April 21st, 2018
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Mark and Krista

Hi!  We are Mark and Krista!

We love together, laugh together, cry together and we love raising a family together! Thank you for getting to know a little about us.

We have so much respect for you and the difficult decision you are considering. It takes incredible courage to consider what is best for your baby’s future. We hope our photos and words give you some insight into our personalities, lifestyle, values, and goals as parents. Most importantly, we want you to have confidence in our ability to provide a loving and supporting home for your baby.


Meet Krista


At times, it seems as if Krista’s life is defined by photography, either in front of or behind the camera. She is not exactly a photographer, adventurer is more accurate. Whether it’s a family hike in the Rockies or teaching our daughter to water ski, she is never without her camera to capture all our adventures. Her dream vacation is to someday travel to Africa as a family. Her adventurous spirit is part of what makes her special. For her, journeys are more than just visiting unique places or doing exciting things. Some of her favorite photos are of life’s precious little moments. Krista approaches life as if she is writing a story and in our story, she is my hero!

While she is emotionally strong, her heart is filled with grace and compassion like nobody I know. Children adore her and their faces light up when they see her. It has been such a joy to see our daughter start to learn these traits from her. Although shy in a crowd, she is the life of the party among close friends. Our home is filled by her love and passion for life. The support she gives as a wife is only second to the love and care she puts into being a mother. Her gift for teaching and the patience that it requires has helped our daughter excel beyond most of her peers. Education and learning is very important in our home, but Krista is always ready for a good laugh or to play a game. She is a master at keeping life light hearted and making us laugh!

We are so excited to grow our family on this new adventure. Whatever adventures that lie ahead of us, I have no doubt that Krista will have her camera every step of the way.


Meet Mark

THROUGH KRISTA’S EYES Mark’s calm and sensible personality allows him to approach hard times with a level head and open mind. He’s a great communicator and very receptive as a listener, but also has a playful sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh. He has a genuine, loving and caring personality and would do anything for his family and friends. Most of all, Mark is very driven to succeed in his career and in life.

Something I love about Mark is his sense of adventure. We enjoy traveling the world together to experience new places. In previous years, Mark was a successful international sales manager. Traveling overseas gave him the opportunity to experience new cultures and grow in his understanding of the world. He hopes to share these cultural experiences with our children. Since the birth of our daughter, Jordyn, he changed careers, so he can be home every night with us. He graciously changed his career path for his family and it has blessed us beyond measure. Mark dreams of someday traveling to a remote island as a family so we can all learn to surf together. Mark’s favorite place to vacation is anywhere in the mountains because he loves snow skiing, hiking and fly fishing. His adventurous personality is one of the many bonds we share.

When Mark puts his mind to something, he can do anything! His love for soccer and desire to mentor youth athletes led him to create an urban youth soccer club. He was an amazing coach who was loved by both players and parents for his ability to teach discipline and respect while still having fun. Although Mark no longer coaches, he keeps in touch with many of his former players and remains a positive influence in their lives. He has a joy in his heart for children. He loves teaching our daughter new things like waterskiing, riding her bike, and new songs to sing. While he loves to ski himself, he is happiest when the boat is full of our daughter’s friends that he can teach to surf or ski.


Our Family

Family is extremely important to both of us. Both of our families support our decision to adopt and are excited to add another child to our family. Because Krista’s older sister was adopted, we have a unique perspective about what to expect as adoptive parents. We also know that we have a strong support network in both her parents and her sister to help us through any challenges. We are excited that Jordyn and her future sibling will be able to share with each other their adoptive experiences.

We live close to Mark’s parents and see them often. He is an only child but many of his childhood friends still live in our neighborhood and they share a brotherly bond. While Krista’s parents live further from us, we also share a close relationship with them and see them several times a year. Krista’s sisters are excited to welcome a new addition to the family.

