June 18th, 2019
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Monica and Jeff

Hello, Hola! We are Monica and Jeff from San Francisco, California

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you for choosing adoption and for taking the time to read about us. We respect your decision and think it is very noble and selfless. We want to adopt because we have dreamt of being parents and raising a child with love, compassion and respect. We hope this is the beginning of our journey together.

Our Story: Our relationship grew over our mutual love of animals, spending time with family and friends, listening to live music, exploring San Francisco together and travel. We met in 2007 in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Monica was drawn to Jeff’s chivalry and humor and Jeff admired Monica’s vibrancy and openness. We married here in 2013 surrounded by our closest family and friends. Our marriage is full of respect; we are supportive of each other and we laugh together all the time.


Fun Facts:

  • It’s easy to find each other in a crowd because we are both tall. People comment on our above average heights frequently.
  • We love dogs. We currently have a miniature pinscher Chihuahua named Huey and plan to get another bulldog.
  • Monica and her mother take annual mother-daughter trips.
  • Jeff plays basketball as a volunteer for reformed inmates.
  • We enjoy hikes at the national parks just minutes from our home.
  • We enjoy spending time in the kitchen together making our favorite meals from scratch.
  • We have had the repeated privilege of being godparents. Jeff has one goddaughter; Monica has three goddaughters and we have one godson.



Meet Monica

Monica, By Jeff: I feel Monica is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor. We spend a lot of our time together laughing. Monica will be a great mom. She enjoys helping people. I’m proud of how hard she works at her career since it has its challenges. Monica is great at her job and her patients mean a lot to her. She is kind, thoughtful and genuine and she inspires me to be the same. She’s eager to play catch with her friends’ children or help her nieces with their hair-do requests. I can’t wait to raise a child together.

Monica is an occupational therapist with a flexible work schedule. She is very close to her family and friends. Her family get-togethers are filled with food, laughter and games. Monica has known her best friends since childhood and they were bridesmaids at our wedding.



Meet Jeff

Jeff, By Monica: I feel so lucky to have even met Jeff and I’m extremely grateful that he is my husband. He had just moved to California from Wisconsin when we bumped into each other while out with friends. I’d like to think I swept him off his feet. His love, respect, generosity and devotion to his friends and family along with his conviction to do what is right are the reasons why I love him so much. Jeff has been my rock through life’s challenges and he makes me laugh every day. Jeff’s sense of humor is obvious, and his laugh is memorable. Jeff seems to know what I need sometimes before I do, and he surprises me often with dinner reservations or home-cooked meals after I’ve worked a long day. He also plans fun day outings for us like picnics in the park. Jeff will make a great father because of these qualities. He has a desire to provide for me, for our families and our friends. He is quick-thinking and not afraid to step in and help and he has experience taking care of little ones. He spends quality time with my nieces and nephews teaching them how to shoot a basketball and alternately can sit at a table to color in a coloring book with my cousin’s children. I am excited to grow our family together!

Jeff works in operations and sales for a plumbing supplier here in San Francisco. Jeff loves to host his friends and family from Wisconsin and act as a tour guide for our city. Jeff’s friends would say he is good at bringing people together and staying in touch. Jeff was probably a DJ in a former life because he has a playlist for every occasion and he is the first one to put money in the jukebox.



The People We Love, Nuestra Familia

Monica: I am the youngest with two older brothers. Both of my brothers have two children; both have one boy and one girl, and I am blessed to be the godmother to my nieces. My brothers and my mother live an hour away and I see them a lot. I feel so fortunate to have such an amazingly loving, fun and supportive family. We spend all the major holidays together. My favorite tradition is getting together with my extended family every Christmas Eve/ Christmas morning, we meet at my mom’s house where we eat tamales and open presents, then cap the day with our annual family picture. My retired mother has offered to assist with child care. They can’t wait to welcome another loved one to the fun family dynamic.

Jeff: I am the oldest of four with two brothers and one sister. My brother and sister have their own families and I now have two nieces and three nephews under the age of six. They all live in Wisconsin where my mother lives and we see them at least once per year, but we keep in touch by phone regularly. In recent years we have been meeting for a family reunion in Wisconsin -sharing lodging and having fun at the water parks. We fly my mother out to California once per year. They couldn’t be more supportive of us and our adoption journey.

Our Pup, Huey: Huey is our loveable 6-year-old Chihuahua-miniature pinscher rescue. He can be found relaxing in the sun or buried under several blankets. Huey is most alert when someone is in the kitchen because although he is only 8 pounds he is always eager to get an extra treat.



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our  Home, Nuestra Casa: We have a beautiful home over-looking Ocean Beach where annually we watch whales from our window and where we regularly get amazing sunset views. Our neighborhood is family friendly and our two closest neighbors have toddlers and a newborn as well as having numerous friends with small children in the area.

We are walking distance to schools and our favorite restaurants, museums, national parks including Golden Gate park, other scenic tourist attractions and overlooks of Golden Gate bridge. We feel lucky to live in such a fascinating city and feel we chose the best neighborhood to raise a child. We can’t wait to have a little one join us on our picnics or beach days and or our strolls in the park. We look forward to introducing him or her to all the cultural diversity this city has to offer.


Our Promise To You:

  • We promise to do our best as parents and love your child unconditionally.
  • We promise to fill our home with laughter and encourage fun and play.
  • We promise to make all efforts to mirror good manners and respectful behavior to foster these attributes in your child
  • We promise to promote education- not only in school but in life- exposing your child to diversity and culture.
  • We promise to nurture your child’s individuality and help him/her find their way in this world
  • We promise your child will know you and our respect for you as well as knowing his/her adoption story.


Thank You, Gracias: Thank you for reading our profile. We hope we have shown you that we are ready to welcome your baby into our loving home and we are excited to be parents. We know you will make the best choice for you and your baby and we respect your loving decision.