Marina & John from Los Angeles, California

Dear Birthmother: We are incredibly grateful that you would consider us to adopt your child. To choose the path of adoption is brave and generous. And, to do what you are doing – carefully selecting the right parents to adopt your child – is an act of tremendous kindness, wisdom, and love. Please know that we value and respect you and the choice you are making, regardless of whether you choose us. We should start by saying that we’re thankful for what we have – we have love, laughter, and financial success. But our lives are not yet full. We would like to have a family and have decided adoption is the best path for us to do that. We have a stable relationship that has stood the test of time (24 years!), and have so much love to give. We hope that you can be the one to finally fulfill our dreams of being parents. Please know that your child will be loved, supported, and always accepted unconditionally, in good times and bad.

About Us: We were college sweethearts who met at Berkeley in 1992, when we were 18-years-old. We didn’t come from wealthy families, and had very little. We started dating a few months later, and moved in together shortly thereafter. Seven years later, while John was in law school, we found ourselves on a beach in Hawaii, getting married in a small and modest ceremony with our immediate families that Marina paid for with money from her job. We’ve changed through the years that have passed, but we’re still happily married. Life throws many challenges, but we’ve emerged stronger and wiser. All those challenges will help us when we become parents.

10 Fun Facts:

  • We have identical twin nieces – “Ella Moon” and “Hadley Star” – who are seven years old.
  • Marina studied architecture and she paints, draws, and sculpts.
  • John loves music and plays guitar.
  • We are both HUGE dog lovers. (We have huge love for dogs and love huge dogs!)
  • We are both mixed race. Marina is Taiwanese and Swiss; John is English and Indian.
  • We are very adventurous eaters – we will try almost anything, although there are some things John will eat that Marina will not!
  • Marina is very handy and can fix all kinds of things around the house.
  • John loves to cook.
  • We both love the outdoors whether its skiing, hiking or going to the beach.
  • Marina is a great dancer; John is working on it.



Meet Marina

About Marina: I studied art and architecture at Berkeley. After graduating, I put my design background to work in technology companies and eventually became an executive. For the last couple of years, I have worked as a senior manager at DirecTV/AT&T where I lead large teams to solve problems. I enjoy empowering people to develop their individual strengths and to work together. My career has helped me learn about patience and perspective, which will be very helpful for raising a child. Like John, I am fortunate to be in a position where I have the flexibility work from home often. This flexibility will be very helpful when we bring home a child.

About Marina, by John: Marina has a great sense of humor and is always cracking jokes, but never at someone else’s expense. She loves without reservation. She lives with integrity and demands a lot of herself. It’s because of this that I have always thought she will be a “super mom” when we are fortunate enough to have kids. When I met her, she was one of the most talented art students at Berkeley, who had won prizes for her work. The thing that I noticed wasn’t just that she was incredibly gifted, but that she was generous of spirit. She was very supportive, and not competitive with the other art students. She was humble and never bragged. She’s unbelievable as “Auntie Marina” to our nieces. She organizes awesome weekends with our nieces – they sleep over, play games, bake cakes, and work on arts and crafts. She also is great at taking care of our dogs. I am sure she will be an unbelievable mom to your child – supportive, loving, generous, and strong. I have no doubt in my mind about that.



Meet John

About John: I am a trial lawyer. While I represent many wealthy people and businesses, I also work for free for those in need. For example, I spent many hundreds of hours leading a pro bono case that will help prevent violence against inmates in the LA County jails. I also helped a teenager, who had fled violence in his home country, get his green card and stay in a loving foster home. I have learned a lot about adoption by serving as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors of Children’s Bureau, a charity that helps families with parenting and helps protect abused children. While I love my work, I believe that family is more important. We live only 15 minutes from my office and my job allows flexibility to work from outside the office.

About John, by Marina: The first thing that struck me about John when we met is his big heart and his capacity to love. And, over the years, that has not changed. He’s supported me through some extremely difficult times. He’s gone out of his way more times than I can count to help friends and colleagues find jobs. He has donated his time and money to champion those who can’t help themselves simply because he believes it’s the responsible and right thing to do. John also has a less serious and more relaxed side. He loves making our friends’ kids, our nieces, and me laugh even if it means being a total goofball. He enjoys just hanging out. He has a blast skiing and going to baseball games. And he is a really good at playing the electric guitar (even if he doesn’t think so). I know that when we are lucky enough to be parents that John’s love for a child will be fierce and bottomless and that he will show your child joy, love, and all of world’s wonderful possibilities.



Our Family & Friends

Our Loved Ones: We both come from families of immigrants. Marina’s father is from Taiwan and her mom comes from Switzerland. John came with his family from England when he was 8-years-old. His father was born in Bombay, India, while his mom was born in London, England, of Scottish and English descent. So, why is this background important? We have both, at times, dealt with the challenges (and joys!) of being mixed race and being different than others. We and our families are very open to diversity and prepared to address the challenges of raising a child of any background. We will celebrate the background of our child, whatever it may be.

We are particularly close with John’s sister, Lisa, and her husband, Erick, and our two nieces. We look forward to family vacations. We rent houses together in Palm Springs, so we can spend the whole weekend together playing games and playing in the pool. We know that our nieces will love to have a cousin! We have a large and diverse group of friends. Most of our friends have had kids of their own by now, and several have adopted kids. So, we have a lot of folks to call on for help, advice, and play dates.

Some Thoughts on Parenting: First, we want your child to have a childhood filled with joy, laughter, and fun. We will share our love of art, music, and the outdoors. Second, we will help any child to find his or her talents, whatever they may be. We hope that, with love, patience, and a ton of work, our backgrounds will help your child to be smart, useful, and brave, to grow into a person who acts with courage and love (and not fear), and who works in some way (big or small) to make the world a better place.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We are grateful to live in the hills above Los Angeles in Bel Air. While we are a short drive to the city, our home feels like it is in the countryside. We have a yard that is like a park with many big trees. Our nieces love to come and play at our house and with our dogs. We have wonderful neighbors who have chickens, a pool, and an old-fashioned ice cream maker. (So, our nieces also like coming with us to our neighbors’ place to hang out!) Our local elementary school is excellent, and it has been ranked a “10” out of 10. So, apart from love without limit, we have the resources to make sure that your child is safe, empowered, and enriched.

Our Pets: We are dog lovers. We have two awesome Great Pyrenees dogs, Lux and Monty. This breed is often used as therapy dogs, who go to hospitals to make people feel better, because they are calm, positive, gentle, and loving. Our nieces and friends’ kids love coming over to play with our dogs. We can’t wait to watch our future child take his or her first steps while holding onto Lux or Monty’s back for support!

Our Closing Thoughts: Thank you for taking the time to understand us. These are our promises to you:

Thank you for taking the time to understand us.

These are our promises to you.

  • Your child will be our highest priority for the rest of our lives.
  • We will love your child unconditionally.
  • We will provide a happy, joyous, healthy home.
  • We will parent with firmness, but never, ever corporal punishment. Mistakes will be opportunities to grow and develop.
  • We will spare no effort to ensure that your child’s talents are nurtured, developed, and enriched.
  • We will provide a strong education, but we will be patient and flexible in allowing your child to develop at the pace he is able. Effort will matter more than results.
  • We will be open and honest with your child about the beautiful way we became a family and will always be clear about your generosity and wisdom in helping it to become a reality.
  • We will respect your wishes about contact.