July 16th, 2019
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Nicole and Anthony

Dear Birth Mom

Thank you for your bravery and strength, which we find admirable. This is such a loving and courageous thing you are doing and we are so grateful that you are taking a moment to get to know us. We’ve always known adoption would be our path to becoming parents and couldn’t be more excited.

We hope this profile helps you get to know us a little and portrays our dream of adopting a child.

If you choose us to adopt your child we promise to love him or her unconditionally. To encourage and support their happiness and confidence. And we plan to parent with kindness, gentleness, and lots of giggling.

About Us

We worked together for nearly a year, trying to find reasons to start up a conversation, before Nicole finally gained the courage to ask Anthony on a date. We quickly fell for each other and knew it was love when we discovered we had such similar interests and share a passion for the outdoors and adventure.

In addition to sharing adventures we are also responsible home owners. Early in our relationship Nicole bought some investment properties so we have become experts at moving, renovating, and decorating together. After becoming a real estate agent, Anthony was one of Nicole’s first clients and bought a cute house where we now live with our dog and two cats.

What we love to do:

  • Make our home beautiful- We have become really good at home improvement projects and spend many weekends working in our yard and updating our home…and doing many Home Depot runs.
  • Hike- There is so much beautiful nature around us and we love to explore it with our adventurous little dog Toby. Nicole got Anthony into backpacking and we recently went on some incredibly beautiful trips to the Trinity Alps, Death Valley, and Yosemite.
  • Spend time with our friends- Our friendships are so important to us and we take any opportunity we have to go to concerts, the beach, and plays with our goofy sweet friends.
  • Cook- Anthony is a butcher, a food connoisseur, and is always creating delicious dishes.
  • Beach Time- Anthony’s family spends a lot of time in Catalina, where we love to explore all the nooks and crannies of the ocean surrounding it.

About Nicole

I grew up with my awesome mom who taught me the importance of being strong and independent. My father sailed around the world and every summer I would visit him in far off places like Tahiti and Indonesia. He has a sense of adventure that I strive for- a passion to discover and experience everything this world has to offer. I can’t wait to travel with my child so we can experience different cultures and see the world together.

After buying some investment properties I became a real estate agent and find it so rewarding being entrusted to help people find their forever home. While I love being a real estate agent it can be an unpredictable field so I have also worked in a grocery store as a produce buyer, which is where I met Anthony. I am eager to become a parent and want to devote myself fully and have that be my one and only job! I’m excited to be a stay at home mom and can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than spending every moment loving, nurturing, supporting, and bonding with this little person.

About Nicole written by Anthony

I am so grateful for Nicole. She is truly my best friend, an amazing person, and absolutely brings out the best in me. She has a warmth to her that is infectious. I am amazed by how well she can make anyone a friend. She is the kindest, silliest, most caring person that I have ever met. She is so genuine and it shows in all of her friendships. I love that Nicole is extremely adventurous. She loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, and scuba diving. I cannot wait for her to become a mother so she can pass down these qualities and go on fun adventures with the whole family.


Until the age of 11, I grew up an only child being raised by my single mother. I was never lonely though, as we spent a lot of time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and I have 13 younger cousins. I grew up in Southern California, enjoying the warm weather and water sports. My mom married my best friend’s father who became my stepbrother – every kid’s dream! After that we were a close knit blended family who loved to spend time camping and taking the boat out fishing. As I got older, my extended family spread out to Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. Even though I missed having family close by, I loved traveling to see them, and think it is important to experience as many different places as possible.

I’ve always had 4 passions: the outdoors, cooking, music, and sports. I went to college to study classical guitar but decided it wasn’t a sustainable career for me so I turned to one of my other interests – food. Growing up with the warm outdoor lifestyle of Southern California, my family always barbequed and I learned to grill at a young age. I learned about meat from grilling and became a butcher for one of the most well-known grocery stores in the East Bay. I’m now manager of the butcher shop which I love because I have early hours – so I’ll go home to be with my family, I can visit farms, and I focus on bringing healthy food to Bay Area families.

Anthony written by Nicole

This guy brings out the best in me. His kindness and honesty is reassuring while his goofiness keeps me laughing. He provides a stability and safety I cherish. He will be such a good role model to our child; teaching him or her to fix things, cook, play music, and love sports as much as he does! He will also model the important qualities of loyalty, working-hard, and having a good heart.

Becoming parents

The Bay Area has sooo much to offer, every weekend there is a festival, workshop, parade -something aimed at entertaining kids. One of our favorites is the Berkeley Kite Festival.

In addition to the rotating events there are a few Bay Area staples we can’t wait to enjoy with our child. The highly regarded Oakland Zoo is close by and offers memberships. The Discovery Museum in Marin is awesome! And then there are places for little adventures like Gymboree, Habitot, and Studio Grow. We want to extend our love of learning and adventure to kid-friendly activities!

Nature and spending time outdoors is so important in our lives and we are excited to take our kid into nature on a regular basis and as he or she grows go hiking and camping.

Nicole loves being creative – Pinterest is her middle name! She is so excited to be a stay-at-home mom and create fun and stimulating activities for our child.

Anthony plays the guitar and Nicole plays the flute, we enjoy making music together and perform Christmas carols for our family during the holidays. We would love to teach our child to play an instrument and have music be a part of our family traditions.

Christmas is so fun in our family. Nicole’s mom still fills her stocking every year. We can’t wait to play Santa!

Some of our friends have had children and babysitting for them and watching their babies grow has been such a joy.

Our families are so happy for us. When Anthony’s mom found out we started the adoption process she called in tears of joy. Nicole’s mom, who lives close by and is recently retired, keeps reminding us that she wants to babysit “all the time.”

Our Promise

It’s impossible for us to put into words what it means to have you give us this gift of parenthood. We have been imaging our family for some time and are overjoyed to be so close to seeing it become a reality.

It is important to us that our child be proud of who they are which includes knowing their adoption story. You will forever hold an important part in our families’ lives. And we welcome and will respect whatever your wishes may be in regard to your relationship with us.

We’ve been preparing emotionally for parenthood and thinking about what kind of parents we want to be and what kind of family we will have.

We want our child to be confident, happy, and lead a life, and be a person, that he or she is proud of. We promise to help in every way to make this a reality, in part by surrounding this child with loving and supportive people.