August 23rd, 2019
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Michael and Ryan

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Michael: Rowing

    Ryan: Painting

  • Favorite Food:

    Michael: Hot Dogs

    Ryan: Sushi

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Michael: Thanksgiving

    Ryan: Halloween

  • Favorite Movie:

    Michael: Breaking Away

    Ryan: Gladiator

  • Favorite Animal:

    Michael: Bears

    Ryan: Elephants

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Michael: Colorado

    Ryan: Maui

  • Favorite Actor:

    Michael: Samuel L Jackson

    Ryan: Christian Bale

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Michael: Seinfeld

    Ryan: The Magicians

  • Favroite Band:

    Michael: Imagine Dragons

    Ryan: Lumineers

Hello! We are Michael and Ryan! 

Dear Birth Mom

You have our profound and deepest gratitude for learning more about us. Your courage humbles us, and we appreciate that people like you are willing to help others make their dreams of a family become a reality. We can’t wait to be parents, and build a life of love and happiness with a child of our own.

About Us

We met in 2011 when we both lived in Dallas and immediately hit it off. We had our first date shortly after, and that day of our first date would become our engagement and wedding anniversary years later (a little by accident and a little by design). We share a love of many things from the beach to tacos, and have both melded into the lives of our families. We We moved to Los Angeles in 2013, where Ryan works in Advertising and Michael in corporate real estate with our two dogs – Arrow and Caroline. Our relationship is built on our differences as much as our commonalities. We augment each other in the best ways – where Michael is hilarious, Ryan is affectionate. Michael is the history buff, while Ryan knows all about pop culture.

Our Favorite Things

Michael’s Favorites

Favorite Book – The Audacity of Hope

Favorite Movie – Breaking Away

Favorite Food – Hot Dogs

Favorite Vacation Spot – Colorado


Ryan’s Favorites

Favorite Book – The Night Circus

Favorite Movie – Gladiator

Favorite Food – Sushi

Favorite Vacation Spot – Maui

Meet Ryan

About Ryan, by Ryan:

I was born in Tennessee, then my family proceeded to move around from South Carolina back to Tennessee and finally Texas, where I attended high school and college. I’m the middle child of three, but I’ve often felt like the oldest, as I’m the one my siblings call when they need advice or help. I grew up surrounded by a choir of cousins, aunts and uncles, much of which inspired me to become a father. A lot of my childhood was outdoors – playing at my grandparent’s lake house or racing down hills on my bike with my brother. We created our own worlds to play within, and I hope to share that magic of imagination and wonder with my future family. I’m a serious nerd, in that I passionately love all things comic books, movies, television, books, and of course anything dog-related. This has resulted in me working in the most creative field I could find – Advertising. I’m a strategist by trade, largely focused on solving problems and predicting consumer behavior. I work from home, so I’ll have a lot of flexibility to make sure our future child has the time and attention they need.

About Ryan, by Michael:

Ryan is above all things steady – calm, loving and with a great passion for the world he lives in and for his family and friends. For the last eight years he has been the best part of my life, on a daily basis he is always there with expressions of kindness and love that forms a strong centering force for me. Though I have always wanted a family, his partnership in this great endeavor is what gives me the confidence that I need to embark on this journey. There is no doubt in my mind that he will bring the same consistent love to fatherhood that he brings to every other aspect of his life and that he will be the best father a child ever had.

Meet Michael

About Michael, by Michael:

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. The greatest blessing of my life, the one that made everything else possible, is the large and loving family that raised me. My parents divorced when I was in kindergarten with my mother taking on the work of raising my older brother and me – her efforts were supported on a daily basis by an excellent network of aunts, uncles, grandparents who made sure that we had had every benefit that could be provided a child. I am blessed to have a career that I love – helping clients through the process of designing and building offices for their companies. To borrow a concept from Dolly Parton, I found out what I wanted to do and then figured out a way to get paid to do it. Ultimately, I am a person of great passion – for my home, for my work, for exercise, for my dog, for my husband. I believe that I will bring that same passion and ability for tireless effort to the needs of my child.

About Michael, by Ryan:

Loving Michael has been a great joy in my life. He’s an independent person who is motivated by what is right and honorable. He’s an intellect who loves history, architecture, and deep dives of knowledge. Yet, he’s playful and FUNNY. I often wake up or go to bed to his jokes, laughing until it hurts. He has a sharp wit, and a sensitive soul. A combination that will make him an excellent father – as he knows when to play and when to focus. He’s absolutely smitten with kids, and immediately fiercely protective of those he loves. I can’t wait to take this journey with him.

Our Home

Our home is on the westside of Los Angeles about two miles from the beach, and only a few blocks from Michael’s work (Ryan works from home). Our house is a five-level townhome with plenty of room for a nursery just a few feet away from our room. We’re a bit homebodyish, so we’ve put a lot of time and attention into making our home comfortable and cozy.  Our neighborhood is completely walkable – be it the grocery store, restaurants, shops, or the farmer’s market. And we swing down to the beach on the weekends. We also frequent Palm Springs (a short two-hour drive) on long weekends to relax by a pool and soak up the sun.

Our Favorite Weekend Activities

·         Beach Day

·         Visit the LA Zoo

·         Board games with friends

·         Drive up the Malibu coast

·         Palm Springs weekend trips

Meet Our Dogs

We have two wonderful and loving dogs – Arrow and Caroline. Ryan rescued Arrow about nine years ago from the SPCA in Dallas, TX. Arrow is never far from Ryan’s side and has the softest bunny-like fur. He’s great with kids and loves to cuddle. Ryan adopted Caroline as a surprise Christmas present for Michael during their first year together. It was love at first sight for Michael and Caroline. They are a motley pair, going on frequent coffee/donut runs together or early morning walks. Caroline is also very loving and great with kids.

Our Loved Ones

We’re so very lucky to have a close network of family and friends in Los Angeles and spread out across the US. Ryan’s younger brother lives about 30 minutes east of us, and we see him weekly. Ryan’s mom and sister live in Atlanta, where we road trip to as often as we can. Michael’s family is almost entirely in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. He has a large ensemble of aunts, uncles, and cousins who all can’t wait to dote on our future child. We visit TX several times a year, and Michael’s family comes to visit us regularly. We’re also blessed with fantastic friends, many with young kids, in Los Angeles that have come to be a part of our family. We hope to learn from them in the future and celebrate our future children’s birthdays and victories together.

Our Promise to You

·         We promise to love unconditionally and protect your child in every way we can.

·         We promise to provide your child the very best in education, culture, and resources so he/she can choose their path in life.

·         We promise to each compassion and kindness above all else.

·         We promise laughter and adventure and to expose your child to a wide variety of cultures an ideas.

·         We promise the joy of family. Cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles will cherish your child forever!