April 21st, 2018
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Michelle and Tony

Warm greetings to you!

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. This process is intimidating for us so we can only imagine how intimidating it must be for you as well. We are grateful that you love your child so much you are willing to consider an adoption plan for him or her. Because we are already parents we know what an incredible love exists between a parent and child and do not take lightly what a brave decision you are making. We are Michelle and Tony. We have three boys, Caleb (9), Aaron (8), and Tyler (4). We have both always dreamed of having a big close family and would love to have another child to complete our family. We are an active family but it is very important to us that our lives remain balanced so our kids do not feel over scheduled and that we always feel grounded as a family in each other and our faith. We think our greatest responsibility as parents is for our children to know God and that they are so loved by us.   Each child is different and has different passions and strengths and we work hard to help them discover how special they are and to know they are each loved.   We hope as you get to know us further you see how much love and fun is in our family and how much we desire to extend that love by adding another child.

How we met and life today

We met our freshman year in college and were friends all through college. After graduating we both went into the army—Michelle to El Paso, TX and Tony to Hawaii. We had no contact for four years and then reconnected through email at the end of those four years. Tony and his best friend were getting out of the army and going on a six month backpacking trip to all the national parks and since Michelle was getting out at the same time we decided she could join us. During that trip, we realized we no longer saw each other as friends from school, and the friendship turned into love. We have now been married eleven years.   We spent that six month trip camping and hiking and we still love to do those things together as a family. We love swimming, biking, hiking, camping, and fishing (to be honest Michelle is not crazy about the fishing part but loves to go along for the company) together. In winter we love to take trips to the mountains together to ski, tube, play in the snow, or just relax together away from daily life. Our favorite part of the year is our fall trip to Florida. We spend one day at Disney World (we LOVE Disney World) and the rest of the week relaxing around the pool. We try to do family movie or board game nights on Friday nights and love going out to lunch after church on Sundays.

Love anything outdoors in the summer

A little about Michelle

I am a stay at home mom and I love it. Before this I studied criminal justice in college. After graduating I went in the army and worked with Patriot missiles. I loved my years in the army and will always cherish the times I had but I decided to get out so I could settle in one place and start a family. After getting out I went back to college to get my elementary teaching degree. When we had our boys I decided to stay home with them. I love having the time to volunteer in their classrooms, spend time with and take them places on their breaks. I think it is important to keep things orderly around the house so they feel calm and comfortable when they get home. Staying at home also give me an incredible amount of time with our youngest son until he goes to kindergarten next year. I really look forward to that one on one time with our new baby when he/she arrives.

My friends would describe me as spunky, loyal, loving, and active. I am willing to try anything at least once. I love hiking, camping (except when it’s cold—I do NOT do well in the cold!), running, and anything else that gets me moving and active. I also love my down time and love to sit with a cup of coffee on the couch and watch HGTV. I am short so people underestimate me before they get to know me, but I like to say small but mighty. My drill sergeants in basic training called me Mighty Mouse. I attribute some of these characteristics to my stepdad who I’ve always been close with.   He always taught me to stand up for myself and do anything you could to help others. My mom has often said I was so much like him. I am a very organized person. I love making lists and organizing things. I feel like this keeps our life calmer and running smoother, but my friends joke with me that I write things lists just so I can mark stuff off!

Most of all I love being a mom. I have always dreamed of having a family to support each other. I picture big family dinners laughing and sharing with each other. I dream of another child to love, teach, and share life with.


A little about Tony

My friends, family, and even my work team would probably describe me as loving, giving, driven, active, adventurous, and fun. I am a family man and every morning I wake up, I thank God for Michelle and our kids. I have lived all over this great country and seen so many things from North Carolina to Hawaii.

After college, I was an officer in the army in charge of an infantry unit. I loved my time in the army and the community it provided, but decided to leave the military in order to settle down in one location and start/raise a family. After separating from the army, Michelle and I took a life changing backpacking trip across the entire US for 6 months seeing so much that this beautiful country has to offer. We became so close spending every minute together for 6 months. I say it was life changing because after accomplishing such a grand plan and all the things we faced, with so little money, I feel as a team, we can truly accomplish anything together. Now, our family loves camping together and it brings us so much closer by enjoying hikes, canoeing, biking, or just cooking smores over the campfire. We all sleep in 1 large tent which keep us close as well J. We have room for 1 more in the tent and we are so excited to add your child to our family.

I love all sports/activities, playing games with the kids, and woodworking. I really enjoy running. I have truly enjoyed coaching the kids’ sports team, leading their scout dens, and teaching in their Sunday school classes. I feel it is so critical for them to see how active I am in their lives and be involved in all of their activities.

I have been a general manager for the same company for 13 years (since leaving the army) and I have earned Managing Partner status because of the team I have built. I absolutely understand the importance of maintaining a balance between my family and work. My dedication and drive at work is solely so I can provide for my family and for the families of my associates.


