March 23rd, 2019
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Michael and Kim

Hello! We are Kim and Michael from Spokane, WA.

Dear Birth Parents, We want to thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Our goal is to share information about ourselves that would give insight into our lives. We know this is a big decision and we hope you know we pray for you and all birth parents, that you will be filled with peace and confidence when choosing a family for your child. Thank you again for making such a courageous and loving choice.

Our Love Story

We were supernaturally matched on eHarmony! We both decided we wanted a relationship that was chosen by God, with Him in the center. We know this world is a tough place to live in sometimes and we each had made an individual commitment to put God first and trust His guidance in finding the right person. We wanted someone to pray with, someone who shared our love for Jesus, and our desire to love and serve God and people. We’d only been in the program a few months when we shared our first email, neither of us had talked to anyone else!A little about Michael, by Kim

“Michael enjoys music and plays his bass guitar in the Worship band at our church. He is technical as well as artistic and works as a Software Engineer. He is also great at fixing things around the house. Michael is a wonderful and devoted father. He has a very sweet spirit and is kind and funny. He is patient and a great example to his children. I am excited to raise a child with him.”

A little about Kim, by Michael

“Kim is a thoughtful and caring mom. She is passionate about learning and is studying to be a Kindergarten teacher. Kim currently attends classes at a Christian university and teaches part time at a children’s center. All the kids at the preschool love her! She finds her joy being around children. She also really loves animals, especially her best friend Zoe. Kim is enthusiastic and playful, attentive and kind. I am blessed to share this parenting journey with her.”Things We Have In Common

  • Faith – Prayer
  • Love of Family
  • Love for Animals
  • Musical Interests
  • We Love to Laugh
  • We Enjoy Cooking
  • Watching Uplifting Movies


A Little More About Us

Early in our marriage, we decided to change our lifestyle to become vegetarians due to our mutual love of life and our love for animals. The transition was not as difficult as it might seem. We both love to cook and learn, so adopting this new way of eating was challenging, yet fruitful. With a little effort and planning, we’ve created some awesomely delicious, well-balanced meals. After researching healthy choices, we also became dairy free. We both make sure we are in proper health and receiving all the nutrients we need. We strive to ensure a high quality of life now, and for many years to come.

Our Farm Life

We love being around animals and are super excited to be ranch owners! We are proud to have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses and 5 goats in our furry family. We love and cherish all life we are blessed to care for.Extended Family

Family is everything, the most important priority in our lives, second to God. We enjoy creating memories and capturing precious moments. We always make time for family and believe we are blessed to have the support and love of so many wonderful people.

Each year we make time to go down to Southern California to visit Kim’s family. We have great fun taking road trips to visit. Once in California, we never miss an opportunity to have a beach outing with the dogs! We also love to go kayaking or paddle boarding on the bay and soak in all the sunshine.

Our Hope for the Future

We both have adult children separately, but not living with us. We agree that being a parent and raising a child is a true gift. We would love to be parents together. Kim is adopted and so are her siblings. Her mother is adopted as well. We feel our hearts called towards adoption and want to give a baby a great home and enriched life.Our Promise To You

We are committed to teaching our child the importance of love and respect, forgiveness and hope, laughter and joy, generosity and gratitude. We will nurture their spirit and inspire a love of learning. We promise to give them opportunities to discover their interests and we will help them as they grow towards their goals. We will love them and support them through their achievements and through their failures. We will laugh with them and we will wipe their tears. We will be there for them to lean on and we will teach them independence and confidence. We will be examples of goodwill towards others, striving to model Christ’s love for everyone. We hope to reflect compassion, light and love in this tough to navigate, and often difficult world. As their parents, we will share their story of adoption with them and ensure they always know how loved and valued they are.

Thank you again for your courage and strength in choosing adoption for your child.

Blessings and Love, Kim and Michael