July 16th, 2019
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Nate and Paula

Hello! We are Paula and Nate

Dear Birth Mom: Thank you for checking out our profile! We are honored that you would consider us to care for your most precious gift, and we’re so excited to get to know you, too. We are inspired by your courage, and hope that our story will bring you comfort. We have waited a long time to have children, and we’re grateful for our path to parenthood. We will make sure your child knows of your bravery and selflessness. You are one of a kind, just like that little one that you’re about to introduce to the world.

Once Upon a Time: We met in an acting class in college. We cracked each other up & got along better than we thought two people ever could. After college, we decided we liked the other side of the stage better, so we became writers. We’ve lived in exciting cities like Lexington (KY), Austin and New York, and we finally settled in Los Angeles. We always knew that we wanted to raise kids together, and have dreamed about what it might be like to have them someday. We imagine that two artists might have a baby who grows up to be an astronaut (Nate’s dream) or a rodeo rider (Paula’s) or we might raise a child who wants to teach math. No matter what the dream, we hope to instill wonder and imagination, to encourage our future child always, and to teach them to shoot for the stars!


This is How We Do It, Baby:

  • We are silly. We make up stories about monsters and zombies and mermaids and we act them out. We even took one idea and turned it into a movie with our friends.
  • We like to make things.
  • Nate builds furniture. He and his dad create wood projects together—they’ve made our beds and tables, cutting boards… all kinds of things!
  • Paula likes to bake. Her cakes are a frequent request from friends for kids birthday parties and weddings.
  • And cooking together is our jam!


Our Work Life: We tag team and run a freelance writing business together and are excited to share stay-at-home duties, taking turns nurturing your little one.



Meet Paula

Nate Hearts Paula: Paula has the most generous, open heart of anyone you’ve ever met. She cares for friends and strangers while making time for family. She inspires me to be a better man. I love to hear her sing!! And to eat whatever she cooks. She centers our family spiritually and is always up for a snuggle. She’s the one everyone calls for advice and comfort. I can’t wait for our kiddos to have that in a momma.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Paula:

  • Coal Miner’s daughter
  • Sang professionally to put herself through college
  • Loves kitties, doggies and horses
  • Loves an impromptu dance party in the living room
  • Loves ice cream dates



Meet Nate

Paula Hearts Nate: Nate is the best friend a girl could ask for. He listens and he is always up for an adventure. I love his heart and his gentleness. He is easygoing and he makes me laugh. And he’s enthusiastic about everything—weekend activities, weekday night dinners, waking up together and having coffee. Really, everything. You’ll see… he’s just good people.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nate:

  • Is a University of Texas Longhorn
  • Wins at poker with his buds
  • Plays Guitar
  • Loves Legos
  • Loves teaching kids to cook



Our Loving Families

The People We Love: Nate’s Family Since we live so far apart from Nate’s family, Mimi and Papa, we like to take fun trips together. We’ve been to San Francisco, Washington D.C. and even Italy! We’ve hiked, skied, soaked up sunshine and visited ancient ruins. What a blessing it is to enjoy each other! Nate’s brother’s family lives just up the coast in Seattle and his sister’s family is in New Jersey. We will visit often so that your baby has lots of time with their cousins.

Paula’s Family Paula is auntie to her sister’s three grown babies. We’ve hosted them during summer and holiday vacations, exploring our big city parades, museums and our local tourist attractions. They’re lucky they live near their mamaw in Ohio, in Paula’s small hometown (Population 19,000!). Mamaw is looking forward to visits with her new grandbaby. She is forever young at heart—she tells the best and funniest stories and makes up the craziest voices. Paula’s Dad We lost my dad a few years ago. He was a great man who was admired by everyone in our teeny-tiny town. There’s nobody like him, but I married someone who is just as good and loving and kind.


What Our Friends Say About Us:

“Paula and Nate are the most reliable human beings I know – they have always found ways to support me and lift me up. I cannot imagine two better people to become parents and expand their family.”



“I met Nate and Paula in 2002 and remember feeling an immediate sense of being with family. Any child who ends up with Nate and Paula as parents will be the most loved, well cared for and cherished child on the planet.”



“Paula and Nate are going to be amazing parents! I watched them be a surrogate aunt and uncle to my son, Caleb. I look forward to watching them and their precious son/daughter bond and grow together.”



Yuletide Traditions:

  • Baking cookies & decorating the Christmas tree
  • Homemade pizza & movie night (Elf, Rudolph & It’s a Wonderful Life)
  • Viewing the colorful lights on Christmas Tree Lane
  • Sipping hot chocolate and watching the Rose Bowl Parade



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

There’s no place like home, our neighborhood is great for families. It is located in an award-winning dual immersion language school district. There are a number of parks with places for big kids and little ones to play. There’s storytime at the library and music days for our jitterbug. There are train rides, pony rides and the carousel at Griffith Park (you can even see the park from our house).


A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away:

  • Disneyland
  • Dodgers games
  • The Wizarding World at Universal Studios
  • Hiking in the Mountains
  • The Beach


A Home of Faith, We Will:

  • Introduce our child to Christ
  • Encourage them to ask questions, doubt, and make their own choice
  • Teach our child that all human beings are loved by God equally
  • Take them to a vibrant church that practices God’s grace
  • Celebrate diversity and fight for justice in the church and out
  • Dance and worship with them to the banjo and guitar


A Hope For The Future: Raising a child is the most important thing we could ever do, and we are excited to introduce your child to the wonder of this life. We hope to teach them to respect nature, to trust others, and to create lasting friendships. To hold their hands open, expectant and grateful for simple pleasures (like ice cream dripping on the sidewalk). We will say I love you every day, read stories at bedtime, make a point to listen and instill courage. We promise to tell your child their adoption story early on, to celebrate their cultural and ethnic heritage, and to ensure that they know what an incredibly selfless choice you made so that they could live a happy, whole and joyful life.

Thank You Doesn’t Seem To Be Enough: We always thought we would adopt one day, and we are pinching ourselves now that the time has finally come. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for getting to know us, and blessings to you and your baby, whatever you choose!