October 21st, 2018
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Monique and Julio


  • Favorite Hobby

    Julio: Comic Book Collecting

    Monique: Traveling

  • Favorite Movie

    Julio: They Live/Aliens

    Monique: Dirty Dancing

  • Favorite Actor

    Julio: Bruce Campbell

    Monique: George Clooney

  • Favorite Food

    Julio: Lomo Saltado (Peruvian)

    Monique: Ice Cream

  • Favorite Animal

    Julio: Australian Sheep Dog

    Monique: Kittens

  • Favorite TV Show

    Julio: Law and Order

    Monique: The Walking Dead

  • Favorite Holiday

    Julio: Halloween

    Monique: Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation

    Julio: Las Vegas

    Monique: Riviera Maya/Hawaii

Hello! We are Monique, Julio and Max from California!


We met when we worked at a tennis club. Julio worked the front desk and Monique taught tennis. We had an instant connection and before we knew it we were standing over a koi pond in a Japanese Garden exchanging vows!  As you look at our profile, we hope you get a glimpse into our life and see the love, laughter and adventures we have as a family and that we would provide to your child!  We currently have a son, Max (or as he prefers Mad Max).  He is a miracle born through in-vitro! ADOPTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON OUR MINDS AS A WAY TO GROW OUR FAMILY. Your child will be as much part of the family as the rest of us are.  The role you take in our adoption journey is truly cherished and appreciated! We couldn’t be more excited and we hope if you pick us, you can feel just as proud! The incredible gift you give us will be a blessing.


Family Fun: Since we have several amusement parks within driving distance we get to go to Disneyland, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld and the beach all the time!  We can’t wait to find out what your child likes or dreams of so we can plan fun adventures around those hobbies!  Yearly trips to San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Sedona, Arizona to take the Polar Express to the North Pole to meet Santa, Hawaii, Cancun and Cozumel.



Meet Julio


About Julio, by Monique: Julio is a very active, caring and loving father who is funny, outgoing, surprises me and dreams big.  From the moment I met Julio, he has made me laugh! He is the king of social event planning! Always bringing friends and family together! One party has barely finished and he is planning the next one!  Julio is the most caring and thoughtful person I know! He is my greatest supporter in following my dreams. He does the same for Max who wants to be a Pro golfer and save the world from zombies. From taking him to his golf lessons, setting up putting greens at the house, to fortifying the house from Zombie attacks — he has his back! I know he will do the same for your child.  Julio is a stay-at-home dad and has created a strong bond with Max and looks forward to doing it again! He is very involved, doing middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, plans fun excursions, and will spontaneously take us out for ice cream!  Julio is creative, artistic, and has a talent for storytelling. Julio has always loved Star wars, comic books and music. He shares all this with our son. I love riding in the car with them and hearing Max sing Julio’s favorite songs, or coming home to them playing action figures!


More About Julio, by Julio: Hello! My name is Julio, Aka Daddy. I was born and raised in Southern California. In College I studied film, and that is where I got my love for writing. After selling my ATM and comic book store businesses we decided I would be a stay-at-home dad. I’ll tell you what…it’s the best decision we ever made! It is the greatest time of my life! I have been a part of Max’s everyday life and look forward to doing the same for your child! I heard his first word “Dada” and saw his first step. I love every day I get to spend with him! I’m so excited to be a parent again and get to experience being a stay-home-father one more time. Where do I sign up? Let the adventure begin!



Meet Monique


About Monique, by Julio: Monique is an amazing mother, an animal lover, a lover of live music, an outdoors enthusiast, but also fine with just being at home.  Monique is kind and loving. She is an amazing mother and an incredible partner. When I watch her reading books to Max she is so patient and funny teaching our son to read.  My favorite thing about Monique is she can go from being a school district administrator to 100% geek mode in seconds. She is always up for watching a Star Wars movie, helping us find a hard-to-get collectible action figure to dressing up in Max’s crazy costumes he puts together!  Every day is a blessing for Max and me to have such a wonderful woman in our life. I would not be who I am today without her. She is my heart and soul, wife and best friend. Your child would be in such great hands with Monique as their adoptive mother!


More About Monique, by Monique: I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles (the neighborhood where they filmed the movie ET). While in college, I taught kid’s tennis and was a movie and TV extra. While I work in education, nothing is more rewarding than teaching, playing and loving my child! I love being a mom! Seeing my child’s smile, knowing he is happy and knowing he feels secure in that I am always there for him, is most important to me and will be for any child I am blessed to be “mama” to.



Our Family & Friends


Meet Max! Max is very excited to be a big brother! He talks about it all the time. I n our family your child will enjoy the companionship, love, and fun of having a sibling! We can’t wait for your child to be part of the family and have lots of adventures with Max!  Julio has two favorite characters named Max! From his favorite book Where the Wild Things Are and from the movie Road Warrior, thus Max has taken up the nickname Mad Max which is fitting due to his tenacious and adventurous personality! Max has even had his nick name embroidered onto a few of his jackets. At age 2 Max decided he wanted to play golf and since then plays on a daily basis and wins skill’s tournaments!


Our Friends and Family: Monique’s parents live in Northern California on a golf course over-looking a beautiful lake and visit often. Max gets spoiled by Nana and gets tennis lessons from Grandpa! Monique has 1 sister. Julio’s parents live near-by and we are lucky to see them all the time! Julio has 3 brothers.  So far there are 8 cousins Max and our future child can hang out with! One of which is adopted! Everyone was so excited when Korvin joined Monique’s sister’s family and they continue to connect with his birth mom!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts


Our Home: Our home is located in Southern California and is perfect for raising kids and having friends and family over! The kids enjoy the backyard putting green, fort, slide, swings and pool! Friends and family enjoy BBQs on the patio and movie nights in our home theater.


Thank You! Being parents is incredibly rewarding and we love it! We are extremely excited to bring another miracle into our family and, hopefully, you see in us what you dream of for your child! THANK YOU FOR READING OUR PROFILE AND FOR CONSIDERING US AS YOUR CHILD’S ADOPTIVE PARENTS. We would feel truly blessed and grateful to be chosen by you!