October 22nd, 2018
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Michael and Yibin

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. BBQ'ing with friends/family
  • 2. Chasing Mollie, our dog
  • 3. Singing along with musicals
  • 4. Snuggling with Yibin
  • 5. Relaxing in the spa
  • 1. Watching Game of Thrones
  • 2. Traveling
  • 3. Walking Mollie with Michael
  • 4. Playing board games
  • 5. Sushi for dinner

Hello! We are Michael and Yibin from Southern California!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading our profile and considering us as potential parents for your beautiful baby. We have discussed adopting a baby in order to complete our family for quite some time, and we are finally ready to take the plunge. We both have been so fortunate in our lives, with loving families who have rooted for us our entire lives, and successful careers that we both love and are passionate about. We want to share that loving environment with a child. We have always wanted a child to love and nurture. The world is an amazing and wondrous place, and we want more than anything to show it to a child, to guide them and watch them grow. We know that there a lot of potential adoptive parents for you to consider, and we are so thankful that you are willing to consider us.

About Us: We have been together for eleven years and married for nine years. Our first date occurred on Valentine’s Day of 2007. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how crazy is it to have a first date on Valentine’s Day! But as odd as it sounds, it was not intentional. Allow us to explain.  We originally met online and had several phone conversations prior to making the decision to meet in person. Several different dates were proposed, but, unfortunately, no date seemed to work where we were both free. Undeterred, we finally concluded that Wednesday worked for both of us. The date was set. Neither of us realized, however, that Wednesday was actually Valentine’s Day. In fact neither of us even figured it out until we were stuck in the excessive traffic associated with Valentine’s Day, a level of traffic that was abnormal for a Wednesday. Obviously and fortunately for us, the date was a complete success, and now serves as the anniversary for the date that changed our lives forever.

What we have learned in our years as a couple is that we just fit each other. And we are not referring to clothes, although we did essentially double each other’s wardrobe since we wear the same size. No, what we mean is that we complete each other, emotionally and psychologically. Ok, so we know how corny that sounds; after all, it kinda sounds like an overly sanguine Hallmark greeting card. But, it’s true. We have actually never fought. Don’t misunderstand, we have definitely disagreed, but those disagreements never devolve into an argument. We are always able to find a compromise that works for both of us. Our relationship together works perfectly for both of us, and our dream is to share that life and that love with a child.

What We Love To do Together: We both love hiking in the beautiful hills of Southern California. We love to play board games with our friends. We love to travel to different places, experiencing new places and cultures. We love to watch movies together.


Meet Michel

Hi, my name is Michael: I have lived in sunny Southern California my entire life. Contrary to what you may think, I do not constantly have a perfect tan. Being of Dutch heritage, my skin does not tan so much as burn and redden. Despite that rather small inconvenience, I love living in beautiful California and think it is an absolutely amazing place to grow up.  I grew up in Riverside which is about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. I attended college at USC and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. The slow and steady pace of lab work was just not my cup of tea. I wanted to help people, experience their lives with them, celebrate the good times with them and hold their hand through the bad times. Thus, I decided to become a nurse, and I currently work in the ICU at a trauma center. It has been an amazing journey and has helped me to grow and learn as a person. Additionally, as a nurse, I only work three days a week, and my work days are very flexible. I will be able to be home with our future child much of the week, and I can adjust my schedule easily for things like appointments with the pediatrician and the child’s extracurricular activities. My flexible work schedule ensures that I can be there for all the major events of the child’s life!

Written by Yibin: Michael is empathetic, caring, kind and considerate. He is an incredibly positive person. This is a particularly difficult task, given his profession as an Intensive Care Nurse. Michael is a wonderful dog-dad to Mollie (our dog). I can’t wait to see Michael become a father and I am so excited to raise a child with him.

My Hobbies: Games! All types of games! Board games, video games, table top games! Super nerdy but super fun! Hiking! Less nerdy, but still super fun! Especially since we have lots great hiking trials close by! Working out! It’s exhausting but exhilarating! Theater! Musicals or plays, theater is an amazingly fun experience! My favorite is Wicked! Traveling! There’s so much to see and do outside our little California bubble! And I want to see it all! Playing with our dog, Mollie! Who doesn’t love to play with dogs, right?


