August 20th, 2019
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Melissa and Matt

Hi! We’re Matt and Melissa from Southern California

Dear Birth Mother: Right off the bat, we want to say THANK YOU for considering us! Entrusting your baby’s future into another’s hands is a truly selfless act, and we have so much respect and admiration for a woman who puts the love of her baby above all else. Because of you, OUR DREAM TO START A FAMILY CAN COME TRUE!  Parenthood is an adventure we tried to begin on our own, but as that path has come to an end, we turn to adoption with renewed joy. We look forward to going on this journey with you, and hope that these next few pages will help you feel confident in the life of happiness, laughter, stability and unconditional love we have to offer your baby.

Our Love Story: We met in 2002, working together in the mailroom of a movie trailer company, where we fell in love talking about our favorite movies and debating our favorite books between deliveries. Our connection was immediate and we’ve been inseparable ever since! We got married in August of 2007 on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and now live in Redondo Beach, where we can see that same cliff from the end of  our street!

Get To Know Us:

  • We LOVE Disneyland!! We try to go at least once a year. Matt proposed in front of the Disneyland castle, so it holds a special place in our hearts. Sharing Disneyland with our future baby is something we fantasize about often.
  • We were both athletes through college (Matt, baseball; Melissa, volleyball)
  • We LOVE the Dodgers!
  • Every weekend we take a 7-mile walk together through the hills of Palos Verdes, CA, to catch up on the week and reconnect.
  • We are book nerds. We always try to read too many books at once, and love to read books together so we can discuss and debate! We can’t wait to raise our child in a world rich with books and literature.
  • Melissa has an identical twin sister named Marlie, who just had a baby boy named Lucas in September 2017. Lucas can’t wait to have a cousin!
  • We love to host parties at our house. Anything from movie nights and game nights to huge dinner and birthday parties.


The Loving Home We Promise Your Child:

  • A safe home filled with unconditional love and surrounded by our tight knit families.
  • A fun and happy home with lots of activities, participation, family dinners, holiday traditions, and general silliness.
  • A constant support system where your child will be encouraged to pursue anything and everything that interests them.
  • A strong focus on education – We are fascinated by learning and both wish we could’ve been students forever!
  • A safe environment for your baby to express their emotions and to explore their individuality.



Meet Matt

Matt, Through Melissa’s Eyes: Matt is, quite simply, as good a man as I have ever known. For sixteen years, I’ve been in love with his calm and easy-going personality, his constant optimism and natural happiness. What I love most about him is how excitable he is about so many different things. One minute he is listening to a podcast about stocks and investing, the next is following a new recipe for dinner, then reading the next script for the TV show he works on, but with short breaks to build a Star Wars Lego set. It’s that combination of seriousness and silliness that I find so endearing. As a husband, he encourages me to pursue all things that make me happy and holds my hand through those that are sad and difficult. As a father, I know he will be the same, and so much more. I can’t wait for him to have the chance to offer his dependability, excitable nature and curiosity to our child.

By Matt:

  • I grew up in the same house that Melissa and I now call home. I loved growing up blocks from the ocean. I’ve never lived outside of Southern California, always having been drawn to the sea.
  • I played baseball from early childhood through college. My father coached me the entire way. And I hope to continue that tradition with my own child one day.
  • Rich storytelling was the cornerstone of my childhood. I am now lucky enough to have a career based on storytelling, as a Television Picture Editor. I truly enjoy going to work every day.
  • My favorite hobby is investing for the future. My father taught me that small regular investments starting at a young age could lead to lifelong wealth and that has been proven true. I’d like to pass that along to the next generation.
  • I’m a kid at heart. Whether it’s a round of Frisbee Golf with the guys, building a Lego Castle on a lazy Sunday, or hosting friends and family for “game night.”


