August 23rd, 2019
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Matt and Amanda

Dear Birth Mother,

We’re Matt and Amanda from Pasadena, California.

We are so lucky you found us and we are humbled by your courage and selflessness that has led you to consider adoption. Thank you for considering us! We are so excited to start this journey alongside you. While we know that this is a difficult decision you are facing, we can assure you that we’ve always known that we wanted to adopt. For us, it’s an opportunity to share our blessings as we grow our family. We will give everything we have to your child: our time, our hearts, our lives, our passion for travel, our devotion to education, and every opportunity to learn and grow.

About Us

We live with our dog, Margot, and cat, Cheech, and have been together for the past seven years. Our first date almost didn’t happen because Matt panicked when he found out the bar he wanted to take Amanda to was closed that night. Fortunately, we were able to find somewhere else to meet, and had a great time! So great, that Amanda invited Matt to dinner the next night with her friends, intending to friend-zone him, but when he showed up that second night, she decided, yep, actually, this is the guy! Matt was, of course, already head over heels. Less than two years later, Matt proposed to Amanda, and she said yes! We love grilling outside and eating under the orange trees in our backyard with friends and family. We enjoy spending time in our home, but we also love traveling, and have visited Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and Canada together.About Matt

I was lucky enough to discover in high school that I loved making movies, and so I went to Florida State University where I studied film. Now, I’m a television writer and producer. Working as a writer is great, because my hours can be flexible, and I can work from home. For fun, I’m a bit of a nerd: I like board games (though definitely not Monopoly!), camping, computers, and learning languages, because I love talking to people. Growing up, we traveled a lot, and my parents encouraged me to explore, for which I’m super grateful. I love to visit new places, talk to the people there, and try new foods. I believe life is an opportunity and a gift, and it’s our job to make the most out of it.

Meet Matt (by Amanda): Matt’s patience and ability to love fiercely is why I cannot wait to see him as a father. He has so much knowledge and love to give our future child and I am so looking forward to watching him be a dad. Nobody can tell a Dad joke quite like Matt. He makes me laugh, giggle, eye-roll and smile constantly. Whether it’s dancing around the kitchen, much to the dog’s chagrin (Margot hates dancing), or watching old movies together on the soda, we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and have more fun when the other is around. Knowing and loving Matt has, without a doubt, made me a better person. His thoughtfulness, care and kindness truly inspire me on a daily basis. His love for me, our families and our pets knows no bounds. He is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure we are all safe and happy.About Amanda

I went to UCLA for college, studied Art History, and spent a semester overseas in France, where I met some of my closest friends to this day. After I graduated, I stayed in Los Angeles, and put my love of classic Hollywood and my passion for art and design to use and became a set decorator. It’s my responsibility to make the sets in commercials, television shows and movies look real. My job is a lot of work, but it can be a lot of fun. It’s also great for scheduling because I can pick and choose when I want to work, which, along with Matt’s profession, gives us the flexibility to be with our future child anytime they need us. I love old movies, and going to thrift stores to find fun things to decorate our house and am a big fan of curling up on the couch, with a fire in the fireplace, to watch a scary movie.

Meet Amanda (by Matt): Amanda is an inspiration to me, and her strength and persistence absolutely blow me away. She always puts family first, looking out for the needs of others. She also makes me laugh, and often understands what I’m feeling before I can even articulate it. She loves to cook, but never follows recipes. Somehow it always turns out delicious! She’s great at pushing me out of my comfort zone to explore new places and try new things, which is going to be an awesome trait for getting our future child out into the world. Seeing what she is capable of makes me strive to be a better person, every day. She is going to be an amazing mom – her patience and boundless compassion are such valuable qualities for raising a child.Furry Friends

Meet Chi Chi and Margot! Cheech is a sweet, little, smoosh-nosed gray kitty that loves to snuggle or sleep in the sunshine. Her favorite thing is to sit in your lap. Amanda found Margs on the street when she was just a tiny puppy! She loves to run around in our backyard, hunting for lizards.

Our Home and Community

We recently moved to Pasadena because we wanted to be in a house we could see ourselves raising a family in, along with good schools and in a neighborhood we feel safe walking around. Pasadena is in Southern California, where it’s warm and sunny for most of the year, which is great for playing outside! Our house was built by a couple in the 1920s. He was a German woodcarver and she was an ironsmith from Mexico, and they built their love story directly into the house, with carvings telling their history and showing them together. Now the house is part of our love story, and we love living here. In addition to our big, fenced-in backyard, full of fruit trees and grass, we live near fun parks and the San Gabriel Mountains, with their picnic areas and hiking trails. Pasadena is great – a small town feel, but right next to the big city, for the best of both worlds. The schools are highly rated, and there are lots of fun activities nearby, like the children’s museum!Our Family and Friends

Amanda’s Family (by Amanda): I grew up in Clovis, California. My childhood was spent playing with and caring for geese, chickens, horses and baby goats. I taught my older brother Carson to climb a fence, and my younger brother Brett how to play Nintendo. We spent and still spend a lot of time with my grandparents. We are very close, and I love them so much. My grandmother was adopted in Europe during the second World War, before she and her parents moved to California. Now, my family lives just a few hours away, in Central California, so we are able to see them often! My mom, stepdad, brother and grandparents are all up in Fresno. Baby brother still lives in Fresno, and works at the family business, farming. My stepbrother and his wife live in San Luis Obispo with their three-year old daughter.

Matt’s Family (by Matt): Growing up, we moved around a lot as my dad worked for an aluminum company, and was always sent to different job sites in Arkansas, Alabama and Pittsburgh, where my mom’s side of the family is from. We even moved to France when I was 2 years old! My mom is Italian, and my dad is from a big Southern family. Today, my family is a bit more scattered between Alabama and Pennsylvania, but we send as much time with them as possible. My brother lives in Pittsburgh with his wife. My parents and grandfather call Mobile, Alabama their home.

A Special Message To You

Thank you again for taking the time to read our profile, and for the brave, and self-less decision you’ve made. It means so much to us that you would consider us, as this would change our lives in the greatest way. We hope you can take comfort knowing that given the opportunity, we will give your child the safest, most loving home and life, as we help them grow, learn and achieve their dreams.