July 16th, 2019
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Megan and Jason

Greetings from Megan and Jason in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our lives, loves and how we could be the right fit for your child. We respect and admire your courageous decision and are extremely grateful for this opportunity. We thank you for reading about us and hope that getting to know us helps you to gain a sense of who we are. We are so ready to embark on the lifelong adventure to become amazing parents to your beautiful child. So now for a glimpse into us, our interests and family. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

Meet Megan, By Jason

Megan is a passionate, honest and thoughtful wife. Her drive and work ethic in her career and personal life is something that impresses me every day. She loves to travel and has turned me into a major foodie as we’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries and experience cultures from across the world. She is also an awesome dancer and loves to have impromptu dance parties in our living room. She is always willing to listen to my crazy ideas and go on a new adventure. I can honestly say that Megan is my best friend and my partner in all that we do.

5 things about Megan

  1. Very first job was at 15 years old. Job Title: Tea Princess
  2. Is a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan who bleeds orange and black
  3. Finds any opportunity to break out cheesy dance moves and can do the Robot like no other
  4. Enjoyed volunteering as a “Big Sis” with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and keeps in touch with her Little Sis, 8 years after being matched.
  5. Was bit by the travel bug since birth. Favorite travel destinations include: London, Italy, St. Maarten, New York City and Vancouver, Canada.

Meet Jason, By Megan

Jason is the best friend, partner in crime and husband that I could have ever asked for. He is warm, affectionate, caring and always there to listen. Jason is laid back but also loves being active and plans the majority of our vacations.  His boundless energy makes him a favorite among our friend’s children – they love their Uncle Jason! Learning that we could not conceive a child was one of the most difficult times in our lives and Jason’s support and strength guided me out of the darkest of days. He is the only person I can imagine sharing this wonderful experience of parenthood with and I know he will be the most loving, compassionate and fun Dad possible!

5 Things About Jason

  1. Is passionate about live music and is always down to go to a concert
  2. Enjoys the outdoors, especially hiking among the Redwoods of Northern California
  3. Is a sports nut and loves being in the Bay Area where all major sports are represented
  4. Loves running and is training to run his first full marathon
  5. Is big on BBQ’ing and loves hosting friends during football season

The People We Love

We are so lucky to have a wonderful group of family and friends who have been incredibly supportive of, and super excited about, our growing family. Both sets of our parents cannot wait to welcome their grandchild with open arms and a welcoming heart.

Our Friends:

Our friends are considered a part of our family who we can rely on if we need anything at any time. We have been close with many of our friends for more than 20 years and have always felt like Aunt’s and Uncle’s to all of our friend’s children; in fact, they call us Aunt Meggo and Uncle Jason. There will be no shortage of children for our child to play with!

Our Family:

Megan’s Family:

I grew up in a loving home with my Mom, Dad and younger brother. My cousins are some of my closest friends and my best childhood memories were spent with them. My parents have been happily married for 41 years and are a strong and inspiring example of what a devoted, supportive and successful marriage is like. My parents (who live nearby) look forward to spending quality time with their grandchild.

Jason’s Family:

I grew up in Florida with my Mom, Dad and younger sister. My family still lives in Florida where Megan & I enjoy the time we spend with my family when we visit. My parents also love spending their vacation in Northern California!  We talk to my parents every week and can’t wait for them to FaceTime with their grandchild!

Our Commitment to You

You will be giving us the most incredible and precious gift of parenthood – something that we will forever be appreciative of. Together, as a solid and loving team, we promise to provide a stable and supportive home, to learn together as a family and teach your child to be thoughtful, open and caring. We sincerely promise to honor your forever place in our child’s life and never take the gift that you will give us for granted. We will forever be grateful for the sacrifice that you have made and the incredible light that you have brought to our lives.

Our Promise to Our Child

  1. Present every opportunity to learn, experience, try, fail and try again
  2. Show a world of diversity and new experiences through travel
  3. Provide the tools, foundation and ability to be happiest and at their best