April 21st, 2018
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Mike and Mal

Hello! Thank you, we are Mike & Mal

We are so excited to introduce ourselves! We have no way of understanding what emotions you may be feeling. We hope to help put your mind at ease by showing you how we will provide a loving, supportive family for your child. Your gift of adoption is not only immensely appreciated but we will ensure your child will always know of your selflessness and courage. We want to thank you for considering us as parents.

Five things we will teach our child: To treat others how you want to be treated. A good work ethic. A strong values and morals. To enjoys the little things in life. How special it is to be adopted.

Our Story: Our story began while we were both attending Chico State. We quickly found that were were better as a team. Over the past nine years we have worked together to finish college, purchase our first homes and acquire meaningful careers. We attempted to grow our family naturally for many years. We decided three years ago to attempt infertility treatments. One night when speaking with Mike’s mom (who herself is adopted) we decided to grow our family through adoption. We recently purchased a home in the country to allow for our future child to make as many positive memories as possible. Our niece and nephews love coming to play basketball, swing on the tire swing, make leaf piles to jump in and have snow ball fights. Our niece and nephews are excited and eager to continue the fun with their future cousin.

Meet Mal

Through Mike’s Eyes: I knew Mal was going to be my best friend from the moment I met her. She is the most caring person I have ever met. She is always there for people in need, from the moment she wakes up in the morning until she falls asleep at night. She enjoys planning family and friend gatherings, birthday parties, showers…..really any excuse to get loved ones together. I can’t wait to see what themed events she plans, when we have a child.

Over the past nine years I have been lucky enough to witness Mal interacting with not only our niece and nephews but also extended family and friends children. I admire Mal in her hard work with educating children on the Autism Spectrum. I know she will bring the same care and love to parenting as she gives to the children she works with.

Work Life: Mal not only works with children on the Autism Spectrum but it is one of her passions to promote awareness and future research. Mal works for a company that is very family oriented and understands the importance of balancing home and work life. She has a flexible schedule that allows her to work around her daily family life.

Meet Mike

Through Mal’s Eyes: I know it may seem cheesy but Mike is my best friend and my biggest supporter. Every morning I wake up to him, I still feel a flutter of excitement to be his wife. Mike supports me in all of my interests and passions, ranging from furniture restoration (I am not handy) to volunteering for The Walk For Autism. I know he will show our future child unconditional love and support, just as he has done for me, our family and our friends.

Mike works hard in everything he does but also remembers to enjoy the small things in life. He is the guy that everybody loves and can make you feel comfortable in any situation. He is always excited to see our family and friends kids and is known to our niece, nephews and their friends as “Unc”. Being a great dad will be his first priority and I can’t wait to come home to matching baby daddy outfits.

Work Life: Mike is a Territory Sales Manager. His office is in our family home and he is able to create his own work schedule. Having a flexible schedule will allow him to spend quality family time on a regular basis.

Our Family & Friends

The Ones We Love: We both come from loving families that get together as often as possible. We grew up as the youngest in our families and were raised by our strong mothers and supported by our sisters. Our niece and nephews live two miles from our home and we see them multiple times each week. Our families gather for every occasion possible, birthdays, graduations, holidays, family vacations, family dinners…. We all believe that it takes a village to raise children and we are lucky enough to not only have large supportive family but also close, supportive group of friends that have become our family/part of our tribe. Most weekends are full of a variety of adventures, ranging from movie nights, camping trips and BBQ. We believe that as long as we are around our loved ones, we will always be blessed.

Our Fur Babies: We have two loving pets that love to give kisses and receive treats! We raised one from a puppy and one we rescued. Both dogs were raised around children and love when children are at our house. Though we walk them, their favorite pass time is sunbathing on the deck. We both look forward to coming home at the end of our day to unconditional love that comes out as uncontrollable dog wiggles.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Is Where The Heart Is: We live in a small laid back community that has hiking trails, rafting, dirt biking, mountain biking, lakes and more. Our community comes together to celebrate holidays in a safe, wholesome way. We live on a quiet street and only two miles from our future child’s cousins. Our home is located on an acre of fun to run and play property which includes a grass yard, fire pit, basketball hoop and a tire swing. Living in a small town everyone knows everyone and is willing and ready to help when needed. We have already established ourselves in our community as the “fun Aunt and Unc” to our niece and nephews friends and their parents.

Thank You Doesn’t Seem To Be Enough: We are prepared and ready for being up all night, diaper duty, bath time routine and everything else that comes with parenting. We are excited to grow our family and words don’t seem to be enough to thank you for your consideration.

It will be our mission in life to ensure that your child feels loved, supported and cared for on a daily basis. Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile, we know that your decision can not be an easy one. We hope that we are the family you are looking for and wish you peace and ease in making your decision.