Meet Melissa

Melissa, Through Matt’s Eyes: I define Melissa by the size of her heart. She gives more to her friends and her family, to strangers and to animals, than I would consider humanly possible. When we were first dating, we were visiting my mom and the neighbor’s cat came through the back door with a visibly broken foot. My mom and I were frozen from shock but Melissa jumped into action. She scooped up poor Petra and we went to the vet. Melissa acted to protect her. Soon after my mom told me that she was marrying material. She was right!  Melissa has always been intellectually curious. I love how much she teaches me with her thoughts about the world that I had never considered before.  Lastly, I must say that Melissa is a wonderfully cozy homemaker. She has transformed our house into a beautiful beach cottage that I never want to leave. For all of these reasons and more, I know that Melissa will surround our child with love, wisdom and comfort. I am so excited to join her in this journey!

By Melissa:

  • I grew up in an extremely loving home with my mom, dad and identical twin sister, Marlie, in Muncie, Indiana. I share an incredible bond with my sister, not just as twins, but as best friends and soul mates and she is a constant force in my life.
  • I played competitive volleyball year-round from 3rd grade through college, and it taught me valuable lessons in hard work, perseverance, discipline and teamwork that shaped a lot of who I am.
  • I believe that happiness comes from pursuing what you love with great passion, and it is my dream to encourage my own child to find what they love and follow their heart.
  • My motto is “I love when people love what they love.”
  • A week after I graduated from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!). I packed up my car and headed to California to pursue my dream to “work in the movies.” I started in a mailroom and worked my way up!
  • I know it’s crazy, but I love to clean! Most weekends find me toting around my house, listening to music while cleaning and organizing.
  • I am obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes!



Our Family & Friends

We Treasure Our Family and Friends: The bulk of Melissa’s family lives in Muncie, Indiana and Atlanta, GA and Matt’s family lives in Torrance, which is only 5 minutes from our home in Redondo Beach! We are both extremely close with our families – we travel often to see each other, especially for holidays, which we refuse to spend apart. We love to cook big dinners and play board games during winter visits and throw huge BBQ’s with games of cornhole and bocce ball during the summers.  We take any opportunity we get to have fun with our family and friends. The Los Angeles area offers a ton of awesome things to do, and we are often with our friends and family at street fairs, festivals, outdoor screenings, good restaurants, concerts and any fun event that gives us an excuse to hang out!

Family Traditions:

  • Every Easter we decorate eggs & have a family-wide egg-cracking competition.
  • On Christmas Eve we make hot chocolate & walk around the neighborhood to see everyone’s holiday lights.
  • Every Christmas we build gingerbread houses from graham crackers, frosting & candy!
  • Every Memorial Day weekend we host family for a breakfast party to watch the Indy 500. Going on 15 years now!
  • We go to Disneyland every Halloween to see the seasonal decorations & grab some caramel apples!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Happy Home: We live just 2 blocks from the ocean in Redondo Beach, CA, a sleepy beach community just outside of Los Angeles. We inherited this home from Matt’s parents and take a lot of pride in living in the same house Matt grew up in. Our child’s bedroom will be the same bedroom that Matt kept as a kid himself! We love being so near the ocean and take full advantage as often as we can – walking along the sand and waves, grabbing a snack and people-watching at the pier and boogie boarding in the summer! Redondo Beach is perfect for us, as it keeps us so close to the cultural events and entertainment that LA’s city life has to offer, while allowing us the peace and tranquility of a beach home. It’s a beautiful, quiet, laid back town – perfect for long walks with the stroller!

Neptune, our furry crusader: We have a cat named Neptune, who we call “Neppy.” He is a huge fluffy black cat who is super sweet, loves to cuddle and who treasures his cat naps on the weekends. But at night, he loves to play outside in the garden and under the house, sometimes coming home covered in cobwebs!

Before You Go: Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Without you, our dreams of starting a family wouldn’t be possible, and for that we are so grateful. We can’t wait for our chance to say “THANK YOU.”