July 16th, 2019
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Mitzi and David

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. Vacationing in Maui
  • 2. Arts and crafts
  • 3. Hosting parties/holidays
  • 4. Sledding in Big Bear
  • 5. Playing boardgames with family
  • 1. Going to the beach
  • 2. Vacationing in Maui
  • 3. Working on my Mustang
  • 4. Playing baseball
  • 5. Fishing

To a very special person,

It is with great respect that we look to you in our efforts to create a family. We know that your consideration of open adoption is made out of deep love, courage, strength and selflessness. We look forward to embarking on this adventure with you. Our excitement grows with the thought that you will learn more about us and you will get a sense of the love that we have for each other and how excited we are to become parents! It will be the happiest day of our lives if you pick us to be part of this incredible journey. Please know that if you do choose us, your child will be loved, supported, and always accepted unconditionally, in good times and in bad. We can’t wait to meet you!

How We Met

We met while dancing at our mutual friend’s birthday party. Ever since that night, we knew we were meant to be together. After about a year of dating, we got engaged at sunset on a beach we still visit frequently. And a year later we were married in the same church that Mitzi’s parents were married in. We love each other very much and the only thing that is missing is a little one with whom we can share our love, laughter and support.

10 Fun Facts:

  1. We enjoy spending time with our nieces and nephews, we take them to chuck e cheese or to the park or go swimming with them in our parent’s pools; we have a 2 year old niece, fraternal twin nephews who are eight years old; a 14 year old nephew and a 16 year old niece.
  2. Mitzi loves doing arts and crafts for our nieces and nephews.
  3. David loves working on his 1968 fast back Mustang and playing baseball.
  4. We are both HUGE dog lovers-we have 2 Rottweilers (Zeus and Thalia), who are the friendliest and most loving dogs who enjoy taking their walks with us and being loved on by our nieces and nephews.
  5. Mitzi is Cuban and David is a mix of Colombian/Italian/Argentinian.
  6. We love to travel (our favorite place is Maui, Hawaii); go to Dodger games and to the movies.
  7. David is very handy and can fix all kinds of things around the house and do maintenance to our cars.
  8. Mitzi loves to cook and David loves to eat it.
  9. We enjoy weekend getaways-quick trips to Big bear to enjoy boating/jetskiing or day trips to Santa Barbara to eat at our favorite hole in the wall restaurant.
  10. We both love the outdoors whether its hiking in Big Sur or going to the beach, like Venice or Zuma.

About Mitzi

I was born and raised near Glendale, California. I am the youngest of two. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be in the medical field. I studied Biology at Loyola Marymount University. After graduating, I became an Emergency Medical Technician working at our local emergency room until I figured out which avenue I was going to pursue. I ended up traveling and living in Miami, Florida for two years where I got my first master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. I finally found my calling and received my second master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies. I work as a physician assistant in plastic and reconstructive surgery helping out mostly breast cancer patients by giving them back something that they didn’t ask to be taken away from them. I truly enjoy working with my patients and seeing them become whole again with more confidence. I have great benefits and flexibility in my schedule, which will come in handy when raising a child. One of the things I value most is balance, and when I imagine being a mom, I know that I will bring balance to everything my child experiences.

About Mitzi, by David: The day I met Mitzi, I knew she was the love of my life! Mitzi is such a caring, supportive and loving woman. She is intelligent, hard-working and cares very much about all of her patients. She is dedicated to her work and her family equally. When I see Mitzi with our nieces and nephews, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for them. Seeing her interact with them shows me what an amazing mother she will be one day. I see her cheering the loudest at their sporting events or taking so many pictures at their school performances. She will enjoy visiting the zoo or pushing your child on the swings during the day and reading them a bedtime story or two before they fall asleep. She is going to be the most patient and loving mother. I cannot wait to see her with our child!About David

I was born and raised in Highland Park, California. I grew up in a family that supported all of my sports and curricular activities. When I was 4 years old, I started playing baseball and continued playing until college. I was being recruited by major league baseball teams until I had a knee injury from football. Despite that injury, I still love the game and play softball with a team from work. My love of the outdoors started with swimming in our pool at home and continued with our family vacations. We would travel all over the United States with our motor home and stopping at all signs that say “fishing”. I still enjoy fishing to this day, I go on over night trips with my friends to try and catch “the big one”! For work, I have always worked with troubled youth. I have always built positive relationships with my clients based on mutual respect. My calm attitude and active listening skills allowed me to relate to them in a way so that they could follow the program and be comfortable around I built good trust and communication with them. All of this experiences will definitely come in handy when we become parents.

About David, by Mitzi: David is my best friend and the love of my life! He is the most loyal, kindest and caring human being I have ever met. He is my rock and has shown me what true love is. I never have any doubt of his loyalty and unconditional love. I know he is going to be an amazing father! I see how he is with our 2 year old niece, our 8 year old twin nephews, our 14 year old nephew and our 16 year old niece. He is patient, fun, funny and knows how to interact so well with each of them. I can see how he will be in each stage of our child’s life. I see him teaching them how to fish or playing catch in the park. I know when we are lucky enough to be parents that David’s love for a child will be fierce and endless and he will show our child joy, love and will always be there for him/her no matter what.Our Family and Friends

Mitzi’s Family: We both come from happy, healthy and supportive families. Mitzi’s mom and extended family live less than 10 minutes away from us but her only sister and her family live in Austin, Texas. Although we are many miles apart, we are always in touch with them by phone/facetime/facebook! Every summer they come to visit for about a month and we try and make it out there once a year as well. We are a small but close nit family. We enjoy playing games like Pictionary or Monopoly when they come to town and having sleep over nights to watch movies until way past their bed time! 🙂

David’s Family: David’s parents and sister live about 30 minutes away from us. David’s huge extended family come over every thanksgiving to our house. It is an amazing time as we have our potluck dinner and share what we are grateful for each year. We are always sitting around the table telling stories or playing games like corn hole well into the night. For Christmas, we go over to one of David’s aunt’s house and the children always put on a Christmas show for us!

Meet Zeus and Thalia: We have 2 amazingly sweet dogs. Zeus and Thalia are the best of friends and they are both playful, loving and gentle. They have the kindest and warmest souls.Our Home and Community

We live in a family-friendly neighborhood with great schools in Burbank, California. We live about a block from an amazing elementary school and about half a mile from a park that has a great playground, pool and community center that offers kids dance and drama classes, sports and other cool kid activities. We are about 10 minutes away from downtown Burbank that has many restaurants, shops and movie theaters. We intend to provide our child with the best educational options according to their individual needs and interests as well as let them enjoy being kids and getting involved in sports through the community center or play on the swings or slides in the park.

Our Promise To You:

  • We promise to work to fill our child’s life with love and happiness and to enjoy life together.
  • We promise to protect them and provide a safe and nurturing place to grow up.
  • As parents, our commitment is to foster a love of learning, respect for others and a curiosity about life.
  • We will honor your child’s uniqueness, their culture, and their ancestry.
  • We promise to believe in them, no matter what, and to really listen to them.
  • We will teach them honesty and staying true to their word.
  • We will be there for them in the good times and the bad.
  • With our unconditional love, we will cherish the story of how, because of your love and courage, we became a family.


Thank you so much for reading our profile! We are so grateful that you took the time to get to know us. We wish you peace of mind as you make the choice that is best for you and your baby. Of course, we would be honored if you chose us! If you do, we will be excited to meet you and will be committed to building a comfortable relationship based on trust and understanding. Please know that you have our utmost respect, support and compassion not only today, but every day moving forward.