August 20th, 2019
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Nachiket and Shachi


Dear Birthmother,

We are so excited to grow our family!

While we are very excited to grow our family through adoption, we won’t pretend to understand what a difficult choice you are making. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your child in our lives and open for whatever level of contact you feel comfortable with. We cannot express enough the joy, excitement and anticipation we feel each day thinking about being able to hold a child in our arms and close to our hearts!

Thank you for considering us for your child.

Celebrating marriage anniversary at Dubai desert

Enjoying natural beauty of Crater lake, OR.


Our Story

We met in 2009 through an arranged meeting through our parents, but instantly fell in love!

To both of us raising a child with love, compassion and role-modelling is very important.  Creating an environment where our child feels valued each day and emphasizing the importance of education to our child is very important to both of us.

For both of us, family comes first. We both love children and take every opportunity to play with and care for children. We cannot wait to be parents.

We both love to travel and explore cultures of the world. We also love to hike and walk the outdoors of Pacific Northwest. We both practice Yoga and healthy life styles. We both love music.

Both our parents and grand-parents celebrated 50+ years of marriage, and we want to emulate them.

We both believe in the goodness of the world and in Karma.

We cannot wait to hold our child in our arms and sing lullaby!

Enjoying Mexican Sunset!

About Nachiket

The people who know Nachiket, describe him as a responsible, family man. Through his natural planning and analytical abilities, Nachiket provides a secure future for the family’s needs. Nachiket loves to count the blessings he has, to feel the gratitude for things he has.

Nachiket works as a Software Engineer for Microsoft. Nachiket has a dual masters’ degree, in computer science and MBA.

Nachiket has already prepared and funded a college plan for our child’s education.

Nachiket is an occasional singer, winning prizes in singing competitions

Nachiket learnt computer programming at the age of 10

On the first-ever day of school, Nachiket ran away because he did not find his sister who promised to be with him.

Nachiket loves to hike!

About Shachi

The people who know Shachi, describe her as a loving, caring woman with natural motherly instincts.

Shachi loves to host friends and family and cook for everyone. Shachi is also a great relationship builder. Shachi works as a Relationship Banker at Bank of America. Shachi has a masters’ degree in bio-chemistry, and has worked in marketing, admin, retail and now banking. Shachi can win hearts with her smile. She is told so often that she has a beautiful, caring heart by anyone who knows her.

Shachi is an expert dancer in Indian classical dance

Shachi can write with the book upside-down

Shachi starts her meal with a dessert

Shachi plans to take time off from work to be home and bond with our child.

Shachi loves tulips!


Home Sweet Home

We live in a 2-story 5-bedroom house that is in a safe, quiet and kid friendly neighborhood. Our home is in a school district that has some of the best schools in the country.

We have a nice front and backyard that provides lots of room for kids to play. There are many kids’ oriented activities in our neighborhood and town.

We can see Mt. Rainier from our neighborhood and live very close to Lake Washington and some of the most beautiful parks Seattle has to offer.

Grand-parents can’t wait to spoil our child. They are ready and excited to play and have story time with our child. We all are eagerly looking forward to hear the laughter of our child fill our home.

Home is where the heart is!

Comfortable and cozy living room!

Celebrating Nachiket’s Dad’s 75th birthday

Family & Friends

We are blessed with wonderful support system that consists of our family and friends.

Nachiket is the youngest brother to 4 elder sisters. Nachiket’s Dad has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and taught Math for 42 years. He is retired now, but likes to keep busy by volunteering to teach Math to needy students. Nachiket’s parents can’t wait to hold our child in their arms.

Shachi is elder sister to a younger brother. Her brother lives in Canada. Shachi’s Dad is a retired banker and keeps busy helping with volunteering various non-profit organizations. Shachi’s parents can’t wait to play with our child.

We have many friends with young kids!

Celebrating Nachiket’s parents 50th anniversary

Friends taking a hike

We love to host kids!

Celebrating Shachi’s brother pre-wedding

In addition to strong paternal and maternal family connections with both our families, we have close friends that are our family away from family. Most of our friends know us more than a decade and have been integral part of our lives in good times and bad. All of our friends and family have kids, and they cannot wait to have our kid to play with them.

Our Promises

A warm loving home

An education oriented family

A life-long gratitude to you

Thank you! for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Should you be willing, we would like to welcome you in our lives.

We promise to care, honor and love your child more than our lives.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp at 1.800.637.7999 toll free. Thank you!