August 20th, 2019
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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I’m sure you have a lot to consider right now, and I admire the courage and generosity it takes to think about adoption. I’m very excited to welcome a child into my life and would be honored to get to know you. I am committed to sharing this journey together and will be here to provide encouragement along the way. I hope this letter helps you get to know me, and know that I will give your child unconditional love and support.



I’m a bit of a blend between artsy New York City and laid back Los Angeles. I grew up in New York with two younger sisters and after college, moved back there to work in advertising. After living in London for a year, I moved to Los Angeles to go to graduate school. I fell in love with Los Angeles and have lived here for 13 years.

I currently work in digital media. When I’m not at work, I’m usually meeting a friend for dinner at a new restaurant, or going to the movies. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but my favorite movies are action adventure movies and super hero movies. The bigger the explosions, the better.

I also love to visit museums and art galleries. I love to meet artists and talk to them about their creativity and inspirations. Occasionally, I write about art for magazines and newspapers.

I travel back to New York four to five times a year to see my family and friends. I look forward to my child playing with his or her cousins in New York, taking trips to the zoo, and walking and playing in Central Park.

I’ve traveled all over the world, including Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Greece, Thailand, Cambodia, Israel, Japan and many other places. I love learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and trying new food. I am a community-minded person and my child will be surrounded by the love of my friends and family.



Outdoors. I love to be outside. I live next to a popular hiking trail and several parks. I take long bike rides with friends on a river path, stopping for lunch at an outdoor café halfway through the ride. I can’t wait to take my child on hikes at the trails near my home, or go pedal boating at the lake nearby, or spend a day at the beach or the pool.

Art. I also spend a lot of time at museums and art galleries. In fact, I recently began collecting art and hope to fill my home with as much art as possible. I am friends with many artists and writers. My child will be surrounded by inspiring, creative people who paint, write, make movies, and design buildings.

Food. I love to cook (though I’m not a great baker – yet). Having friends over for dinner or lunch outside in my courtyard is one of life’s simple pleasures. I can make pasta from scratch and am getting better and better at making Korean food.

Travel. New places, people, and cultures inspire me. I try to take one or two overseas trips each year (this year I went back to Japan, last year I went to Amsterdam and London). I also try to take smaller road trips throughout the year.

Volunteering. I started a non-profit arts organization with friends in Los Angeles. Once or twice a month we hold events such as a design-n-dim sum bike ride or train tours of public art.



I work in marketing for Disney (yes, that means free trips to Disneyland and plenty of toys!). I love my job and enjoy learning about new technology. My office is very family-friendly and provides financial security. I am even able to work from home sometimes.

I also sometimes write about art for magazines and newspapers. I want to share this passion with my child, taking him/her to museums and encouraging his/her creativity. I plan to be a hands-on mom, cooking dinners together, exploring the city, and playing in the park.


I am lucky to live in Los Angeles, surrounded by mountains, ocean, and desert. I can’t wait to take my child on nature walks, or ride bikes by the beach or river, or enjoy the quiet beauty of the desert near Palm Springs.

I’m very close friends with my neighbors and even share a pug named Leo with my next-door neighbor. I live in a building with a central courtyard filled with rose bushes and plants and covered in ivy. There are many kids in the building so he/she will always have other children to play with.

I live in a very diverse neighborhood, and the local playgrounds are filled with children from many different kinds of families. Many languages can be heard walking around the neighborhood.

I know people think no one walks in LA, but there are always a ton of people walking around my neighborhood.  Even though I live in a large city, my neighborhood feels like a small town, especially when I’m walking and run into so many friends. Just a couple of blocks away is the famous Sunset Blvd. Almost anything I need is a quick walk – every kind of restaurant, coffee shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, and even a movie theater.



My family still lives in New York. We are close and I see them often throughout the year. My sister has a eight-year-old son, and two daughters, aged six and almost four. My other sister just had a baby three months ago and his big brother is almost three! My family is very excited about my plan to adopt and add to our growing family. My parents love being grandparents and are ready to share their love with another grandchild.

My friends are also very supportive and excited. I am very close to many of my friend’s kids and look forward to when our children will play together. Almost every Sunday night, I have dinner with a good friend, her husband, parents and sons. They show me their latest creations in Minecraft or we play card games while their dad grills in the backyard. My love for my nieces, nephews and my friends’ children has prepared me for the love that I will have for my own child.


My next-door neighbor and I share a dog named Leo. He’s an eight-year-old pug, who loves treats more than anything in the world. He gets along great with children and is very gentle.

Other things he loves include:

  • Hiking, even though he has short legs
  • Going to the dog park
  • His best friend JJ, a chihuahua/pug puppy who lives next door to us
  • Naps (and snoring)!
  • Cheese, sardines, and crunchy lettuce


I promise to love and respect your child unconditionally.

I promise your child will be raised in a home that is filled with love, acceptance, stability and security.

I promise your child will always be the first consideration in all of my decisions.

I promise to fill our home with laughter.

I promise to nurture your child’s dreams.

I promise to listen with an open heart and mind.

I promise to raise your child with the confidence to speak up for his/herself.

I promise I will encourage your child’s curiosity and expose him/her to all kinds of opportunities to learn and experience joy.

Most of all, I promise to ensure your child knows that you love him/her with all of your being.



I want to thank you for taking the time to read about me. Please know that you will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Your child will always know how we became a family and your important role. I hope I get the opportunity to meet you and welcome you into my life and my family.

I wish you the best and look forward to hearing from you soon.