April 21st, 2018
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Marita and Noah

Hello we are Marita and Noah!

It means so much to us that you have taken the time to look into a little bit of our lives during such a challenging time in yours. We cannot fathom the many thoughts going through your head, or the totally selfless decision you have made. Whichever route your journey takes you on and whomever you choose to parent your child, know that we are grateful that you have considered us. Sincerely, we cannot imagine what you might be going through. May we comfort you from afar and send support and gratefulness and love your way.


Marita through Noah’s eyes…

She is my best friend and confidant. She’s beautiful, smart, loving, funny, and perhaps most importantly, gets my jokes.

While the dogs didn’t seem to notice each other at the time of our meeting (they’ve sicne become the best of friends, thrilled with their new siblings), I certainly took notice of their mommy. When you meet Marita you know you are meeting someone who is truly alive. She feels so strongly for the things in life that many take for granted. She is a kind soul who always has time to help any living creature. If she sees an animal on the freeway shoulder, she will no doubt pull over and “shoo” the animal to safety.

“Engaged” is a great way to put it. It’s her engagement in life that makes her such a wonderful mother to our daughter, and makes me lucky to be able to call her my wife. I love the fact that she an whip up a 4-course meal from a seemingly barren refrigerator! She also does a wonderful job of correcting my driving skills from the passenger seat!


Noah through Marita’s eyes…

Not only is he a burly strong man physically, but he is quiet, calm and solid in his demeanor. He is the quiet, kind type, which is a perfect balance for me. He is handsome, brave, and is always open to the experiences and travels we do. Noah also loves to work with his hands and try new things. We once needed a new door in our house, and he had never hung one before. He decided to give it a whirl and do it himself. I absolutely love this about him. It is how my father was when I was younger, and it is how Noah is a real renessaince man.

I love that he is there at the end of the day. No matter where our days and careers might take us, I love kowing that he is there to snuggle with, watch tv with, make future travel plans, or simply to hang out with and watch the stars.

Our Work Lives…

Upon graduating from USC, Marita had the great fortune of starting to work as an actress. Over the course of a few years that morphed into a series regular role on the #1 soap opera, where she stayed for a few years. She moved into a prime time show and received a best supporting actress nomination. This was very special, because as he uncle said, she was the first to make this step in the history of her Mexican family. Now Marita spends her time behind the camera as a television wardrobe stylist, dressing stars from reality shows to the red carpet. Not only does she work largely from home, but she creates her own hours so she can maximize her time for family. Her part-time job (or “Mom job” as shae calls it) is teaching yoga at our YNCA to adults and children. In terms of career this has been her greatest joy – Marita is fulfilled helping people feel their best and helping children enjoy movement through yoga and yoga-dnace. How lucky we are that she can take her daughter with her to the YNCA – she can take any children’s yoga class with Marita or simply stay in the child care provided for us at the YMCA – such a perk for our expanding family!

Noah is a high school math teacher at a school with at-risk youth. Working with kids has always been something he’s found rewarding, and being able to see kids “grow up” from insecure 9th graders to confident graduates is something that never gets old. Not only does he love his job, but the hours are perfect for having a family. Working a school schedule makes it a breeze to be present for his family.


Our daughter, Liesl:

Liesl loves swings and bikes and dolls and, well, most things kids love. “Reading” the “toy section” (ads) of the Sunday paper has become one of her favorite things. She will make a great big sister to a child, and we can’t wait for her to get the opportunity!

She dreams of having a sibling, and even tells other parents that one is coming! With her swim lessons, soccer games, and the occasional dance class – it is these activities she truly cannot wait to share. She longs to share her daily life with someone, and she longs to share her new play structure, and slide and swing, with a sibling. Princess Leia walks Liesl around the corner to school each morning. Our walk to school is our chance to pay Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, as we skip along the yellow brick road, or sing songs on our way to school. We look forward to the day we get to take this walk with a sibling!


Our home…

We live in Southern California in the foothills above Los Angeles. Our house is nestled in a cul-de-sac (where Liesl has learned to ride her bike) in a very sweet family oriented community, walking distance from just about everything – parks, playgrounds, school, and the farmers’ market. We are happy to share with you that we have 2 playgrounds within walking distance from our front door. Liesl especially loves the rock climbing wall. And on Sunday mornings we love going to the farmers’ market down on the main strip in our neighborhood. We dream of seeing Liesl ride the ponies up and down the street with a sibling. It’s so much fun to sit and eat fresh strawberries on the curb while the kiddos jump up and down in the bounce houses.

We love that in our home we have a great playroom, complete with a pink princess castle. And on certain days, you might even see Clover the bunny hanging out inside our pink princess castle. What a joy it is to have this space for family!

Adoption has been an ever present part of Noah’s life, from the moment he was born. His oldest brother was adopted. At no poinit was there any feeling within the family of his being “different,” as the 5 kids have always considered each other to be 100% family. In addition, at a very young age his sister became pregnant and the difficult decision to place the child for adoption. There were countless late night discussions on the topic, but the family always stuck by her and supported her decision. Essentially, adoption is not something new, but rather an integral part of our lives and something that just feels natural.



Our pets…

Princess Leia is an exuberant, passionate mutt. She loves her mom’s homemade peanut butter, walks, life, people, her “pacifier’, and especially her “little people friends” (Liesl’s friends).

Lupe is our sweet and mellow mutt. Noah found her on the street as a puppy, and she became his hiking companion for many a backpacking trip. Now, at 13, she like to lounge a bit more in her “retirement.”

Clover, our lovely bunny, was also rescued off the streets. She was dumped in a gutter, but Marita, with her deft hand, was able to catch her in her fishing net. She now lives in the lap of luxury and enjoys snuggling on the couch with the rest of the family to watch “Zootopia.” She is even litter box trained and LOVES eating bananas out of kids’ hands!

Patchie-Goldie, our goldfish, was a carnival prize won by Liesl at her preschool fundraiser. Anytime someone walks by her bowl she will actually follow them (at lest as far as her bowl will allow).

Liesl, Lupe, Leia, and Clover’s favorite days are running around in our big backyard and climbing on our play structure!

Early on in our relationship we agreed that adoption was part of our future plans. We see that having two children, one bio and one adopted, will help us in showing our children that family and love grow not only through blood, but by the family we have created. Our children will grow in a world rich in cultural diversity. We will raise our family knowing there are no limits to their future successes. There are no boundaries they cannot cross. And there are no difficulties they cannot overcome.

The philosophies from which we were raised we teach our children. We believe that discipline is a tool for guidance, to help a child in the right direction. We also believe that traditions, memories, and holidays are important in shaping a child’s identity as they grow.

We hope this helped give you a glimpse into our lives, and our dream to adopt. We pledge to you our commitment to give your child our utmost unconditional love. We promise to be his/her parents first, but also a friend. IF you choose us, we promise to treat your child and our bio child with the same unconditional love, but also discipline through positive reinforcement. We vow to help introduce morals and values. We promise to share the joys of life and have bellyaching laughter. We vow to be by your child’s side when they stumble, and when they cry, to be there to lift their hearts and lift their spirits. As a family of eductors we also promise to not only provide the greatest education academically, but also to cross as much of the planet as we can, seeing new things, tasting new foods, and sharing new experiences together.

Wherever your personal path takes you through life, may you always love and be loved. We thank you for considering adoption. From the bottom of our hearts, we admire your strength, your courage, and should you choose us, we will always speak of you, the birth mother, in the highest regard for sharing the greatest gift of life.

May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand and in his heart.


Marita and Noah