Home Sweet Home

We live in a suburban neighborhood at the end of a cul de sac. The people in the neighborhood are very friendly with each other and all the kids love to meet in our cul de sac to play together. It is very common to look out and see groups of kids playing basketball, riding bikes, or playing tag. We sometimes have block parties where everyone brings grills and food to share and play together.

We worked on our backyard last year to make a place kids love to play. The kids love to play on the playset, swings, zipline, and the trampoline. There is a big grassy area left open for soccer, baseball, tag, and running around. Our house backs up to a natural wooded area. We love to sit in the yard in the evenings with a fire in the firepit and roast marshmallows and have fun.

Our elementary school is on a year round schedule which means they get more breaks through the year which has been great because we can vacation in the fall when it is less crowded and cooler.

Meet the big brothers

Our boys cannot wait to have a new brother or sister. They really get along well and take care of each other and are excited to have another sibling to love. Tyler has even come up with several names for his new brother or sister (although he is only four so at this point most of them sound more like names for a fish or dog!)

Caleb is the oldest and loves just about every activity he can participate in. He loves to read, science, soccer, and baseball and truly takes good care and protects his younger brothers. His teachers also talk about how he stands up for other kids on the playground at school.

Aaron is quiet and shy but always has lots of friends. He loves basketball, gymnastics, and math and truly loves school. He is great at both being buddies with Caleb as well as playing for hours with Tyler. He is a very determined kid and will continue to work on something as long as we will let him.

The best way to describe Tyler is that he absolutely loves life. He makes everything fun and his laughter is contagious to all those around him. He loves baseball and playing outside. He also loves sitting down to be read to and always has hugs and snuggles for everyone.

kids hulk

Meet our entire family

Both Michelle and I grew up with only 1 sibling each in our families. I have a brother (5yrs older) and she has a brother (2yrs younger). We enjoy visiting our families together on special occasions and holidays. Unfortunately, because of distance to both families, we can’t get together as much as we would like. The kids love playing with their cousins during those visits. Both of our mothers are retired so we are fortunate that their schedules allow for them to visit us more. I believe a big reason we both want a larger family is because we each grew up with only one sibling each.

Growing up, both Michelle and I can recall such incredible annual trips that we took with our families that also helped shape our lives and created a desire in us to form our own annual family traditions.

Michelle’s family growing up went to Florida enjoying Disney each year which is a tradition that we as a family have continued. Our kids look forward to our annual trip to a time share we have near Disney every year. They love swimming in the pools, the activities, and the day we visit Disney World.

My family grew up going to a lake each year with numerous other families. I loved the extended family feel of knowing roughly 40 people at the lake at one time. We enjoy something similar each year by camping with other families at a few different lakes. The kids absolutely love having so many friends around to enjoy the long weekends with.

Some of these families include families from our church small group (roughly 8 families), friends from their school, and friends from their activities. The importance of these relationships between the kids and the adults are crucial in the success of all the kids because we truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. The more positive influences they have in their lives, the better.

Our Faith

Our faith has really become important to us in the past few years. We attend church on Sunday mornings and on Sunday nights our kids go to a program called AWANA where they have Bible stories, learn Bible verses, and play games. We have a small group which is eight families from our church that get together once a week for Bible study and are a general support system for each other. We really work for our kids to have faith in Jesus as the center of their lives as well and to use their faith as a moral compass for how to treat others.


Meet Annie (the dog)

We rescued Annie about a year ago. She is a very loveable, playful black lab mix. This is our first experience with a pet and she has blended right into our family. We love to watch how she loves each boy differently. Tyler loves to roll around and play with her and they often tire each other out and we find them asleep together in the living room. Aaron is more shy and reserved and she loves to hug and cuddle with him. Caleb is determined to teach her tricks and they could play fetch for hours.

As parents we promise to:


  1. love this child as an individual and find out what makes him/her special, what makes him/her feel loved, and how best to support him/her in every part of life.
  2. build a strong family that will stay close and loving to each other, always supporting each other.
  3. make birthdays fun—birthdays are big in our house and we spend days making each other feel special during birthday week.
  4. be his/her biggest cheerleaders. We promise to find what passions he/she has and encourage those and provide what they need to feel successful.

5) make sure he/she feels secure, safe, and provided for

6) at all times make sure he/she knows he/she is a precious gift, loved beyond measure by both of us, God, his/her brothers, and family and friends.

One last thank you

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. Hopefully we have been able to show you what makes us happy as a couple and as a family. We think we are loving, active, and fun parents. We really look forward to this next step in our lives and building even better memories as a family. We would love to talk further with you and get to know each other better and are also happy to share photos and updates so you can see how well loved your child is as he or she grows. We hope we have eased your mind with your decision and that you have an easy pregnancy and delivery. God bless you.

Our favorite yearly vacation spot-Disney World