Meet Yibin

Hi my name is Yibin! I have moved a lot during my years growing up. I was born in Shanghai, China and came to the United States during grade school. Coming to the United States at such a young age was an eye-opening experience for me. In Maryland, I learned to speak English, ride a bicycle and play on a computer.  After Middle-school we moved to a far-suburb of Chicago. There, I made life-long friends, went to high school and college, and eventually went to law school. I developed a love of the outdoors, which included going camping, skiing and playing tennis, all hobbies that I continue to enjoy today.  I moved to Los Angeles, after law school to start my legal career in 2004. While it took a few years to adjust, I have really learned to love the city I live in. Here, I met the love of my life (Michael!), I rescued the second love of my life (Mollie our dog!). I am now looking for the third love of my life, a child to complete our family!

Written by Michael: We complement and balance each other. I am more emotional, while Yibin is more logical. We help each other see from different perspectives, and I am a better person because of him. It is this balance, this synergy, which we have as a couple that I think will make us amazing parents. He is my rock, my best friend, and the love of my life. I am ready to expand our family so that we can share that love with a child.

My Hobbies: Gardening – a great way to relax after a long day of work. Hiking – a family bonding time for Michael, Mollie and I. We get to enjoy the outdoors and each other. Movies – Sometimes, there is nothing like a good movie to relax after a long week. Running – I try to start my work day with a run most days. It clears my head and gets me going for the rest of the day. Traveling – we try to do one big trip every year, and smaller trips whenever possible. While we love living in Topanga, it is great to get away.



Our Family & Friends

We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by both friends and family. Both of our family lives within about an hour’s drive away from our home. So we often are able to visit both sets of parents with one weekend trip, and we do those trips quite frequently. Our friends live throughout Los Angeles, California. We spend much time gathering with them, sometimes to play games, sometimes to grab a meal, and often to huddle over a great show. One tradition we started is having dinner and watching Game of Thrones on Sunday nights. It’s a great way to end the week.

Since both of our families live within 15 minutes of each other, holidays are easy to coordinate. We are able to visit both sets of parents for every single holiday. Perhaps our favorite family tradition is going to the Christmas Eve Candle lighting Service and then returning to a warm fire and hot chocolate before opening presents. We very much look forward to bringing our future child to these holiday events. Another tradition that we enjoy is walking the neighborhood during Halloween and looking at all the children in their costumes, laughing and playing, pretending to be their favorite heroes! We can’t wait to welcome a child into these traditions and perhaps create new traditions as well!

Hi! My name is Mollie and I am Michael & Yibin’s Dog. I am a terrier/Chihuahua mix that Michael and Yibin rescued from the pound. When I was at the pound, I was super sad. You see, I had been adopted by a super nice family, but they decided they didn’t want me after all. I’ll be honest, I ate a few shoes. I was super sorry I did it, but I was a puppy. I couldn’t help it. But they decided to return me to the pound. The pound put a sign that said “Destructive” on my cage, and I thought I was never gonna have a real family ever again. But then, Michael and Yibin walked into the pound. When I saw them, I knew I wanted to be a part of their family. So I jumped as high as could and tried to get their attention. They came over and looked at the “Destructive” sign. I was so afraid they would read it and just leave. But they didn’t. They took me home, and we have been a family ever since. I won’t lie. I’ve destroyed a few more things. Well, maybe more than a few. But, they didn’t send me back to the pound. They kept me and continued to love me. We are a happy family, and I am super excited about having a new human little brother or sister to play with. I can’t wait for us to chase each other in the yard and play fetch and sleep in bed together. I hope you will choose our family for your baby. Michael and Yibin will be amazing parents, and  I will be the best dog sister ever!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in beautiful Topanga, a quiet community that is nestled within Topanga State Park in Southern California. We are surrounded by lush greenery and sprawling hillsides, all of which make for some breathtaking hiking experiences. Contrary to what one might think, we are actually not too far from the city life of Los Angeles. To the north, it is a mere ten minute drive to LA’s Woodland Hills where there are numerous shops and restaurants. And to the south, we are a short drive to Malibu and Santa Monica with their amazing beaches and social activities. There are so many fun and exciting things to do within a short drive, and WE CAN’T WAIT to share these experiences with a child.

Thank you so very much for taking time to consider us for such a monumental and important responsibility. We hope this glimpse into our life allows you to see how much love we have for our friends, family, and each other. Additionally, we hope that this will show you the loving and supportive family that we want to create for a child.