October 23rd, 2018
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Megan and Joe

Things that make us happy!

  • 1. Beach
  • 2. Dogs
  • 3. Family
  • 4. Ice Cream
  • 5. Snow
  • 1. Outdoors
  • 2. A good book
  • 3. Cooking
  • 4. Running
  • 5. Snuggling


We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to learn about us.   We admire your strength and love for your baby.   We know this is the hardest decision you will ever make and hopefully getting to know us will help put your mind at ease as you consider adoption.



We have been blessed with amazing friends and family, who have shaped us into the people we are today.

Our dream is to provide our child with the same support and security to allow them to be their own unique and strong person.   We look forward to sharing in new adventures and experiences with our child, which we will all learn from.   Our hope is to instill strong morals and ethics in our child to guide them through life.


We met in late 2011 through an online dating website; we were drawn to each other through our love of dogs and hanging out with friends.    We hit it off on our first real date and have been inseparable every since.   In May of 2013 Joe proposed and in February of 2014 we had a winter wonderland wedding surrounded by friends and family.

Our relationship is honest, and fun.  We love to be together.   We both love the outdoors, watching sporting events and movies, trying new restaurants and going to new places.   We have created our own small traditions such as homemade pizza on Friday nights, pancakes/waffles on Sunday mornings, long walks with our dogs on weekend afternoons, and getting ice cream on hot summer evenings.  We can’t wait to share these with our child.



My parents adopted me (Megan) as an infant.   I grew up always knowing I was adopted in a time when knowing you were adopted was not always common.   My parents taught me about how strong and selfless my birth mother was.   They admired her and knew how much she loved me for making the choice that she did.    I look forward to teaching our child the same.  I want them to know how much they are loved because their mother choose us to love them as much as she does.

We also have a niece, Emi, who is adopted.   Emi is a spunky, fun loving 6 year old; who brings so much happiness into our lives.   We look forward to our child having such a great cousin who they can look up to and learn from.


OUR 9-5

Joe teaches at a local middle school.   He enjoys working with students and his colleagues, and loves the variation in his days.   He gets summers and school vacations off, and is able to get home in the late afternoon to spend time in the yard and with the dogs.

Megan works in the financial services industry.   Her schedule is flexible and she is able to work from home two days a week.   She has been with the company for over 11 years and has a great team of people working with her.




Meg makes me a better person and I love being around her.    When we met, she was unlike any other person I had known.  She is very adventurous and loves to travel. Our list of places we would like to visit is a mile long.  Yet, she is also comfortable spending a rainy day on the couch watching HGTV or Star Wars.  She is very athletic.  Meg has completed four marathons and played volleyball in college.  She is strong and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty doing projects around the house.  She is an expert at painting walls, and is even comfortable hammering in hardwood floors or replacing a toilet.  Meg is an excellent cook and would love to open up a small café some day.  Her homemade pizza is the best I have ever had!

Meg can be a goofball, yet is the most responsible person I know.  She is known to dance and sing to music in the car.  Yes, she is that person that you look over at when stuck in traffic and say, how can she be so happy right now?!  Meg can be a loud talker and her laughter can fill a room quickly.  It is infectious and people can’t help being in a good mood around her.

Meg is caring and generous.  She has spent countless hours volunteering for Big Sister Association and City Year.  She enjoys spending time cooking and playing with our nieces, nephews, and friends’ children.  I know she will be an excellent mother and great role model for our child.



I knew right away after meeting Joe that he would change my life.   Joe is patient, understanding, loving and of course fun.   He knows when I’ve had a long day and wants to do everything he can to help me relax in the evening and that includes cooking dinner (probably mac & cheese or grilling), and doing dishes J  Joe loves his friends and family and is always there for them.  He volunteers to help them move, lets them borrow tools for yard work, and is happy to hang out and watch a sports game.

Joe is going to be an amazing father.  I watch him with our nieces and nephews, see him with his students, and just know he loves being around them.   He loves helping them with their schoolwork and teaching them how to play sports and work in the yard.   He is patient with kids and wants to understand them, and takes the opportunity to teach them things at every turn.

I can see everyday how great Joe will be with our children.   He will make breakfast with them, teach them to mow the lawn, play basketball and sit down at night and read to them.

I have been lucky to have Joe as the love of my life and my best friend, and there is nothing more exciting than knowing that someone else will get to experience how loving and amazing he is.




We live in a small town outside of Boston with an excellent school system.   Our town has lots of farms and is close to the beach.  There is a local dairy farm that has the best ice cream, and we love to go there after dinner on warmer nights.   Our house is on a cul-de-sac in a family friendly neighborhood.    There are always kids outside playing ball, riding bikes and running around.   There is a horse farm on our street and we go visit them often.

We have a great yard that we love.   We have a lot of land covered in grass and plenty of area to run around and play.


Joe has two sisters and one brother.   His parents live near the ocean and he spent a lot of time at the beach when he younger.   We still spend time at their house BBQing and enjoying the ocean just like they did when they were younger.  Joe has two nieces and a nephew.  We see Joe’s family often for holidays and family gatherings.

Megan has a brother and sister.   Her siblings and father all live about an hour away similar to Joe’s.   Megan has one niece.   Megan is also very close with her extended family including her cousins who live near us and are like brothers to Megan.

We have an extraordinary group of friends.   We have friends which we have known since we were kids and friends we have met over recent years.   Most our friends have kids or are due shortly, and this has given us the opportunity to spend a lot of time around and playing with children.  We have gone from going out at night dancing with our friends to hanging out at each others houses BBQing and just spending time together.




Neely and Bear are chocolate labs.   Neely is 8 years old and Bear is 2 years old.   They both love playing in the yard, going to the beach and snuggling on the couch.   They think they are lap dogs.   They are great with kids and the unofficial mayors of the neighborhood.

Salem is a 6 year old rescued black cat.   He is playful and loves to cuddle.   He is the one in charge of Neely and Bear, but just don’t tell Neely and Bear that!


We promise we will love your baby with all the love in the world.  We will teach him/her about how special they are to have so many people in their lives that love them so much.   We will be open and honest with them about their adoption journey and teach them how blessed we are to have all found each other.  We have tried for a long time to have a family and are so excited to begin it through adoption.   We hope that over the last few pages you were able to learn about who we are, what we love, and what we like to do.

No matter which family you choose, thank you for your strength and selflessness.




Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives.   We know the choices you have to make are very difficult and we admire your strength.    We can promise you that we will ensure that your child always knows how special they are and how much love you have for them.