October 22nd, 2018
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Hello! I’m Nicole from Northern California!

Dear Expectant Parent: First, I want to tell you that I honor and respect the loving and courageous decision you are making. Second, I want to share how excited I am to be a parent. I have always felt that adoption is an amazing way to become a parent and I truly feel it is the right choice for me. I have reached the right time in my life and career to devote all of my love and energy to a child. I have a wonderful community of family and friends who are ready to help me in this journey, and I can’t wait to share the experience of raising a child with them.

My Story: I grew up in the sunny and beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where I still live today. I am a doctor – I take care of women of all ages, especially pregnant women (I am an OB/GYN), and I deliver babies every week! I love my job for many reasons, most of all because it gives me tremendous satisfaction to help women stay healthy throughout their lives and to support them through their pregnancies. I went to college in California and medical school in Chicago, but I returned to California for my OB/GYN training and stayed to be near my family and oldest friends.

My parents were loving and supportive and provided me and my older sister with the opportunities for education and personal growth that I want to give my child. My parents were generous, loving, and life-long learners – they encouraged us to enjoy school, sports, and cultural activities such as music, dance, and art. Most of all, they encouraged us to find and pursue the things that interested us. There were times of hardship and financial struggle when we were younger, but no matter what, my sister and I were first in their priorities. And because of their sacrifices I have had the incredible opportunity to become a doctor and have the financial security I now enjoy.



I Have An Unbelievable Family!

My mother, Suzi (her grandma name is “Zazi”), is one of five siblings, and I have always been close to my aunts, uncles, and many cousins. My cousins Ian and Nick live in Seattle and they both have two young children – we get together at least once a year, usually during the summer in Seattle and go fishing on Lake Washington, berry picking and have big family dinners.  My cousins Cole and Johnny both live in New York City and I visit them at least once a year – we go to the museums, try out new restaurants, and check out comedy clubs together.  My cousin Cait is studying medicine in New Hampshire and she has a one year old daughter Ella. When Cait was working at a hospital in San Francisco, we would meet at the park for a picnic and play dates with Ella.  My uncle Greg and aunt Lou Anne live near Lake Tahoe in Northern California and love to take us skiing in the winter and boating in the summer on Lake Tahoe. They come to Stanford football games in the fall and we have tailgate parties with family and friends. Their daughter Michelle is a professional skier and has taught many of my cousins how to ski and snow board.  My sister, Lara, is a preschool teacher and she is SO excited to be an aunt. She lives three blocks from me with my brother-in-law, niece, and two nephews. We get together weekly for dinner (usually Indian or Chinese takeout – sometimes we cook together) and a movie at home – we also love to play games like Monopoly, backgammon, and Scrabble.

Lara’s Thoughts » When I think of my sister as a mother it fills me with unfathomable joy. I may be her big sister, but let me tell you, she raised me. She is one of those incredible gifts in your life who is always there when you need them. She continues to take care of all those around her, personally and professionally with endless energy, love, and compassion. She is also one of the funniest people you will ever meet, who faces challenging days with a sense of humor and the ability to ground everyone around her. I cannot wait to be an auntie and I will promise to be there in every and any way I can to support my sister as a mother, and love her child as though they were mine. She will be a hard auntie to top, as she is my daughter’s favorite person in the world. But I will do my very best to be as present and involved in her child’s life as she has been in my daughter Sabine’s.



Home Sweet Home

I live in sunny and tree-lined Menlo Park, California. It is an incredible place to live with Stanford University about 2 miles away and the Facebook campus is right down the street from my house.  I live in a safe and friendly neighborhood with many families who came here so their kids could attend the excellent schools. My house is at the end of a quiet street within walking distance of a playground and family-friendly café. Because there are so few cars, the neighborhood kids love to bike, skate and scooter in front of my house. I have a large, sunny yard with a plum tree and a lemon tree and a big lawn. We have a family block party every summer.

Everybody Loves Lily: Lily is my rescue French bulldog. She loves everyone and is playful, funny, and very gentle! She is the same age as my niece, Sabine (they are both 7), and they are best friends! Lily is extremely patient, even when being hauled around by Sabine. She loves going for walks, playing with my sister’s dog Bodhi, and cuddling on the couch.




My Friends and My Travels

I have a wonderful, diverse group of friends from high school and college. I have so enjoyed being a part of their lives as they became parents and watching their children grow up to become amazing, unique individuals. My friends are excited to offer me love, support, and advice (but not too much!) on my journey as a parent as well.

My Travels: I love to travel in the United States and also to other countries. I have several dear friends who live in Chicago and I visit them every year. I also love to visit New York City with my friend Marisa (she lives in Boston) and we meet there every year and always make sure to see a dance performance, a play, or a musical. I visit my cousins Cole and Johnny when I am in NYC. Last year, I went to England and Scotland with my friend T.T. (she is also an OB/GYN) and some highlights of the trip included seeing Buckingham Palace in London, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, and the beautiful Scottish countryside.




I Promise

I promise to develop a strong loving bond with them, to share giggles and tears, to be supportive when they need help and to also allow them to grow and learn how to be resilient.

I promise to feed them healthy foods to nourish their growing body.

I promise to read to them every day to nourish their mind and develop a love of learning.

I promise to play with them outside so they enjoy fresh air and the beauties of nature.

I promise to travel with them so we can experience other cultures and learn through our adventures together.

I promise that they will know that their birth parent loved them very much.

I promise that they are my priority and that I will always be there for them.