April 21st, 2018
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Michael and Brianna


  • Favorite Hobby

    Michael: Surfing

    Brianna: Soccer

  • Favorite Food

    Michael: Sushi

    Brianna: Mexican

  • Favorite Holiday

    Michael: Halloween

    Brianna: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Michael: Goonies

    Brianna: Ghostbusters (Original)

  • Favorite Animal

    Michael: Dolphin

    Brianna: Bear

  • Favorite Vacation

    Michael: Hawaii

    Brianna: Costa Rica

  • Favorite Actor

    Michael: Matt Damon

    Brianna: Sandra Bullock

  • Favorite TV Show

    Michael: Game of Thrones

    Brianna: Orange Is The New Black

  • Favorite Band

    Michael: Tool

    Brianna: Jack Johnson



Hello! We are Michael, Brianna and Forest from sunny Southern California! We are a happily married couple who have been married for 7 years. From the very beginning we were passionate about having a family.  While it has been a difficult journey, our relationship and experiences together gave us the confidence to know that we can overcome difficult obstacles and that adoption is the right choice for us. Our son Forest joined our family through adoption 2 years ago and we are so grateful every day.  We cannot wait to grow our family through adoption again! We can only imagine how this time must be for you, however we are very grateful in your decision to consider adoption. We hope that through our photos and our story you can get to know how supportive and loving our family is.



Mutual friends brought us together and we quickly became best friends.  We knew from that first date that we had something special.  Our family and friends could see very quickly how much we were in love.  Our first vacation together was with Brianna’s mom and grandmother in Maui.  We knew immediately through her grandma’s passion for the island that it was our destination to be married.  We were quickly “Mauied” and bought our first home together in Los Angeles, CA about 3 miles from Brianna’s grandma and mom. Being that close allows us to have pool days with mom and lunches with grandma.  We both enjoy traveling and have had the opportunity to explore several countries and states.  We love life’s adventures and look forward to expanding our family to be included in all those adventures.


  • Loves to knit
  • Loves reading
  • Antiquing
  • Always has music playing



  • Loves to play the Ukulele
  • Loves surfing
  • Loves to build motorcycles
  • Photography




While we both work very hard we also like to spend time together and enjoy life. Our weekends are full of fun, love and laughter. We are both young, active and love to live life to the fullest. We love living near the ocean and mountains. It allows us to spend weekends surfing and exploring on hikes. We also have a camper that we use for numerous camping trips throughout the year. We typically venture out numerous times throughout the summer exploring some new beach city, mountain, or lake side. We also have a 6-year-old chocolate lab named Harley, who goes everywhere with us. He is a great swimming, hiking and biking partner for us. In the winter we are usually snowboarding, sledding or hosting an impromptu dinner around the fire with friends at our house. (Let’s face it, we live in Southern California, it never gets that cold for an outside dinner!) We also love to travel. We have been to many exotic places to surf and have many more on our list to complete. We would love the opportunity to add another child to our family to share in all of our adventures and make/pick their own adventures along the way.


I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I am the youngest of 3 siblings. Growing up in Southern California I spent a lot of time at the beach, camping and riding my bike around the neighborhood.  Growing up my mother was an x-ray technologist and my father owned a heating and air conditioning business.  As for my career, I went into the automotive industry.  I have currently been working for an insurance company as an adjuster for approximately 10 years. I love what I do and it gives me the freedom to make my own schedule in order to fit in with my family life.


Brianna is smart, dedicated, motivated, patient and above all the stability to our family. She spends endless time reading, racing cars or building a giant Lego tower with Forest, and nothing makes me happier to watch her play with him.  The love and bond they have is strong and tangible.  Brianna is an amazing mother and I can’t wait to see her become a mother again.




I grew up in a smaller town in Ohio. I am the youngest boy of five siblings, with 3 older brothers and a little sister.  We grew up as outdoorsy children that skateboarded all around town and always looked out for one another.  My mom was a stay at home mom who ran a home day care for most of my life.  At some point it became my first after school job.  My dad was in interior design, which sparked my creative side.  My parents always supported a creative adventurous life.  Later on in my teen years I enjoyed art, theatre, and video production which lead me to where I am today and my initial journey to move to California when I was 21. My goal, much like any other peoples, with my move to Los Angeles was to be an actor.  Instead I ended up working an even better job, behind the scenes as a set dresser for the movie studios and have loved every minute of it. I have a very creative job which allows me the freedom to do what I love every day and to come home to my family every night.


I married my best friend and my soul mate all wrapped into one. Michael is the most outgoing and loving person I know.  Michael is genuinely excited about life and loves to include our son in his inner passion for taking on projects around the house.  Forest loves to copy daddy especially if it means getting to use a shovel (mini one of course)! Michael is very compassionate and has what seems to be a never ending supply of energy, which comes in handy when you have a rambunctious two-year-old!



