June 18th, 2019
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Mary and Chas

Hello! We are Mary and Chas from California

Dear Birth Mother: We are so excited to begin this next adventure in our lives together. First and foremost, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We recognize that this cannot be an easy decision to make, and we are grateful to share our story with you. Having a family has always been important to us and although we cannot fit our entire story in this profile, we hope you will at least get an idea of who we are and how much love we have to give.

Our Kind Of Fun: We do our best to live a life of adventure. Most often you can find us in the water, hiking through the desert or cruising around town with our two boys (our bulldogs) who are very well known in our little beach town. We love to explore and try new things. We have lived full lives so far and are ready to start our new adventure in parenthood and continue exploring life together, as a family. Our outgoing lifestyle has prepared us to foster an environment for children to be curious and creative, as well as encouraging to explore their own unique interests.

How Our Adventure Began: When we first met, we were both in the Navy and became great friends. We both knew that there was something about the other that made us always want to spend time together. Falling in love was effortless. That was 8 years ago. We have been married over 2 years now and that feeling has yet to stop. We started our life together in Hawaii where we were both stationed. We grew together as a couple and learned a lot from one another. We now live in San Diego where Mary is stationed and continues to serve our military while Chas works from home and is finishing her Aeronautical Engineering degree. We both enjoy the outdoors, which is where most of our weekends take us. We are always up for an adventure and always talk about how great it will be to be able to take our future child on hikes or camping or out for beach days.



Meet Mary

Mary, My Goofball, by Chas: If there is a reason to laugh, Mary will find it. If there isn’t she will make one. She has a way to bring out the inner goofball in anyone. Something as simple as making dinner will always turn into a goofy song and dance. And by song, I mean a made up one that her and I will improvise while cooking, and by dance, well, let’s just hope the little one gets their moves from you. She rarely knows the real words to actual songs, but her lyrics always seem to be better and catchier. Mary is the person you can take a long road trip with and not have to listen to music because she will entertain you the whole time. Believe me, she kept me laughing from California to New York. Her inner child is one of the many reasons she is destined to be an amazing mother.



Meet Chas

Chas, The Unicorn, by Mary: Traditionally, unicorns were mythical creatures that were always unattainable, a representation of something amazing beyond expectation or understanding. When I met Chas, I knew that I met my unicorn. She was smart, funny, and beautiful. As time passed I came to understand that she is passionate about living her best life, compassionate beyond words, and fiercely devoted to family. She is truly amazing and she has enhanced my life and my existence in every way. I am blessed to be able to walk by her side through this crazy maze of life. I am excited to share the journey of parenthood with her.



Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind

Our Families: We both come from pretty large families. Chas is the oldest sibling of six, while Mary is the second oldest of four. Chas was lucky enough to have four parents, between her mom and dad and stepmom and stepdad. There is a seemlingly endless amount of cousins, aunties and uncles from both sides, not to mention all of the nieces and nephews running amuck. Some find it hard to believe, but we are both extremely close to our families; our parents are our best friends and our siblings our greatest champions.

Kids Are The Best: We want to raise children for so many reasons, namely, because they are amazing. Children are perceptive, smart and funny, and the older they get the more amazing they become. We want to raise them with love and laughter so that they are happy, kind and capable. We want them to carry on our tradition of selflessness, devotion, strength, dignity, and respect that we were exposed to. We want our kids to feel the strength and warmth of a kind and loving family, both with us and with the families that raised us. And just as our parents are our best friends, we want our kids to become our best friends when they grow up and start families and traditions of their own.

Our pets would like to introduce themselves: I am Squat Rocket! The greatest French Bulldog around! I love adventures, and I love smooching the kids! I can’t wait to teach my baby how to hike and how to swim and how to have so much fun all the time!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Scribbles Snow Princess. You can call me Scribbles. I’m a cat, but my brothers think I’m a dog. I’m very pretty, and very curious, and I love babies, because they are just the right size for snuggling.

Hi! My name is Kawika, I’m very handsome and deaf, and I’m a Valley Bulldog! I love babies, they are kissable and they deserve it! I love to protect them.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home is where the waves crash: Our home is always filled with love and laughter. Whether we are watching our favorite TV shows (which isn’t very often) or playing cards together and listening to music, we do our best to keep each other laughing and smiling. Being a military family has helped us to build a strong support structure between the two of us. There is never a decision made without a discussion first and while we are always working hard to build a strong and fruitful future together, we never take ourselves too seriously. It is a point in our home to stay young and youthful; a typical Friday night is spent building a blanket fort, perfectly fortified for a movie watching extravaganza.

Our World is Their Oyster: We live in such a big, amazing world, full of laughter and of pain, and while we know we cannot protect our kids from everything, we can prepare them for whats to come. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling this amazing dream of raising a child and exploring the world and life with them. We cannot wait to help this baby grow in this world, We are excited to raise a child, and grow as parents and a family.