August 17th, 2018
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Nelson and Lori

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    Nelson: Woodworking

    Lori: Yoga

  • Favorite Food

    Nelson: Lobster

    Lori: Pizza

  • Favorite Holiday

    Nelson: Christmas

    Lori: Christmas

  • Favorite Movie

    Nelson: Goodfella's

    Lori: Say Anything

  • Favorite Animal

    Nelson: Dog

    Lori: Dog

  • Favorite Vacation

    Nelson: A beach

    Lori: A beach

  • Favorite Actor

    Nelson: Al Pacino

    Lori: Al Pacino

  • Favorite Band

    Nelson: KISS

    Lori: Maroon 5

  • Favorite TV Show

    Nelson: Breaking Bad

    Lori: Breaking Bad

We are Lori and Nelson along with our sons Jared and Nathan!


Dear Birthmother: We are very excited you are considering us for the great honor of raising your child. It takes incredible courage and love to share this experience and we cannot stress enough how much we thank you for that opportunity. Nathan and Jared are from Nelson’s previous marriage and we are very much looking forward to raising a child from birth, and Jared and Nathan are very excited to have a new brother or sister in the family! They are very sweet and caring boys and will make amazing big brothers. Our families are also very happy we chose to adopt and support our family 100%. We can only begin to understand how difficult a decision this can be and thank you for your bravery in sharing this great gift.


As A Couple: Here’s the story of four people that came together to form an incredible family.   Having spent time working on our careers we both wanted to settle down so we both turned to a dating website. We found each other and after exchanging e-mail conversations finally met. Our first date ended up lasting all day and we have not been apart since. Lori welcomed Nelson, Jared and Nathan into her life and we are a very happy family.


As A Family: Our family is very close and we really enjoy having fun together. For example, Lori is teaching the boys to cook and we even have blind taste tests to see who can guess certain foods. It is silly things like this that make our home life special. We also enjoy watching TV together, playing board games, playing sports outside, etc. As a couple we work well together in managing our home, the boys, and each other. We discuss major decisions and make them together. We are a happy couple that love each other unconditionally and carry that love to the kids. We’re so excited to raise a child together!




Introducing Lori


Meet Lori, By Nelson: Lori is not only an amazing wife but she is a loving, funny, wife/mom with a giant heart. When I met Lori it changed my life. I was a divorced dad looking for that special person to spend my life with. Lori was a bonus! She is not only my soulmate, and best friend but she is also an amazing mom to Jared and Nathan. Her kindness is incredible and she will do anything for her friends and family. Her love and dedication to our family is something I feel lucky to have every day.


Lori is also a very hard worker. She works from home and somehow manages to run our house and be the top performer at her company at the same time. One of the first things Lori told me when I met her was she “would be the funniest person I ever met”, and she was right. She makes me and kids laugh every day. Lori also always makes sure we capture our special family events. In addition to birthdays she makes sure our families know about all of the kids events like Karate graduations, school awards, etc. At all of these we take lots of pictures so we can always have these memories.

Lori also happens to be a fantastic cook and one of the things she does is teach the kids to do it. They love it! One of my favorite things she does is she has things that are special to her and the kids (usually at my expense lol). They have little jokes about me where they repeat something I said in a silly way in the past, but they do it at random times. Having these family inside jokes is very special to me.


As a stepmom Lori is incredible. I can see her impact on their lives from their sense of humor to their treatment of others. She taught them so many things including to tie their shoes, make their beds, and even painting a room with her!


Lori’s Career: For work Lori is a recruiter for a healthcare company. She has worked there for 11 years and is one of the top performers in her department. She works from home and has some flexibility with her schedule.




Introducing Nelson


Meet Nelson, by Lori: When I met Nelson I knew I had found the right guy for me. Nelson is the kindest person I have ever known. He is caring, selfless and funny with the best personality. Nelson has never met a stranger. When you talk with him he makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.


Nelson has brought two beautiful boys into my life. I love to watch Nelson as a father to my two step-sons. He’ll pull into the driveway and the boys jump out of their chairs and run to him. Sometimes I jump up too! I’m so excited to grow my family with Nelson. I have no doubt about what I can expect from him as a father. I see him with our kids and know I’ve made the perfect choice for a husband and dad to our future kids.


When I first met Nelson the things that attracted me the most to him was his work ethic and how close he is to his family. He’s worked for the some same company for 18 years. This shows me his strength and commitment. He is as close to his family as I am to mine. We both try to spend as much time as possible with our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.
I love spending time with Nelson. We laugh together, travel together, read on the couch together or just hang out. He is truly my best friend.


Nelson’s Career: Nelson is a business analyst on a web development team for a financial company. He has worked there for 18 years and made many great relationships there. In fact his best man was his boss there.




Future Big Brothers & Our Home


Meet the Future Big Brothers: We have 2 boys, Nathan who is 8 years old and Jared who is 11 years old. Nathan is a fun little boy who enjoys life. He is always smiling and telling jokes and being silly. He does well in school and enjoys playing outside with the neighborhood kids. Jared is an amazing big brother who does very well in school as well. He also enjoys being outside riding his bike and playing basketball with Nelson. They really look out for each other and many comment about how well they get along. Together they will make awesome big brothers. They are very excited to meet their new sibling.


Our Home: Lori has described our neighborhood in southern Massachusetts as “storybook” and those who live there would agree. We live in a 3 bedroom 3 bath colonial in a small rural community of 7,000 people. The location is great because we live in the country but are only 15 minutes from a major city and an hour from Boston. We are also 15 minutes from the ocean and close to many beaches. Our home was built in 2012 and we love it. Our yard is fantastic and the kids love playing out there. Also our neighborhood is a circle so there is only 1 road in or out meaning there is no traffic coming through. The boys safely ride their bikes and scooters and play with the neighborhood kids. As for the neighbors we couldn’t be luckier. Most of the neighbors have kids and nearly all are good friends of ours and we often have dinner and parties together. The best part is we all look out for each other and our families.




Our Thoughts on Parenting and Our Loved Ones


Our Loved Ones: Family is very important to us. Lori is very close with her Mom and Sister who live in the area. Her mom, who the kids call Grammy, will stay with us a few times a month to spend time with us and the kids. The kids love her a lot and are always asking Grammy to stay over. Often they will all visit Lori’s sister who is married with 3 kids and lives nearby. All of the kids get along great and enjoy spending time together. Lori’s sister and brother in law are a great aunt and uncle to the boys. Lori also has a brother that lives in NY that they visit a few times a year. He has 2 children and they are close to Jared and Nathan and enjoy when we visit.


Nelson also has two siblings, a brother and a sister. His brother lives close and visits the boys and his sister lives in New Hampshire with her husband and 2 kids. In addition to gathering our families for thanksgiving, and Christmas we have an annual family 4th of July BBQ that lasts all day and all the kids have a blast!


Our families know each other and often come together at family events and parties. The new addition to their family will be surrounded by loving aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. In our neighborhood we have become close friends with some neighbors and our families often spend time together.


As Parents: As parents we work well together in raising Jared and Nathan. We work together in disciplining them when necessary but also praising them for their successes. We are often complimented on how kind and polite the boys are and we are very proud of that! We try to foster a healthy environment for the boys and encourage them to be individuals and not followers. School is also important and we work hard to make sure the boys do the best they can in school.


Thank You: We want to thank you for considering us as part of this important and brave decision in your life. We promise if you select us we will care for and love your child forever. We are all are very excited to meet this new child and begin the journey of being a family of five! We recognize this was not an easy decision and respect the loving decision you’re making. We hope this is a first step in developing a new relationship of trust to give a child the best life possible.