October 21st, 2018
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Mary Anne and Ryan

Things That Make Us Happy

Mary Anne:
  • 1. Giving hugs
  • 2. Eating ice cream
  • 3. The beach
  • 4. Outdoor running
  • 5. Family day trips
  • 1. Chocolate chip cookies
  • 2. Watching sports
  • 3. Playing with my little brother
  • 4. Christmas
  • 5. Playing golf

Hello we are Mary Anne and Ryan from Northern California!

Dear Birthmother: We admire the courage and love you have shown in choosing adoption for your child. We understand that selecting a family can be challenging, so we hope that our story shows you a little bit about who we are!

We are excited to be considered as adoptive parents for your child. We’ve been together for 11 years now since meeting in college. Prior to getting married we both knew in our hearts that we wanted to one day adopt as we felt we had lots of love to share. As a couple with lots of love we are eager to expand our family. Your child will be surrounded by endless amounts of love and laughs from us, our family and our friends.

From Friends to Life as a Couple, Written By Ryan: I remember the day we met. It was an evening at Santa Clara University where we both went to school. The Filipino Culture Club, Barkada (meaning “Friends” in Filipino), had a meeting and we both decided to join. Instantly, we became friends mostly because laughter always seemed to be involved. After a year of friendship, I asked Mary Anne on a date and the rest is history!

Four years ago, I took Mary Anne to a favorite family spot, Monterey, California. It was a perfectly planned day. Prior to dinner we sat outside the hotel overlooking the ocean while chatting. I popped the big question with a candy ring pop. Mary Anne said “Yes!” Little did she know our families were all on the top balcony of the hotel witnessing our joy! Nine months later, we were married in an intimate setting surrounded by 90 of our closest family and friends.

We are blessed that both of our families are supportive. Since they live close to us, we are able to see them often and involve them in our lives. The common glue that combines both families is the love they share for one another. They are thrilled to welcome a child into our family. Adoption is something we both feel passionate about. Our relationship has never been stronger and our lives are very stable. We feel like it’s the perfect time to grow our family!



About Mary Anne

About Me, Written by Mary Anne: My parents raised me, my brother, and sister in San Jose, California. As a California native, I can’t get enough sunshine. I had a wonderful childhood. Growing up I learned that the happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.  I am the definition of a people person! There is nothing that makes me happier than meeting and learning about others. I am passionate about the youth and in my free time I enjoy volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club.

I love: spending time with my family and friends, running, boxing, spinning, hiking, Bay Area sporting events.

Work Life: Mary Anne plans employee events at her company and even though she loves her job, she can’t wait to make a child her #1 priority!

Through Ryan’s Eyes: From the first day I met Mary Anne, I knew that she would be a very special person in my life. Her infectious smile makes her a person you would immediately fall in love with. Mary Anne is someone I look to as a role model. Her kindness and compassion towards others is one of her greatest qualities.  Having strong family values is very important to me. Mary Anne is extremely close with her family and she is always there to lend a helping hand. I am so thankful to be married to Mary Anne and cannot wait to see her as a mother.




About Ryan

About Me, Written by Ryan: I was born and raised in California and love everything about it! I have known some of my closest friends for over 25 years! Throughout my life, I played baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, snowboarding and even practiced karate for 13 years. I feel that watching and playing sports is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends. Volunteering and giving back to the community are important to me as well. I have coached a youth basketball team at the  local YMCA.

I love: sports, playing video games, watching movies and reading.

Work Life: Ryan manages relationships with partners for a video game company. Ryan enjoys his job, as most of the time he gets to talk about his hobbies (sports and video games). Ryan feels very blessed to be part of a great company. His coworkers are very supportive of the decision to adopt.

Through Mary Anne’s Eyes: There are so many things that I love about Ryan. Ryan is caring, loyal, family focused, passionate, and humorous. His loyalty and caring nature towards our family and friends is admirable. Family comes first is a value that Ryan lives by. Even little things like driving his grandmother to run errands go such a long way in showing that he cares.  When his brother, Edward, was born, I saw what kind of dad Ryan could be. Ryan loves Edward as if he is his own son. Ryan also has a great sense of humor. He always knows how to make me and others laugh. I am grateful to have Ryan as my husband and am excited to see him as a dad.




Family is a huge part of our lives

Our Family: We like to host holidays in our home with as many members of our families as possible! Thanksgiving is Mary Anne’s favorite holiday as it kicks off the holiday season. Christmas is Ryan’s favorite holiday, as he loves all the lights and cheer. It also reminds him of how he would go to visit his extended family in the Philippines over the Christmas holiday.  We love our family and closest friends because of their desire to be involved in our lives. They are caring and check on us regularly and we love knowing that we will have that continued support as we grow our family.

A Special Blessing, Ryan’s Younger Brother Edward, written by Ryan: About four and half years ago, one of the greatest blessings entered our life, my little brother, Edward, was born. My father remarried a wonderful person, Evangeline, five years ago and much to our surprise, I became an older brother. Even though we are 25 years apart in age, he is one of my best friends. Since he was born, Mary Anne and I visit and spend time with him almost every weekend. Experiencing many milestones with Edward has taught me so much about raising a child and about myself.




Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We live in San Jose, California in a single-family one story home. We have both a spacious front yard and backyard. When we first bought our home two years ago we instantly fell in love with the neighborhood. The house is big enough to raise children but small enough so that it feels cozy! Mary Anne grew up in this same neighborhood as a child and currently her mom, dad, brother and sister’s family live just less than 2 miles away. We are surrounded by nearby parks, highly rated schools, easy access to stores and public transportation. It’s a wonderful area to raise a family.

In Closing: We want to provide a life for your child where they will be happy and feel loved. We feel blessed to have been given the opportunities of life, love and supportive parents and now we want to do the same for someone else.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We understand that this short story of words and photos can tell only a part of our lives, so we welcome the opportunity to get to know you in person. We admire and respect you in this decision of adoption for your child. We promise to love your child and give them a lifetime of laughter and smiles.