July 16th, 2019
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Michelle and Greg

We are MICHELLE and GREG from Ohio!

We met when we were 17 at a concert through mutual friends and immediately were at ease talking with each other. We both grew up in the same area and knew similar people, so would see each other at events from time to time when we would come home on breaks. We didn’t begin dating until after college when we returned home from going away to school and moved into apartments right down the street from each other. After years of enjoying each other as friends, we began to fall in love. We’ve just celebrated our 8th anniversary and 18 years of being completely committed to each other. We’ve enjoyed every moment! We are both pretty social people and love to be active. We do almost everything together and love exploring the city of Columbus, Ohio as well as travelling around the country and internationally quite frequently. We typically plan one adventurous trip per year and at least one relaxing beach vacation per year, plus planning long weekends throughout the year to go camping or visit a new city.

We live in a four-bedroom home with three full baths – plenty of room for a nursery and visiting Grandmas and friends. We have a finished basement that is an ideal play space in the winter and a large family room with a fireplace for movie nights. In warm weather, our favorite place is our backyard and three season patio that overlooks our garden. We entertain and feed family and friends in this space often. The side yard and back yard have lots of room to play and to explore and the driveway has a basketball hoop that is used frequently when our nieces and nephews are over for a visit.

Our neighborhood is quiet, safe and friendly and not too suburban – still within walking distance of a string of restaurants and a local movie theatre. A playground and a tiny library branch is within a short stroll from our home. It is often voted one of the best neighborhoods to live in Columbus and has a very highly rated school system, so we know that your child will receive a top notch education. As such, there are lots of families with children of all ages in the neighborhood.

We have a large and loving family, most of whom live close. Michelle is one of 10 siblings from the same parents and Greg is one of three siblings from the same parents. Together, we now have 25 nieces and nephews! Having a large, extended family makes getting together even more fun! Many of our siblings live nearby with their families and we spend holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc. with the extended family. We keep in touch often and exchange visits when we can and often plan family vacations to the beach together so that the nieces and nephews can enjoy time with the extended family. We both value family time highly and look forward to introducing a child into our loving extended family environment, especially to their grandmas who will be so very excited to have a new baby to love and spoil!

  • Favorite Travel: France, the Caribbean, and South America
  • Looking Forward To: special family nights at home watching movies or playing board and card games and visiting the National Parks with our child
  • Hobbies: gardening, reading, bicycling, traveling the world, and anything water-related (swimming, beach, fishing)
  • Favorite Food: anything Greg grills and our own homemade tomato sauce, hot sauces, and salsas made from our garden
  • Values: Family, friends, education, and giving back to our community

We both received well-rounded educations because we had parents that believed this is one of the most important things a child should receive. Likewise, it is our goal to provide a child the opportunity to have a solid education. We also know that many great learning opportunities come from athletics, fine arts, and travel, as well as spending time with friends and family. We intend to give your child every possible chance to have these experiences so that they can play positive roles in shaping his or her development.


During our 20’s and 30’s we put a lot of focus on establishing our careers and creating a financially  secure future. In our late 30’s, we were ready to start a family. We first attempted to conceive biologically; however, that did not work. After visits with fertility doctors and unsuccessful fertility treatments, we have enthusiastically chosen adoption to build our family. Michelle’s mother was adopted at 18 months and her story and experience has always been an inspiration and a testament to how a family can grow and thrive out of the process of adoption. So, we are both overwhelmed with excitement to start this journey of parenthood and experience the joys of being a family.


I was born and raised in Ontario, Ohio with my two older sisters. I spent a lot of time fishing with my father and grandfather, playing baseball and going to the pool with my friends. At school, I participated in sports and marching and symphonic band and as a senior in high school was the president of the band. For vacations, my family loved going to Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina to the beach or to Disneyland. We spent most weekends with our grandparents and cousins at family get togethers. I appreciated that mom and dad always planned fun activities for us. I can’t wait to share these experiences that made my childhood so enjoyable with a child of our own. Now, I’m a middle school teacher. I enjoy cooking for my friends and family and growing a vegetable garden in the summers.

ABOUT GREG (written by Michelle)

Greg loves being a teacher and is dedicated to the education of children with special needs. He is the most patient, balanced person I’ve ever known, and those traits serve him well in his chosen career and with children in general. He loves to cook and is very social, so we host backyard parties and dinner parties and brunches quite often. He is also one of the most loyal friends and partners I’ve ever known, never forgetting a friends or family members birthday, often giving gifts or reaching out with a phone call. He is full of energy, so our days are never dull and we always have plans for fun activities all weekend long. I look forward to him being able to share his love of fishing, gardening, bicycling and the outdoors with your child throughout the year, and especially during his summer break from teaching.


I grew up on a large farm as one of ten siblings! My mother was adopted by my grandparents, so I’ve always admired the process of adoption and have been able to experience first hand the joy it can bring to an adoptive couple. I attended a Catholic school growing up, then attended college in New York City and returned to Ohio to pursue my Masters in Business at The Ohio State University. Now, I work for a children’s coloring book company and have worked with children’s educational and toy products most of my professional career and cannot wait to bring home little gifts and treats from work for a little one. In my free time, I love to run or bicycle around our neighborhood and downtown. I love reading and could spend hours in a library or book store!

ABOUT MICHELLE (written by Greg)

I love Michelle because she is so easy to talk to. We enjoy the same thing, so she’s the perfect date – whether it be to a restaurant and a movie or to hear live music. She is very intelligent and dedicated to her work and family equally. She enjoys pop culture like I do and has a fantastic sense of humor and a willingness to laugh and have fun. She is always challenging herself – she has completed 6 half marathons, a sprint triathlon, and a 100-mile bike ride to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Thank You

Adoption is such a wonderful blessing and gift and we hope that we can share in this experience with you. We admire your strength to pursue this journey of adoption and we promise to raise your child in a loving home full of joy, creativity, and the ability to be themselves. Their life will be filled with laughter, adventure, family, friends, the value of education, music and active play. We are excited to share our adoption story in the future and assure your child how special this experience is. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, our lives and our dreams for our family. We wish you the best in whatever decision you make.

If you have any questions for us, or if you are interested in us adopting your child, please contact your caseworker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999 toll free.

We can’t wait to meet you!