August 20th, 2019
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Michael and John

Hello! We are Michael, John & Sophia from Chesterland, Ohio!

Dear Birth Mother: We are very grateful you’re taking time to read our letter. While we can only imagine what you may be thinking and feeling, please know we admire the enormous amount of love, compassion, and courage you have for considering adoption. We hope this letter provides you a small window into the life and home of our family. It’s important to us that you know there will always be a cherished place for you in our loving family.

Our story began about 15 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia when we started dating after a close friend introduced us. Our adoration, love and commitment have continued to grow stronger every day since. Our mutual family and spiritual values gave us a great connection from the start. On our very first date we spent the evening sitting on a park swing sharing with each other our lifelong dreams of having children. In 2007 we were married surrounded by our families and closest friends. We feel extremely fortunate that our life together has been filled with blessings, adventures, and accomplishments. In 2015 all three were magnified when we adopted our daughter Sophia! We moved our little family from Georgia to Ohio in 2016 to be close to family. Our family values are unwavering and guide many of the decisions in our lives.

The Fun Side of Life: When not working, we love spending quality time as a family. We are artistic and enjoy doing creative projects. We feel very fortunate that the location of our home allows us to participate in many natural and metropolitan activities. When outside the city, we enjoy working on our farm, cooking, exercising, gardening, fishing, hiking, and camping with Sophia. When in the city, we enjoy family outings to parks, the botanical garden, markets, libraries, and sporting events. From time to time we also enjoy grown-up activities in the city like date nights dining out, seeing movies, and shopping. We feel our rural and urban activities perfectly complement each other. We truly love sharing our passion for learning and exploring with Sophia. Watching her develop her own sense of wonder about the world around us is a constant source of inspiration! We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and look forward to becoming fathers again! Sophia can’t wait to be a big sister!

Meet Michael

About Michael, by John: Initially it was Michael’s warm, genuine, charming personality and handsome good looks that attracted me to him. It took very little time before my heart knew he was the one. He is the most kind-hearted, patient, and generous people I’ve ever met. At his core is an enormous amount of love and devotion to family and friends. One of his greatest joys is cooking and inviting people into our home to share large meals. I love that he is passing on his passion for cooking by teaching Sophia. The two of them are in the kitchen laughing and preparing food together practically every day! He has a wonderful sense of humor and laughs often. Michael thrives on being active and productive.

About Michael’s Work: Michael plays and works circles around me! It always amazes me how much energy he has and how much he’s able to squeeze into every day. For over 25 years he has been using his thoughtfulness and creativity in the classroom with very young children, as an early intervention specialist. He uses all his professional experience to bring fun, educational play into our family, which gives Sophia a huge head start in life and makes me such a better parent. I can’t imagine a better friend, husband and dad than Michael!

Meet John

About John, by Michael: John is funny, intelligent and full of compassion. Listening to Sophia and him laughing warms my heart every day. Frequently, I spend my dinner preparation time laughing out loud at John and Sophia playing nearby. His humor enables him to be a wonderful dad. All the people in John’s life are in awe of his daddy abilities. He is endlessly patient, calm, thoughtful, and loving with our daughter Sophia. John is a hard worker and has built a successful career in medical device research. When not working, he enjoys a wide range of activities including reading, sports, hiking, fishing and camping.  He also has good instincts when it comes to interior decorating. John loves sharing his interests with Sophia and me. Because of John’s loving, affectionate, and social nature, he has a large supportive group of friends. He has strong, loving relationships with our families as well.  I’m proud to call John my spouse as we grow our loving family.

Our Loving Family

Meet Sophia, the big sister-to-be: Sophia was born on June 7, 2015. Her Birthmother blessed us with the opportunity to be in the hospital room while she was being born. Words can’t describe the overwhelming feelings of meeting Sophia for the first time! We will forever have a special place in our hearts for Sophia’s Birthmother. Her selfless strength gave us the humbling opportunity to be parents, a job we will cherish all the days of our lives! We have the utmost respect for you and the decision you are making. We hope you will find peace with your decision knowing we are forever grateful. Presently, Sophia attends a child enrichment center where she has melted the hearts of all the teachers. At the center, her days are full of loving care and fun-filled activities that help her grow and learn. Right now her favorite activities are doing yoga on the outdoor patio and “gymnastics” on the big yellow bus. She loves reading, cooking and painting with her dads. When Sophia is asked if she wants a little brother or sister, she replies enthusiastically with a big smile and loud “Yes, Please!”

Love Makes a Family: We love being part of a large family!  Sophia is nurtured by the love of her Grandpa, two Grandmas, fourteen aunts and uncles, fifteen cousins, and many extended relatives and friends. Because of our strong family connections, we moved across the country back to the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  We feel so blessed that Mike’s family interacts with Sophia almost daily. Our families and friends could not be more supportive of our little family and they all rejoice in the idea of it growing. Family traditions are very important to us and we’re looking forward to sharing them with the next addition to our family.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Where We Call Home: We recently moved to a farm in Chesterland Township east of Cleveland, Ohio. Our restored farmhouse and barn were built in 1859. On the farm we plan to raise Miniature Southdown Babydoll Sheep and a variety of chickens. We also plan to raise lots of organic vegetables for our growing little family. We feel the kids will really enjoy being around the animals and will learn valuable lessons through doing their chores on our little farm. All the suburban and rural communities around us share wonderful county park systems. We live in the “snow belt”, which means during the winter months we literally live in a wonderland of snow! We have outdoor skating, sledding, and skiing just minutes from our home. Within a very close vicinity of our home we also have the great pleasures of a YMCA, art center, libraries, dance and gymnastics schools, horse riding academies, and educational farms and orchards. We’re extremely fortunate to have one of the best school systems in the state.

If we’re not home, you may find us…

  • Park – there is a bumpy slide
  • Botanical Garden’s Butterfly House – lots to see and explore
  • Zoo – monkeys are funny
  • Church – we meet wonderful people and feed our spirituality
  • Ice cream shop – we all love ice cream


Our Thoughts about Being Parents: We’ve always known we wanted to be parents. We were blessed with our adoption of Sophia and fortunate to realize parenthood is more wonderful than we ever imagined it could be. We love that Sophia has changed our lives for the better in every possible way! Through our words and actions, we will teach our children they are worthy of limitless belonging, joy, respect, and love. We will show them by example the strength of compassion and the value of always being themselves.  We want them to appreciate all the wonderous things in the world and own the courage to explore them in their own personal, meaningful way. Our greatest accomplishment as parents will be that our children have the courage needed to live their own life to its fullest.

Our Last Thank You: Thanks again for taking time to read our profile. It is difficult to find words to express our appreciation for you and what you are going through. It will be a great privilege to get to know you and your dreams for your child. It’s our hope we can help you find peace, comfort and happiness in this process. We will be honored if you’ll consider allowing us to be a part of your journey.