June 18th, 2019
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Nate and Tonya

Things that make us happy!

  • 1. Family time
  • 2. Playing musical instruments
  • 3. Using technology
  • 4. Sci-Fi movies
  • 5. Being with friends
  • 1. Being a wife & Mom
  • 2. Christmas
  • 3. Singing and playing music
  • 4. Family gatherings
  • 5. Shopping

Hello! We are Nate & Tonya from North Idaho.  You have such an important decision to make and we are so grateful to be a part of your journey.  We hope that our profile will give you some insight into who we are, our values and the future we are creating for our family. We have 3 kids Phoenix, Kanine and Vinn, ages 18, 8, and 5. They are super funny and very sweet. We love having kids in our life and would love to welcome a new little being. We always planned on having a few kids biologically and adopting as well. We love the idea of families being created in many ways and believe it creates a welcoming and accepting environment for all.


Our Story- We first met 11 1/2 years ago at a fire department training where we each volunteered for different fire departments.  A couple weeks later we both happened to be in the same EMT class. We shared many nights after class talking for hours till it dawned on Tonya that she liked Nate more than just a friend. 1 and a ½ years later Nate proposed by his fireplace and we married as best friends. We enjoy taking road trips, hiking, shopping, and playing music together. We also love the simple things, snuggling on the couch, dancing, and laughing ‘till we cry. Being each other’s biggest supporters has really helped us stay connected through all of life’s changes. We love being business partners to 2 part-time businesses. Our first is in cell phone repairs, and our second is being business coaches. We love going out together and helping people achieve their goals.

Our Spiritual Journey- We believe that the light inside of every person is our internal guide to self-growth and peace. Through the power of intention, prayer, and action we can maximize the good our universe provides. We have a very relaxed approach to spiritual teaching with our kids and want to allow them the space to self-discover their unique understanding of God.

About Nate- I really enjoy spending time with Tonya and the kids. I have many passions and try to include the kids in all my activities. One passion of mine is music. Between the guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano there is a lot we can all play together. I also love learning new things and ideas. Science and technology are my favorite subjects to research. It’s fun to ask the kids questions and get their minds turning on new ideas. I am looking forward to spending time with our new little one too.



Things I enjoy-

  • Acting Goofy
  • Using Technology


More about Nate- written by Tonya

Nate has many qualities that I admire greatly. He is a hard worker, very wise, and extremely patient.  He has the ability to communicate with anyone around him. Whether its catching up with me or finding out about our kids’ day and struggles, he leaves us all feeling listened to and feeling better. His love for learning new things sparks that in our kids. He is very silly and loves to act out some great accents. He loves being my husband and a dad to our kids.

About Tonya– Growing up I had 4 other siblings and the fun that came with that is the reason I want a big family of my own.  I am so grateful I can pass on to my kids the love and encouragement that I have received. Some of my passions are health and living naturally.  I love being a vegetarian.  But I cook many meals with meat on the side for those who want it. The kids and I enjoy working in our garden and harvest time is the best part. In my free time I love browsing Pinterest and making DIY decor projects.  I also love doing gymnastics and teaching the kids gymnastics skills as well. I really look forward to birthdays and holidays because they are a big celebration at our home. We have some great traditions we are continuing on with our kids. I am so excited to become a mom again, it is the greatest blessing!



Things I enjoy-

  • Camping and hiking
  • Singing and playing music with Nate and the kids
  • Celebrating Christmas (my favorite holiday)


More about Tonya – written by Nate

Tonya is the most amazing woman I have ever had the privilege of loving.  She is someone who knows who she is and is willing to stand up for what she believes in. When we were dating she often talked about adopting a baby and today I have never seen a better mother than her. She is very involved with our children and is always there when they need her for snuggles or to kiss an “owie”. Patience and love are her biggest qualities. She always wants the best for those around her and will smile and be caring to everyone she meets. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Meet our kids-

Phoenix is 18 years old. He is a caring young man and a wonderful big brother. Phoenix has a huge passion for playing musical instruments and reading book series. He and his siblings have fun together playing tickle fights and lots of other silly games. He is excited to be a big brother for our new little addition too.

Kanine is 8 years old and is full of curiosity. She is a girly girl, but also loves doing gymnastics and other adventurous things. Vinn and her love playing in the yard, climbing trees, and playing on the rope swing they made.  Together they have quite an imagination and are always doing something creative.  Kanine says “I will share my toys and read my favorite books to my new sibling.”

Vinn is 5 years old and is full of energy. He loves joking around, playing dress up, and reading. Vinn is very excited he gets to become a big brother soon. He says, “I want to play music, go to the beach and play Minecraft with my new brother or sister.”

We teach our kids that family is not just being blood related but is created in many ways.  Phoenix is from Nate’s first marriage and Tonya adopted him at age 9. With him and our future adopted child we will always put no separation between how a child joins our family. Family members can look different and have unique stories but we are all still wanted and loved equally.



Our Family & Home-

We live in a small city of 46,000 people in North Idaho. With all 4 seasons we enjoy the many activities that come with that. Our town is the perfect blend of big stores nearby but small-town energy and culture. We have met many families who have adopted kids of different races and we are excited for our child to have friends with similar backgrounds. Our house is a cozy 3 story home.  We have a huge fenced backyard, trampoline and a fire pit for campfires. We love being home, someone is always playing an instrument, reading, cooking dinner, or playing in the yard. It is our favorite place to relax and enjoy each other.

We both came from large families. Most of Nate’s family live in different states so unfortunately, we don’t get to see them much. But Tonya’s family is local within an hour from each other. We are all very close and get together monthly for some kind of gathering, whether it’s a birthday party, a holiday, or school activity. There is always lots of food, cousins running around playing, and adults playing board games and laughing. In our families there have been adopted kids, step-kids, foster kids; and they are all treated like family. Tonya’s parents love on all their grandkids equally regardless of how they came to join the family and are affectionately called Grandma and Papa.

Family Traditions-

  • We serve breakfast in bed for the Birthday person
  • Thanksgiving with the whole family
  • On New Year’s Day we always meet up to do the polar plunge at the beach
  • For Christmas we find a tree on Tonya’s parent’s property, open stockings, and have giant sub sandwiches for dinner with the whole family.
  • Big Easter Egg Hunts for the kids and adults