Forest is our outgoing, and fun loving two-year-old.  He is eager to give “bear hugs” and loves to be tickled.  He loves nothing more than to blow bubbles and watch his doggy Harley chase them around the yard.  He loves to dance and sing and takes every opportunity to do so.  He will be an amazing big brother and we can’t wait to see the beautiful bond he builds with his future sibling.  Forest walked very early and has kept us on our toes ever since!


  • Cars, trains, and planes
  • Swimming at the beach or in grandma’s pool
  • Singing the “itsy bitsy spider”
  • Riding his tricycle


MEET HARLEY (our super spoiled chocolate lab)

Brianna got Harley six years ago and shorty after that Michael came in to the picture. It was love at first sight. (with both Harley and Brianna)! Harley is such a big loving dog and he makes sure he gives drive by licks when you least expect it. He goes everywhere with us and tends to be the center of attention where ever we go. He loves the beach, swimming and most of all tennis balls. He loves his play time but also loves to snuggle. Every morning as Michael gets up for work Harley sneaks onto the bed and snuggles until the alarm goes off. It’s a running joke on how Harley sleeps like a human on daddy’s pillow. He is great with kids and just loves to run with them in the yard.  We can’t wait to introduce Harley to our new member of the family to experience tons of adventures with and of course another set of hands to love him with.


Every year we have tried to find a new and interesting destination.  We’ve spent a couple of trips touring the islands of Hawaii.  On the top of our travel list is a surf trip to Bali or New Zealand.  Last year we planned a last minute trip to Costa Rica.  It was an awesome cultural experience.  Many times a year we venture out in our trailer for long weekends.  This last spring, we took a trip to Big Sur California, it was relaxing and beautiful.  It is our goal to continue traveling and introduce our children to the wonders of the world.  The experiences are far too rewarding.


  1. Bali
  2. New Zealand
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Brazil
  5. Road trip through Europe



We live in a little city nestled against the foothills in Los Angeles, CA.  Our neighborhood has many hiking and biking trails out our front door.  There are great schools and tons of activities for kids during the year.  The city has a great Christmas light show that attracts people from all around and monthly concerts in the park during the summer. Our neighborhood is a small community with a weekly farmer’s market within walking distance from home.  We bought our home 7 years ago and love every second we spend making it our own.  We have spent countless hours creating a sanctuary at home for our family. We can’t wait to welcome a new lil’ one to our home.


We are surrounded by a large group of family and friends.  Almost all of Brianna’s family lives in Southern California and get together on holidays and special events.  Although there are several very close cousins who have just recently began expanding their families, there is an immediate family circle that your child will consistently be around. Grandma and Grandpa live a few miles away making it easy for weekly dinners and evenings at the park.  While most of Michael’s family lives in Ohio, he has his older brother, his wife and a niece and nephew here in Southern California. Even though Michael’s mom and three other siblings live in Ohio we are very close to all of them.  We have three nieces in Ohio who we get to face time with and learn about all the exciting new things they are doing or learning.  While family is very important we have a great group of supportive friends. We believe that friends should come in quality not quantity, and we have definitely achieved that.  We have friends that we do weekly dinners with, camping and beach days.  We are very lucky to have such an amazing family and loving friends.


  • Christmas swap of an ornament
  • Family reunion every 2 years in Hawaii with Brianna’s family
  • Easter egg hunts on Brianna’s family farm in California
  • End of summer BBQ at our home
  • Halloween – our most favorite tradition of all, just being able to dress up silly and spend time together with friends and family
  • Annual adventure to a new place
  • Fourth of July fireworks at the beach
  • Thanksgiving fried turkey



We promise to raise your child in a loving and nurturing environment. We will teach her to find their strengths while letting them choose their own path. We are both very creative and will encourage them to find a passion for something they love. We will devote the time to guide and give them all the attention they need and deserve. We promise to provide a framework of love and support upon which our children can build a sense of self, independence, and strength.  We promise to expose your child to new ideas, to instill in them an open mind and a sense of wonder and curiosity. Most importantly, we promise to always be there, no matter what!


We cannot begin to say thank you as much as you deserve it.  You are in our thoughts at every moment of every day, and we wish the very best for you through this.  We hope that whatever your decision is, it brings you peace and comfort.  We truly believe that your search for a family ends here, with us.  We can only hope that we have shown you how much love we have in our hearts for another child and the excitement it brings for us to become parents again.  If we are blessed to be chosen by you, please know that we will always be open about your child’s special story, they will know who you are and the unconditional love it took to make this decision.