August 16th, 2018
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Michael and Elizabeth

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Reading books with Lucas
  • 2. Snuggling Lucas before bed
  • 3. Cooking a great meal for…
  • 4. Travel to new destinations
  • 5. Digging my feet into beach…
  • 1. Playing in the backyard fort…
  • 2. Family walks to the beach
  • 3. Road trips up the CA…
  • 4. Wine tasting
  • 5. Backyard BBQs with friends

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We’re Mike and Elizabeth.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We admire your courage in choosing adoption for your child and hope that this note helps you make this very important decision.    We hope you will consider us as adoptive parents.

Welcoming home a second child would be the greatest gift life could bring us.  We love being parents and enjoy every minute of being a family.  We can’t wait to continue growing our family through adoption again!

About Us –

We met twelve years ago at our neighborhood dry cleaners.   It was love at first sight!

After sparking up a conversation, we realized there was a magical connection. Soon we had our first date and the rest is history.  Sure enough, our lives have been filled with love, fun and adventure ever since!

We’ve been happily married now for 10 years and we adopted our beautiful son Lucas two and a half years ago.

After learning that we could not conceive, the decision to adopt came  to us naturally.  Our adoption process was an incredible journey – Being present for our son’s birth was the most amazing day of our lives.  And we are so grateful to his birthparents for sharing this most special moment with us.  Now having had this experience, we truly feel that we were always meant to be adoptive parents.

It has always been our dream to have lots of kids.

We can’t wait for Lucas to have a sibling and open our hearts and home to another little one!   It would be an honor to protect, love and cherish your beautiful child and provide all the amazing opportunities life has to offer.

We live in Pacific Palisades, California and have the great fortune of also working together.  We own and operate an Advertising Agency that specializes in entertainment marketing. Our journey as life partners and business partners has been wonderful – we truly enjoy being with one another.   We love music, art, movies, travel and culture.  And this inspires us in our business to create great stuff!

Running our own business also gives us the ability to make family time our top priority.   Our home is always filled with fun activities and lots of love and laughter.


Our Adventures –

We love traveling, exploring the great outdoors, and, we’re always up for the next big adventure! We’ve been all over the world together– including Europe, Latin America and Asia.   And, we often enjoy a good old road trip here in the U.S.!

At just two and a half years old, our son Lucas is already a world traveler – He’s been to London, Hawaii and Baja Mexico several times.

We also love visiting extended family in Colorado for the holidays.

Some of our favorite outdoor activities are snorkeling, hiking, skiing and sledding.

Family travel is a great way for all of us to continue exploring, learning and growing. We look forward to sharing our passion for travel and adventure with your child.

Halloween 2015

About Elizabeth –

I’m a Southern California native but I’ve lived all over the world.

At age 8, my parents and I moved to Madrid, Spain for two years. As a teenager, our family lived in Mexico.  And, during my college years at U.C. Berkeley, I spent a year living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Early in my career, I also worked in Paris, France.   As a result, I speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently and can even get by in French.  I love languages and I am very fortunate to use my language skills every day at work.

I want to give our children the same opportunity by raising them to be bilingual.  We will also continue to travel and instill a great appreciation for cultural diversity.

As an only child I had a wonderful, loving relationship my parents.   I look forward to teaching our little ones some of the same things my parents shared with me like:  how to sing in harmony, play the guitar, paint on a canvas and make the world’s best paella! Our dream is to have many kids so we can nurture their talents.

As a parent now, I strive to instill the same sense of curiosity for learning, freedom and adventure that my parents gave me.

Beach Buddies

About Mike:

I love the mountains and outdoor sports such as biking, hiking, paddle boarding and scuba diving.

Growing up in Colorado with three brothers, I was a very active kid.  Always involved in sports, I played little league baseball, football and raced BMX.  Practically born on skis, I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was two years old.

As a teenager I worked for my father’s construction company, building houses every summer.  I learned the value of hard work, focus and commitment.  This work ethic enabled me to put myself through college and earn a degree in broadcast communications.

After graduating from Colorado State University, I started my career as a TV reporter, eventually migrating to Producing and Directing with Discovery Channel and The History Channel.  My career has taken me to incredible locations around the world such as Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, China and the Philippines.

We love sharing our good fortune and passion for life with our son Lucas, and our future children who deserve the very best.