Luci is our 10-year-old sweetheart Labrador. She is extremely affectionate and loyal toward all of us, but also friendly with strangers and very good with children. Besides cuddling at our feet or chewing on a rawhide, her favorite activities are walks through the woods and swimming in the lake.

Kona is our young German Shorthair Pointer and Mark’s hunting companion. She is happiest running through fields and woods, nose to the ground, looking for birds or just about anything else that she decides is interesting. Around the house, she is the life of the party and never without a bone or toy to show off. When she finally tires, her favorite place is in one of our laps or cuddled up with Luci.



Jordyn Alana
In early 2013 we were blessed by the birth and adoption of our sweet little “Bean”, Jordyn Alana. She has given us more joy than we thought possible in these four short years. Some of her favorite hobbies are reading, singing, swimming, and playing dress up. She would love to wear a dress with a bow every day. However, she’s also a bit of a tomboy that likes hiking, climbing trees and playing in mud puddles. One of her favorite activities is watching any movie she can sing along to like Mary Poppins, Moana, and Trolls. Jordyn loves her friends and always looks forward to spending time with them. At just three, she learned how to waterski and this year she even went surfing with Mommy! She is just as outgoing as we are and is always looking for a new adventure to go on.


Life at the lake

It sounds silly, but it is truly where our heart is. We moved into our house in 2011. Mark designed it so that every room meets our needs now and our family’s needs in the future. Krista brings the house to life with her unique blend of creativity and style. While our house portrays our personalities, our community best reflects our lifestyle. We are very blessed to live in a small lake community with lots of young families and many of our closest friends. Mark grew up here and is one of the many second or third generation residents that have returned to raise a family. We spend our summers boating and waterskiing, but the activities continue all year long. Krista is a member of our community’s charitable sorority which gives us the opportunity to take part in many social and fundraising events. We are fortunate enough to live in a school district that is ranked among the highest in the state. With a calendar full of events, like cardboard boat races and outdoor movie nights, our community is an outstanding place for a child to be raised.


Our goals as parents

We both received well-rounded educations because we had parents that believed this is one of the most important things a child should receive. Likewise, it is our goal to give our children a strong formal education. We also know that many great learning opportunities come from athletics, fine arts, and travel, as well as spending time with friends and family. We intend to give your child every possible chance to have these experiences so that they can play positive roles in shaping his or her development.

Fun facts and favorites –

  1. Krista and Jordyn share their favorite color – pink.
  2. Our favorite animals are our dogs, Luci & Kona.
  3. Jordyn has been doing gymnastics since the age of two.
  4. Krista makes the best chocolate chip cookies, Mark & Jordyn’s favorite.
  5. Mark’s most memorable trip was to Jerusalem, Krista’s was to Switzerland.
  6. Our favorite holidays are Fourth of July at the lake, and Christmas with our families.
  7. Mark and Krista’s favorite thing to do in the summer is to spend family time on the lake.
  8. Jordyn will begin piano and vocal lessons soon to explore her love of music.
  9. Both Mark and Krista are avid about fitness and daily exercise.
  10. Mark and Krista host church small group in their home each week.



  • has a BS in Chemistry, with a double minor in philosophy and political science.
  • played soccer in college.
  • has been skydiving.
  • hobbies include waterskiing, snow skiing, fishing, and hunting.
  • has been scuba diving in the Caribbean and Red seas.
  • is an only child.
  • competed in an Ironman triathlon in 2016.
  • is a busybody.
  • has visited 38 foreign countries.


  • has a BS in Administrative Management and has been in management for 16 years.
  • has an adopted older sister.
  • waterskis with her girlfriends every Tuesday, rain or shine.
  • is the middle of three girls.
  • accidentally snorkeled with a shark. YIKES!
  • teaches children’s church.
  • swam with dolphins in Mexico.
  • Krista’s dad nicknamed her Cricket.


Our dream has always been to build a family together. We cannot wait to add the final piece to our family and are truly thankful that you may be making this dream come true for us.


If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999 toll free.



Mark and Krista