Everyday we strive to be the world’s greatest parents, just as our parents were for us.

About our Family:

Living in Los Angeles, we are surrounded by friends and family.  We have a very loving and supportive social circle who are so excited for us to expand our family.

Elizabeth’s aunts, uncles and cousins keep us very close to immediate family.  We love to cook and entertain, so our home is always the central gathering place.  Holidays and weekends are full of fun and festivities; it’s never a dull moment.

Elizabeth is an only child and is very close to her mother, who lives nearby in Corona del Mar, CA.   At least once a month, we pack up the car and visit her mom, Kathy, for an extended weekend at her beach house.  Kathy adores Lucas and loves being a grandmother!

Mike comes from a large Irish family of 4 brothers, who all have kids.  We have 6 nieces and nephews who Lucas loves to play with!  Mike’s mom, Donna is excited to retire this year so she can spend more time with her grandchildren!   The entire clan lives in Colorado so we visit them often for holidays and special occasions.  With so many nieces and nephews there are a lot of “special occasions”.   And whenever we visit them in Colorado, we try to add a dedicated “Ski-Day” to the fun list.

Life with Lucas

In 2012, we were blessed with our amazing adopted son, Lucas Xavier.  He is a super happy, smart, curious and engaging child who brightens everyone’s day.  His boundless energy keeps us constantly laughing and playing. Lucas inspires us to wake up every day with a devotion to being the best parents and people we can be.

We were fortunate to have an exceptional and loving experience with Lucas’s birthparents. We participated in his birth, which was the greatest joy and blessing of our lives.  We plan to tell Lucas and our next adopted child their birth story from a very young age so that they can have the same respect, admiration and gratitude as we do for their birthparent’s selfless gift to our family.

Mom Dad Lucas Barber Shop

Lucas Loves . . .

Group Hugs

Playing at the park

Weekend yogurt shop visits

Running our chu-chu train set

Building sandcastles at the beach

Mike through Elizabeth’s Eyes

From the moment I met Mike I was struck by the way he makes people feel.   Mike puts everyone at ease with his genuine warmth. He is the most kind-hearted and patient person I’ve ever known. And with our son Lucas, he is tender, caring, nurturing and fun.   Every day that passes, I see him engage with Lucas, and I fall more in love with him.  He is such a generous person and is a natural Daddy.  To see him be a father to another beautiful baby would bring me so much joy.

Mike knows Elizabeth will be an incredible Mommy!

Elizabeth is the sweetest, loveliest, most compassionate person you will ever meet.  Everyone who knows her, adores her.  She loves kids, and kids love her.  She’s a great cook and she loves to sing!  Best of all, Elizabeth is an amazing mommy.  Her boundless energy, love and laughter fills our home everyday.  Lucas and I are blessed to have such an incredible wife and mother in our lives.

Our Promise

We’ve been hoping and dreaming for many children from day one.  We’ve been blessed in so many ways.  Now we’re ready to continue growing our family.  We’re ready to love, protect and cherish your baby.  As parents we promise to:

  • Provide a safe, secure and healthy home for your child.
  • Instill the same sense of family and create a bond like our parents did with us.
  • Love your child everyday, unconditionally.
  • Play ‘till we’re tired, laugh ‘till our cheeks hurt and make sure every day is an adventure.
  • Provide open arms and hugs and kisses for every bump and bruise that comes along.
  • Celebrate every birthday and holiday in the biggest way possible.
  • Nurture the hidden talents and encourage creative growth.
  • Help follow her dreams and help fulfill her destiny.
  • Provide the education your child deserves and give her every opportunity to learn about the world.
  • Provide a soft, warm bed where she can sleep like an angel every night.
  • Cherish every waking moment that we have as a family together.
  • Take lots of home movies and pictures along the way.
  • Honor you by sharing with your child whatever you would like him or her to know.
  • Tell your baby how much they are loved by you.

We are so grateful for your unselfish act. We want you to take comfort in knowing about your baby’s upbringing, and are happy to send letters and pictures should you choose.   We wish you strength, wisdom and peace as you make this difficult decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  We hope you select us to raise your baby with love, laughter and tenderness.

If you would like to speak to us about adopting your child or have any questions, please contact an AdoptHelp Adoption Advisor toll-free at 1-800-637-7990.

With sincere gratitude, respect and love,

Elizabeth & Michael